Headlands Transit Depot

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Headlands Transit Depot

 Loctional information


Sausalito, Bay Area



 Societal information

Controlled by

Torc Mok

Headlands Transit Depot is a mechanic workshop of Headlands Transit in Sausalito.


Santana Murphy and some Raiders came to the Depot to tell Torc that they would be stopping by to take things when they wanted. ("Data Recorder:Raiders Don't Do Business") The Raiders were setting up Howitzers at Pirates Cove to attack Headlands but the artillery were destroyed by an ark hunter. ("Main Mission:Explosive Interruption") Jon Cooper, Karl Von Bach and an ark hunter came to Headlands to get help from Torc in tracking down Dark Matter. ("Main Mission:Old Friends, Old Swords") The Raiders later joined with Dark Matter to assault Headlands and take an Ark-Core from Von Bach but their attack was repelled. ("Main Mission:Strange Bedfellows")