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 Societal information



"Indogene volunteers would be surgically altered to infiltrate, collect information, and if a target of opportunity presented itself, to kill."
- Meh Yewll - I Just Wasn't Made For These Times

The Indo-sapiens are physically altered Indogene.



Indo-sapiens appear physically as Humans but are Indogene inside, including silver blood. They are faster, stronger and more resilient than Humans. Indo-sapiens have memories taken from humans, but not any sensory memories which are difficult to replicate. They act as the person they are created after, until an opportunity arrives to assassinate a high ranking figure. ("I Just Wasn't Made For These Times") Some versions are Indogene that retain their own memories and include having red blood. Certain scans can reveal the Indogene substructure. ("The Bride Wore Black") The lifespan of Indo-sapiens can be severely limited in some cases. ("Painted From Memory")


Before the Votans left the Votanis System, a number of Indogene "shapetakers" infiltrated Omec ships to plant bombs. ("Fun Facts: Season 3, Episode 6") A program was started by rogue Indogene scientists as the Ark fleet arrived at Earth to create assassins to take out high ranking figures if necessary. Dr. Meh Yewll worked on the program to some degree. The Bravery Nine crew were kidnapped, with Space Station Bravery destroyed to make it appear that they had died. Some of the crew had their memories removed, destroying their brains in the process, to create Indo-sapiens. At least one of them survived the destruction of the Arks, the one taking on the appearance of Gordon McClintock. ("I Just Wasn't Made For These Times") Nicolette Riordon was turned into an Indo-sapients but had red blood and kept her original memories. ("The Bride Wore Black") When the Ark Module McClintock was on crashed, he was found alive and brought to Defiance. Yewll discovered who he really was but didn't say anything. During the night he attempted to kill Amanda Rosewater but was stopped. He left Defiance to find McClintock's wife, Grace. ("I Just Wasn't Made For These Times") Yewll was forced to make an Indo-sapiens version of Kenya Rosewater. When her memories proved confusing to her, she was able to remove some of her human skin and reveal the Indogene beneath. ("Painted From Memory") Bebe had access to unique drugs that assisted him with developing a human appearance, including growing a layer of human skin that he continued to wear after it began to fall off. ("The Beauty of Our Weapons", "Fun Facts: Season 3, Episode 6")