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This is the page for the Cradle to Grave intel. You may be looking for The Guiding Light intel, see Intel:Making History II.

Making History is intel available in San Francisco.



EMC Archive: Tranquility Medical Records


The intel is retrieved as a reward for completion of the Episode Mission On Record.



Lyle Franklyn: Mister and Doctor Parraba, I'm glad you came to me. And, congratulations, by the way, I'm sorry I missed the ceremony. It's been a busy time.
Dr. Parraba: It's alright, we know that you're work is important. It's why we're here.
Lyle Franklyn: Well. Let's cut to the chase then. One of the first hurdles in hybridization will come from ploidy. While humans are diploid, inheriting one set of chromosomes from each parent, Irathients are triploid, receiving two from the mother and one from the father.
Dr. Parraba: Yes, but this can be overcame by beginning fertilization in one of my eggs with a full copy of my genome.
Lyle Franklyn: Yes, doctor, and that may contribute to overall stability as well. Particularly since we won't have to worry about a Y chromosome. However, there is one issue with beginning with a Human ova.
Lyle Franklyn: No Votan has independent mitochondria like many Earth species do. Their equivalent cellular structure does not originate from an independent bacterial genome. To assure that highest chance of creating a viable embryo, we will have to alter your genes in the ova, doctor, to assure that the creation of this organelle will be expressed.
Dr. Parraba: That sounds acceptable.
Lyle Franklyn: This will be quite and undertaking, we will make history. Please go with my assistant to have some samples taken. If the preliminary tests go well, we'll want to harvest some germ cells from each of you next week.
Mr. Parraba: Thank you, Doctor, may you walk in Irzu's shadow.
Lyle Franklyn: Yes. Quite. Please, go with my assistant.