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Jackleg Joe

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Data Recorder:Case 44WKE - Teach, Joseph

Jackleg Joe, also known as Joseph Teach, was a male member of the Ninety-Niners.


He worked at Dogtown Mine. ("Main Mission:Something Wicked This Way Comes") He befriended Rosa Rodriguez when she was a teenager, despite her father's objections. ("Data Recorder:It's Your World", "Data Recorder:Subject RR24F - Session 3") Around 2036 he went to Top-Notch Toolworks where he found Rosa and attacked her, Amelio Rodriguez tried to stop him so Teach killed him with the drill implant he had installed. ("Main Mission:Something Wicked This Way Comes") After Clive Towers disappeared, Joe became the leader of the Niners. ("Episode Mission:Digging Up Miners") In 2040 he was captured by Jon Cooper. He gloated about killing Amelio before he was sent to the Vegas Island Penal Colony. While en route, the convoy he was in was destroyed in an arkfall and Joe was the only survivor. ("Data Recorder:Case 44WKE - Teach, Joseph", "Data Recorder:Jackleg Is Back") He returned to the Bay Area in 2046, went to Mine 98 where he killed some Echelon mercenaries and took an Ark-Cell. ("Main Mission:Ulterior Motives") He went to Dogtown Mine and incorporated the cell into his implants and he was able to project a shield around himself. Rosa and an ark hunter showed up and fought him, eventually able to overpower his shield, kill him and take the cell. ("Main Mission:A Bullet for a Badman")