History Rhymes

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History Rhymes is the fifth episode of Season 3 of Defiance.


Nolan and Irisa find themselves living out one another's memories and must come to terms with the bad things done in the past. Yewll comes up with a plan to save them but needs Omec tech to accomplish it.



2031, AngelArc, Ara Shondu, Ark, Ark Belt, Ark Hunting, Arkfall, Bell beast, Bioman, British Columbia, Castithan, Cat, Cerebral source print, Charge blade, Christie Tarr, Conrad Von Bach, Defiance, Defiance Clinic, Defiance Lawkeeper's office, Dread Harvest, Earth, Earth Military Coalition, Florida, Gateway Arch, Gulanee, Gulanite, Hellbug Skitterling, Hologram, Human, Indogene, Irathient, Jon Cooper, Jon Stewart, Karl Von Bach, Kastíthanu, Kinuk'aaz, l'Irathi, Land coach, Liberata, Life pod, Los Angeles, Luke Tarr, Marin, McCawley Mines, Mr. Nolan, Mrs. Nolan, NeedWant, Omec, Omec Drone, Pale Wars, Pow, Protoform, Rayetso, Roller, San Francisco, Scrip, St. Louis, Storm Divide, Surgery module, T9, Tarr Residence, The Shaming Rack, Tsuroz, Vancouver, Varus Soleptor, Von Bach Industries, Votan, Votanis Collective, Wine, Zwimbo


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