Iron Demon Ranch

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Iron Demon Ranch

 Loctional information


Madera, Bay Area



 Societal information

Controlled by

Jon Cooper

Iron Demon Ranch is a location in Madera.


Jon Cooper set up the ranch some time after leaving the Earth Military Coalition. ("Data Recorder:Meeting with Jon and Torc") In 2046 an ark hunter met with Cass Ducar and Karl Von Bach here in order to get help from Cooper. ("Main Mission:Enter the Lawkeeper") Raiders used Hellbug pheromones to draw Cooper to Happy Pow Farms and attacked in order to find Von Bach and take the Ark-Core. The Raiders almost succeeded by Cooper and the ark hunter arrived and stopped them. ("Main Mission:Collateral Damage Expected") Joshua Nolan and Irisa Nyira came to the ranch to speak with Cooper about the job they had got from Varus Soleptor. ("Episode Mission:The Searchers") Rynn came to the ranch to find Cooper when she learned that Echelon was hunting down Nolan. ("Episode Mission:The Manhunt, Part 3")

The ark hunter came to the ranch to use the sensor array and was approached by a member of Dark Matter who offered them a chance to stop interfering with their work. The ark hunter shot them dead. ("Main Mission:Dark Crystals")