Intel:Mysterious Alliance

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Mysterious Alliance is intel available in Madera.



Surveillance Recorder


The intel is retrieved as a reward for completion of the Main Mission Collateral Damage Expected.



Dark Matter soldier: Tishuma, he requests an immediate assault upon the Iomeke's dwelling.
Dark Matter soldier: We understand that he is a Defiant Few, but you surely have the numbers to take one Human.
Tishuma: You can't expect us to march that deep into Paradise. We'll lose half out men just reaching Iron Demon Ranch.
Dark Matter soldier: Our commander is already willing to play handsomely for the recovery of the device. Should you expedite our request, we shall double the offer.
Tishuma: Okay. Fine. We'll find a way through, but we're not your errand boys, so you Votan's better stick to the deal.
Dark Matter soldier: He will be pleased.