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"I'm an Indogene. I'm squirrely by nature."
- Meh Yewll - If You Could See Her Through My Eyes

The Indogene, sometimes called Indos, are a Votan race from the planet Omec.


Indogene DNA


Indogene skin is made from Protoform, a synthetic protein. ("The Last Unicorns") They require food and will not live much longer than humans without food. ("All Things Must Pass") They are generally quick and agile. ("My Name Is Datak Tarr and I Have Come to Kill You") Their behavior is considered eccentric. ("If You Could See Her Through My Eyes") Indogene have a small port in the back of their necks under their skin that allows them to interface with certain technologies, such as Omec systems. ("History Rhymes") There are other ports in their bodies such as the hands and top of the head. ("Upon the March We Fittest Die") Control stems can be inserted into an Indogene's neck at the base of the brain, allowing them to be controlled. ("Ostinato in White")


Indogene augment their body with a number of implants designed for their chosen profession. [1] Some implants include Yew, Kio, Dan, Owk, Puot, Vion, Shak, Zoy, Fat, Tuo, Zon, Rak and Men. [2] Their implants are similar to 99er cybernetic implants, so they do not register as a threat to the Ninety-Niners. ("Main Mission:Something Wicked This Way Comes") Indogene body parts, possibly grown, can be transplanted onto other races. ("When Twilight Dims the Sky Above") Their brains appear to have three "hemispheres", as opposed to humans who have two, and can suffer from cerebral swelling leading to comas. [3] ("Special Feature:Defiance: Season One Deleted Scenes") They appear to have two "hearts". [3]


Neck port

Indogene culture is very homogeneous. [4] Indogene get along well with the other Votan races due to their adaptive behavior, but find Humans unpredictable and have a unique relationship with Castithans due to both of them feeling superior to the other. [5] They believe in hard work to the point of obsession, that if you are awake you should be working and be productive. ("Alien Races & Creatures") They are typically atheist, believing in science above all else, but many still hold the concepts of sin and forgiveness. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 17")

They burn their dead and store them in hexagonal boxes. [6] Indogene rarely live far from a Votan colony or a center of technology. ("Main Mission:A Disturbing Discovery") Indogene receive a short name at birth and later receive a last name based on their implants, profession and a series of extensive tests and reviews. ("Alien Races & Creatures") The hexagonal pattern found on Indogene skin has been incorporated into their technology and designs. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 21")



The Indogene were manufactured by the Omec as cunning prey and a food source after the War of Six drove them from the other Votan worlds. ("The Last Unicorns", "Fun Facts: Season 3, Episode 3", "Fun Facts: Season 3, Episode 9") When the Indogene began rebelling against the Omec, they designed Control stems to better subjugate them, but they came too late and the Indogene fled. ("Fun Facts: Season 3, Episode 3", "Fun Facts: Season 3, Episode 9") They settled on Daribo with the Castithans and began creating their own culture and language separate from the Omec. ("Fun Facts: Season 3, Episode 11") Their integration with the Castithans led to hexagonal art becoming fashionable. ("Fun Facts: Season 3, Episode 10")

The Kaziri

In 3502 BCE, Indogene scientists discovered that the Votanis System was going to be destroyed but the other races didn't believe their conclusion. By 3458 BCE they had convinced the other races of the danger and began working on the Arks to escape the destruction. ("World of 2046: Timeline of the Future") In 3317 BCE they successfully terraformed a moon, which was claimed by the Castithans. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 19") In 3175 BCE the Indogene discovered the Gulanee in the gas giant Gula and made a deal for their help in harvesting Gulanite as fuel in exchange for space aboard the Arks. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 18") The Indogene built suits for the Gulanee to use. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 19")

Before the Arks were ready a secret council of Indogene built a ship called the Kaziri to begin terraforming the planet they had found to escape tp, sending it in secret with a crew of various Votans. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 24") When the Arks were finished, the races began their processes for choosing who would go and the Indogene only chose their best and brightest to go. ("New Book Reveals Secrets of a Dying World") As the Omec had their own ships, some Indogene took on Omec appearance and infiltrated them, destroying all but one of the ships as the fleet was leaving. ("The Broken Bough") Many Indogene took turns coming out of hypersleep during the journey to maintain the Arks. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 17")

As the Arks approached Earth, it was discovered that the planet was inhabited. Indogene scientists began monitoring signals from Earth and learned to speak English from watching TV shows. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 17") Indogene volunteers agreed to be surgically altered to appear Human, becoming Indo-sapiens, in order to infiltrate Earth and assassinate high ranking targets but when the project was deemed a failure, first contact was initiated instead. ("I Just Wasn't Made For These Times") During the Pale Wars, many Indogene remained aboard the Arks. In 2030 the Arks were mysteriously destroyed, killing the Indogene who had not come down to Earth. [1]