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Mentioned in Pilot and The Devil In The Dark

Irzu is a god of the Irathients.


Irzu has a path for his followers which is said to be cyclical. ("Pilot", "If I Ever Leave This World Alive") Irzu's path flows through time. ("The Devil In The Dark") When Irathients die, their spirit goes to join Irzu. ("Good Bye Blue Sky")


Sukar believed that Irisa Nyira was touched by Irzu and received visions from them. ("The Devil In The Dark") When Nanites from an Ark-Brain began directing Sukar, he believed he was being directed by Irzu. ("Good Bye Blue Sky") The Kaziri told Irisa that they were Irzu. ("Everything Is Broken")


  • Irzu is also known as the great god. [1]
  • He is corporeally association with the utagne (the body) and metaphysically associated with the gyanagne (the spirit). [1]
  • His color is black, his associated animal is the Kaziri, the associated element is the earth and sky and the associated cardinal direction is south. [1]
  • Irzu rarely intercedes in disputes between the other gods, but when he does he arrives in the form of an earthquake. [1]