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Jessica Rainier

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Anna Hopkins

"I was scared of dying. I was scared of not dying. And then when I was 16, I joined the Earth Republic, and then suddenly, there was food and clothes and people who kept track of me, and they were my family."
- Jessica Rainier - The Beauty of Our Weapons

Jessica "Berlin" Rainier is a female Human, a former member of the Earth Republic Army and a deputy Lawkeeper of Defiance.


Early life

When she was eight years old, Votanis Collective deserters broke into her home and killed her mother and brother. She dedicated her life to protecting people using her cameras to prevent others from going through the same thing. ("In My Secret Life") After some of her films were called propaganda, people began calling her "Berlin" after the city in Germany as a link to Nazi propagandist "Leni Riefenstahl". ("Painted From Memory") She began seeing Conrad Von Bach but they eventually broke up and she last spoke to him in 2046. ("Where the Apples Fell")


In 2047 she was stationed in Defiance where she began a relationship with Tommy Lasalle. ("In My Secret Life") She filmed Niles Pottinger during his announcements to Defiance. ("The Opposite of Hallelujah") While filming at the Stasis Net a Roller arrived with Joshua Nolan and Irisa Nyira inside. Learning who Irisa was, Berlin took her diary which caused Irisa to assault her and Berlin had her arrested. When a Shrill Bomb detonated in the market, Berlin checked and found that her cameras had been disabled. She later helped Nolan look through footage to find where Bradley Weddle had went to and then helped Nolan find him and Skevur. Learning of a second bomb, she went with Nolan to stop it and prevent anymore deaths. ("In My Secret Life")

She was sent to examine the security footage to locate Bertie and tried to talk to Irisa about her and Tommy but Irisa didn't want to talk. When working, the computers holding the footage mysteriously explode. ("The Cord And The Ax") She accompanied Pottinger to Cedars to obtain some mining equipment, using it as a chance to get some footage. The convoy was attacked by Raiders and she attempted to get some of their faces on camera. She was knocked out. Back in Defiance she worked to repair her camera to get the footage back but was kidnapped by Josef Mirch who was one of the Raiders. He attempted to get her to record a message warning about E-Rep actions but she refused. Nolan and Rafe McCawley arrived and Nolan jumped in front of Berlin, taking a bullet for her. ("Beasts Of Burden")

After Tommy quit being a deputy Lawkeeper, Berlin said she was proud of him and said he should join the E-Rep. She offered to transfer with him to Texas. Tommy later told her that he couldn't leave Defiance as Irisa needed him. She offered to help but Tommy said he didn't want her anywhere near Irisa. Fed up with Irisa, Berlin ended her relationship with Tommy. She went to see Nolan at the NeedWant where they had some drinks before having sex. ("This Woman's Work") She worked with Tommy to interview people and search for evidence of other people working for the Votanis Collective. When Stahma implied that she smelled strongly of Nolan, Tommy asked her if she was dating Nolan but she simply said that they were having lots of sex. ("Slouching Towards Bethlehem")

Nolan came to see her and introduced her to Kenya Rosewater and wanted her to show them the tattoo she had which Kenya said was similar to the one she had seen. ("Painted From Memory") She led a team to search the town for a terrorist with a Terrasphere, stopped them and recovered the device. She let Camden Pace know that they had stopped the bombing and that Cass Ducar had been arrested by Echelon and sent to Vegas Island Penal Colony. ("Mission 09: Rebuild A Radio Box") During a tour of McCawley Mines for Ambassador Olfin Tennety, Berlin was filming when an earthquake hit and part of the mine collapsed. She went with Nolan on a rescue mission and noted how concerned he was for Amanda. They agreed to stop sleeping together. ("Bottom Of The World")

She joined Amanda in investigating who had murdered Deirdre Lamb and found one of her security cameras hidden in the Gateway Arch. She and Amanda searched Deirdre's room and found a memory card that showed she had been recording her and Alak Tarr having sex. ("Doll Parts") At the Stasis Net, Berlin and the soldiers there saw someone approaching. When they were closer, Berlin saw it was Nolan dragging Tommy who was dead. She asked if it was Irisa that had killed him and he said that something was controlling Irisa. ("All Things Must Pass") She went to the NeedWant to drink where Amanda asked her what was wrong. She said that Irisa had killed Tommy and that Tommy had warned her to stay away from Irisa. News of the destruction of New York City reached them and Berlin and Amanda went to meet Viceroy Berto Mercado. When a number of Terraspheres were seen in the sky, Berlin was sent out to Camp Reverie where she found the guards executing the prisoners after a riot. She tried to stop them but was knocked down and forced to join the prisoners. Datak and Stahma arrived to find Rafe and killed the guards before they fired. After the Kaziri was stopped from terraforming Earth, Berlin continued her drinking at the NeedWant and called out a toast to Tommy. ("I Almost Prayed")


When E-Rep forces left Defiance, Berlin was one of the few that remained and she became the Lawkeeper for the town. In 2048 she was at the NeedWant when it was being robbed and helped Amanda Rosewater stop the robbers. When being treated for a wound, she told Amanda that Meh Yewll was planning to leave the town. She later saw that Irisa Nyira was back in town, and put a gun to her head. She began to beat Irisa for killing Tommy but was stopped by Joshua Nolan and Amanda. ("The World We Seize") She and Irisa were set to guard an injured Omec when some kids came in asking to see the Omec. Berlin said that Irisa should be the one who was chained up, not the Omec. After the Omec escaped, Berlin examined the lawkeeper office, finding it severely trashed. ("The Last Unicorns")

A Roller came rushing into town and Berlin joined the blockade, but it was only Datak and Stahma Tarr. She later found Datak removing weapons from a hidden area in the Roller and stopped him from taking them, locking him up in a cell. ("The Broken Bough") After the Gateway Arch was blown up, Berlin and Irisa were set to examine the wreckage to find evidence of a bomb. When Irisa began experiencing pain and collapsed, Berlin walked away. ("Dead Air") She was later asked by Amanda where Irisa was as she was needed to save Nolan. She helped Amanda "track" her down. ("History Rhymes") After learning that Conrad Von Bach had sold weapons to the VC death squad, Amanda asked Berlin if she would try to contact him. She helped with tracking down Datak and Stahma after they had been revealed as spies. ("Where the Apples Fell")

When Conrad arrived in town, Berlin hit him for selling weapons to Tak. When he offered his supply of weapons for free if Berlin had a drink with him, she obliged. They learned that neither of them had left the other but Von Bach's mother had organized it to appear that way. The two ended up having sex. He later asked her to leave town with him and she went to talk to Amanda about it. Amanda attempted to convince her to stay and then called her a coward for leaving. Nolan merely told her that Defiance thanked her for her service. She left the town with Conrad. ("The Beauty of Our Weapons")

She heard that Nolan had shot and killed Vice Chancellor Silora Voske of the Votanis Collective in Defiance and went back to help Amanda. On the way she found the remains of the VC convoy transporting Nolan but found only Irisa alive. Irisa figured out that the Omec were behind the attack and the pair went to confront them and find Nolan. Finding no evidence, Berlin went to see Amanda to tell her what had happened and then she helped Amanda dress two bodies in Nolan and Irisa's clothes to make the VC think they had died in the attack. ("Of a Demon in My View") When people were missing from town, she and Irisa went to look for them. Berlin didn't believe what Irisa was saying when she said she wanted to try to convince the Omec to stop. When a prisoner camp used by the Omec was located, Berlin joined others in attacking and killing the Omec. ("The Awakening") Berlin helped secure the town when Omec began raiding it for food, she and Amanda saved a group of people from some Omec and one of them slashed Amanda in the stomach with a knife. After the Omec ship had been taken away from Earth, Berlin remained in Defiance as a deputy lawkeeper. ("Upon the March We Fittest Die")