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Sound Mind and Body is intel available in San Francisco.



Von Bach Legal Division Recording


The intel is retrieved as a reward for completion of the Main Mission Alter Ego: Proof of Life.



Karl Von Bach: Welcome, Mister Truman. I hope we did not keep you waiting long.
Truman: It's fine, I... uh... did not expect to meet Dr. Karl von Bach himself. Don't you have more important things to do?
Karl Von Bach: More important then providing guidance to the lost souls of the Bay Area? No.
Karl Von Bach: Now, you've read the agreement, you are aware of the risks?
Karl Von Bach: And, do you, being of sound mind and body, consent to having an EGO implant placed within your body?
Truman: Yes. I do.
Karl Von Bach: Well then, it's been a pleasure meeting you. I'm sure we'll be seeing more of each other once we arrive in Silicon Valley.
Truman: That was it? I thought I was getting an implant now?
Karl Von Bach: Oh, you'll be noticing it soon. Under my direction, we've improved the transmission process of the latest EGO strain.
Truman: I... Oh! I see.
Karl Von Bach: Yes, right on schedule.
Truman: It's incredible. I've never felt so... so...
Karl Von Bach: Never felt so... what?
Truman: Directed!