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Votanis System

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Irath was a planet in the Votanis System and the homeworld of the Irathients, Sensoth and Liberata.


The planet had two moons, one of which, Libera, was habitable. The planet had large forests and savannahs. ("2046 Map")


Known animals

Known plants


The Omec used to invade Irath to take Irathients, Sensoth and Liberata as slaves and food. ("The Last Unicorns") Eventually the Votan races rebelled against the Omec and pushed them back in the War of Six. ("Fun Facts: Season 3, Episode 5") Castithans began visiting the planet and started kidnapping Sensoth to be used in their armies. ("Alien Races & Creatures", "Inside Defiance: Episode 19") When the Irathients rose up in defense of the Sensoth, the Castithans drove many of them underground and flooded the caves with Chlorine gas, killing them in what became known as the Great Diaspora. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 9", "If I Ever Leave This World Alive")

The Castithans began subjugating all the races on Irath. [1] The Castithans claimed Irath for themselves and renamed the planet to "Casti". ("Intel:An Offer He Can Refuse", "Inside Defiance: Episode 19", "If You Could See Her Through My Eyes") In 3001 BCE, a rogue star collided with Sulos, destroying Irath and the entire Votanis System. ("World of 2046: Timeline of the Future", "Inside Defiance: Episode 19") The Nugyepke colony, also known as "Irath", was named after this planet. ("The Cast Against Assimilation") When the Kaziri terraformed New York City, it turned the area into a replica of an Irath jungle. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 25")


  • A depiction of Irath is portrayed on the 2 denomination Scrip.