If I Ever Leave This World Alive

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If I Ever Leave This World Alive is the ninth episode of Season 1 of Defiance.


Viral hemorrhagic fever begins spreading through Defiance, affecting the human population. As the Irathients are quarantines against their will to prevent further spread, a supply of vaccine is delivered nearby but an Earth Republic blockade prevents anyone from going out to retrieve it.



101st Division, Alastair's Spirits, Badlands, Bay Area, Bexar Street, Cancer, Castithan, Chez Renarda, Chlorine gas, Darby Building, Defiance, Defiance Lawkeeper's office, Dodge Charger, Earth Republic, Echelon, Eren Niden, Gateway Arch, Great Diaspora, Hailer, Human, Idanyu, Indolano, Irathient, Irzu, l'Irathi, Lithium, Kelovan, Knowl Pawn Shop, Kothar's Live animals, McCawley Mines, McCawley Residence, Mendocino, NeedWant, Overland Transport, Pilar McCawley, Raider Radio, Rayetso, San Francisco, Solomon Birch, Spirit Riders, St. Louis, Sukar, Viral hemorrhagic fever, Viral hemorrhagic fever vaccine, Volge, Votan

Illness lists


Citizens Nearing Death

Citizens Infected

Citizens Reported with other Illnesses


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