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Jon Cooper

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Liam O'Brien

"I never wanted this lawkeeper job, Ara. I hate it. I hated it when you offered it to me. But I took it because I though it'd prevent that type of decision from every being forced on anyone again."
- Jon Cooper - Main Mission:Into the Heart of Darkness

Jon Cooper is a male Human, a former member of the Iron Demons, a member of the Defiant Few and the Lawkeeper of Paradise.


Early life

Cooper led a unit early in the war. ("History Rhymes") Cooper was with the group of Iron Demons who came to San Francisco and found refugees living in The Palace of Fine Arts. He and the others stayed to protect the civilians there and were later joined by members of the Ekaru Kome, an elite Votanis Collective unit. When a Castithan woman with a baby was killed on the battlefield, Cooper and Joshua Nolan went out and met with members of the Ekaru Kome, including Torc Mok. ("Journal of Renee Kirby") As other forces arrived, they protected the civilians inside. With no other option left to them, they activated a Terra-spire buried beneath them, which wiped out the attacking armies. ("Main Mission:Into the Heart of Darkness") Following the Battle of Defiance, Cooper and the rest of the Iron Demons were sent to Denver. ("Earth Military Coalition Confidential")


Sometime around 2036 Cooper started Iron Demon Ranch in Madera in the Bay Area. Ara Shondu, Frontier Ambassador and unofficial mayor of the region of Paradise asked Cooper and Torc if they would be Lawkeepers of Paradise. Torc refused as he no longer wanted to be violent, so Cooper was sworn in. ("Data Recorder:Meeting with Jon and Torc", "Data Recorder:Jon Sworn In... Finally") When Cooper captured Joe Teach for the murder of Amelio Rodriguez, Cooper ended up beating him a bit for his crime. ("Data Recorder:Case 44WKE - Teach, Joseph") In 2046 he was contacted by Captain Noah Grant who asked if Karl Von Bach could be sent to him for safety. Cooper came home to find Cass Ducar and an ark hunter waiting there with Von Bach. While dealing with some work, Cooper asked Von Bach's ark hunter to check out Parraba Farm. ("Main Mission:Enter the Lawkeeper")

To help Von Bach find an Ark-Matrix, Cooper went to find Fallon McNeil. After learning of his location at Happy Pow Farms, Cooper went there with the ark hunter and found the place overrun by Hellbugs. After taking the Hellbugs out, McNeil told Cooper the Matrix was rumored to be south. ("Main Mission:Hell of a Day") Returning to his ranch he found it overrun with Raiders and called the ark hunter for help. They managed to stop them from taking the Ark-Core from Von Bach but Cooper had Von Bach moved to Ara Shondu's Consulate. ("Main Mission:Collateral Damage Expected") Taking Von Bach to Ara's, Cooper left him there to make sure that the Raiders were no longer hanging around his ranch. ("Main Mission:A Faustian Bargain")

Cooper was reunited with Nolan who had taken a job to recover stolen property for Varus Soleptor. Cooper warned him to be careful as if it really was his property that was stolen, why wouldn't Varus come to see him. ("Episode Mission:The Searchers") He soon learned that someone had hired the Raiders to attack his ranch and suspected Varus had something to do with it. He confronted Varus who told them that the Matrix was being kept at Ridgecrest Mine, which had been taken over by Raiders. Cooper went to try to find J'red Basha, one of the miners, who had sold information to the Raiders. ("Main Mission:Safe No More") Cass got to Basha first and found out where the Matrix was located - San Quentin Ruins. ("Main Mission:Breaking into San Quentin")

Cooper went with the ark hunter to San Quentin, fighting through the Raiders but they were too late, and the Raiders had the Matrix taken from them by Dark Matter. They returned to talk to Ara who suggested getting help from Rosa Rodriguez. ("Main Mission:Breaking into San Quentin") Cooper took Von Bach to Top-Notch Toolworks. ("Main Mission:An Unexpected Delay") When the Ark-Cell was recovered, Cooper took Von Bach to Sausalito where they went to get help from Torc at Headlands Transit Depot. ("Main Mission:Thorn In Their Side", "Main Mission:Old Friends, Old Swords") Cooper and the ark hunter helped Torc take out the local Raiders and their leader Santana Murphy. ("Main Mission:Lend a Hand", "Main Mission:Strange Bedfellows", "Main Mission:Cut Off the Head...")

After learning that the Raiders had gained control of a Nova-Strike Orbital Defense System and used it to shoot down the EMS New Freedom, Cooper, Torc and the ark hunter infiltrated Cronkhite Bunker and took control of the weapon. ("Main Mission:Seize the Day, Control the Future") Pushing towards San Francisco, they came across a Dark Matter Monolith and had to use the Nova-Strike to destroy it. While crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, they were ambushed by Dark Matter and Nim Shondu who took the Core and Cell from Von Bach. When Von Bach took Cooper's weapon and shot at Nim, Nim threw Von Bach through a hole in the bridge and to the waters below. They returned to Ara and Cooper revealed that Nim would be able to activate a Terra-spire as that is what they did at the Battle of Defiance. ("Main Mission:Into the Heart of Darkness")

Cooper began working with Grant's troops on an assault on Dark Matter to stop them. He went with Torc and the ark hunter to a Dark Matter Base and destroyed it. ("Main Mission:The Heart of the Matter") He called the ark hunter to meet him at the Overpass in order to assist the E-Rep troops. ("Main Mission:No Finer Place") Cooper, Torc, Cass, the ark hunter and E-Rep troops went to Presidio Station to get to Nim and he said that they had to be willing to give up their own lives to stop Dark Matter. Helping fight through the bunker, the ark hunter went on alone to stop Nim. After he was stopped, they all returned to Ara's and Cooper said that they needed to keep the truth of what happened at the Battle of Defiance a secret. ("Main Mission:Defiance")

He received a telegram from Nolan, who was in the town of Defiance. He told Nolan that Nim had learned the truth of what they had done at the Battle of Defiance but the Terra-spire was now out of commission forever. ("Intel:To Old St. Louis") Looking into news of a vagabond in the area, Cooper found Rynn who told him that Nolan was now a Lawkeeper in Defiance and had let her go. Cooper allowed her to remain, telling her that he would be watching her. ("Episode Mission:The Vagabond") Some time later he learned that Varus had put out a large bounty on Nolan. When Rynn came to see him about the bounty, he showed her a letter he had received about her adoptive father, Sukar, being badly injured. He warned her not to go back as she could be caught by a bounty hunter. ("Episode Mission:The Manhunt, Part 3")

Nolan returns

Cooper sent the ark hunter to investigate a possible Votan trafficking ring and sent them to Pirates Cove. Joshua Nolan was there, looking for Irisa Nyira and Cooper said that it was possible that the trafficking ring had got her. ("Episode Mission:Traffic Report") As the ark hunter helped Nolan in his search, Coper overhead Nolan speaking and said that it had been a long time since he heard Nolan like that. ("Episode Mission:Digging Up Miners") He confronted Nolan when he forced Rosa Rodriguez to help him, saying that even though Irisa was missing, he needed his friends around. ("Intel:A Friendly Warning") When Nolan and the ark hunter raided Mine 99, Cooper was shocked at all the dead Niners. He told the ark hunter he feared that the "Butcher of Yosemite" had returned; that Nolan's war time actions would be repeated. ("Episode Mission:A Miner Cult")