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Fair Trade is intel available in the Gunslinger Trials DLC.



VBI Internal Affairs Surveillance Recording


The intel is retrieved as a reward for completion of the Main Mission Gunslinger Trials: Heir Apparent.



Azumi Yoshida: Pearson, the rendezvous with E-Rep is off.
Pearson: What, why? What did you say to them?
Azumi Yoshida: I did not step out of line. They are trying to pressure us into delivering things it's not in our best interest to deliver.
Pearson: They asked for EGO again didn't they?
Azumi Yoshida: Of course.
Pearson: We have a stable model now. Our rejection rate is low. Why not just sell it to them.
Azumi Yoshida: I have no interest in seeing an army of super-powered zealots charging across the New Frontier.
Azumi Yoshida: You've heard the rhetoric out of the Terrestrian Party. Can you imagine if they had control of such an army.
Pearson: Should we stop loading the trucks?
Azumi Yoshida: No, we can move these to Silicon Valley.
Pearson: That's a longer trip than...
Azumi Yoshida: It will be okay. I'll take care of it.