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Joshua Nolan

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Joshua Nolan - List of Appearances

Portrayed by

Grant Bowler, Kieran McNally-Kennedy, Drew Haytaoglu, Jake Manley

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Grant Bowler

"Everyone says he saved the world. They even named the new arch after him. He'd laugh his ass off about that if he were here."
- Irisa Nyira - Upon the March We Fittest Die

Joshua Nolan is a male Human, a former member of the Iron Demons, a member of the Defiant Few and the Lawkeeper of Defiance.


Early life

Nolan was born in 2003 in St. Louis, Missouri and lived with his family somewhere near the Gateway Arch. During his childhood he liked playing football and watching science fiction movies and dreamed of meeting an alien some day. ("Defiance Flipbooks") In 2013, Nolan was with his family in a park when the Votan Arks arrived. ("Pilot") He was hit by a bully once and decided to go down rather than fight back. ("History Rhymes") He saw The Bravery Nine movie in 2014 and for weeks afterwards acted out the scenes with his brothers; he even dreamed of being an astronaut. ("I Just Wasn't Made For These Times") After the Pale Wars broke out in 2023, Nolan was present at the Battle of St. Louis where his family was killed. ("A View from the Trenches")

Earth Military Coalition

Nolan attended and graduated from the Ranger School at Fort Benning in 2023 and then went to the Barack Obama Warfare Center and School in 2024. ("Past Is Prologue") He served alongside his sister, Rebecca Nolan, and during a fight, he didn't want to kill an Irathi Soldier who instead killed Rebecca. ("History Rhymes") He soon after joined the Iron Demons with the rank of Private First Class and was sent back to St. Louis. While there half of his unit was wiped out in an attack and he was promoted to Corporal. ("A View from the Trenches") By 2029 Nolan had been promoted to Lieutenant and his unit went to Yosemite Valley where they ended up killing a number of Human and Votan civilians. At a trial following the massacre, Nolan said that he would gladly shoot a Votan kid if it meant saving Human lives. ("Past Is Prologue")

In December 2030, the Iron Demons were sent to San Francisco where they found a number of refugees living in The Palace of Fine Arts. The refugees refused to leave so Nolan and the others ended up staying, defying orders to leave, in order to protect them. They were soon joined by members of the Votan Ekaru Kome who also decided to protect the civilians inside. ("Journal of Renee Kirby") EMC and Votan armies soon arrived and began fighting, this was later known as the Battle of Defiance. The people inside decided to activate a Terra-spire buried beneath them and use it to destroy both armies. ("Main Mission:Into the Heart of Darkness")

Following this Nolan and the Iron Demons were sent to Denver. ("Earth Military Coalition Confidential") While in Denver, Nolan and his unit raided a cult and Nolan rescued a young Irathient girl. ("The Serpent's Egg") Not wanting her to end up in a refugee camp, Nolan got help from Eddie Braddock, who stole them a Roller and knocked out some MPs in order to help them escape. ("Brothers In Arms") On the run, Nolan showed Irisa how to use a knife, which resulted in her saving his life when an EMC Soldier found them and she killed him. ("Black Eyes", "The Searcher")


Over the years, Nolan and Irisa visited many places, including Kansas City where Nolan was almost stabbed. He told Irisa that they would make enough money to move to the paradise that was Antarctica. ("Pilot") In 2046 he and Irisa joined the Bay Area Expedition when near New York City, boarding the EMS New Freedom to be transported to the Bay Area. After meeting one of Karl Von Bach's ark hunters, an energy blast hit the New Freedom and Nolan, Irisa and the others evacuated the Stratocarrier. ("Main Mission:Recovery Mission") Decided to seek their fortune elsewhere, Nolan and Irisa joined Von Bach's ark hunter to clear an arkfall. Nolan told the ark hunter they would be in touch about working together again. ("Episode Mission:A Little Competition")

Meeting at The Crater, they took on a job for Varus Soleptor to find the Libera Nova Gem that Varus claims was stolen from him. Nolan reunited with his old war buddy Jon Cooper to learn more about Varus and the job and Cooper warned him not to cross Varus. ("Episode Mission:The Searchers") They located the gem in North Point Mine but Nolan and Irisa took it instead. ("Episode Mission:The Heist") The ark hunter tracked them down and helped them fight off some Raiders. Nolan gave the gem to the ark hunter and apologized before he and Irisa left the Bay Area. The ark hunter realized too late that Nolan has given over an empty case instead. ("Episode Mission:The Departed")

With the gem in hand, Nolan and Irisa journeyed across the Storm Divide. They stopped somewhere where Nolan ended up hitting on a Votan who was married and Irisa again had to save him. They tracked an arkfall that landed in the Storm Divide and using the Libera Nova Gem, activated the Terra-spire inside and extracted an in tact Terrasphere. The plan was to sell it to the Earth Republic but they were soon found by Spirit Riders and were forced to flee on foot. Irisa was gunshot and the sounds of Sabre wolves were closing in, so Nolan buried the Terrasphere out of sight. As more Sabre wolves arrived, Nolan and Irisa were rescued by Lawkeepers from the town of Defiance. Nolan saw the Arch and learned the town was built on top of St. Louis. ("Pilot")

Solving a mystery

While Irisa was treated, Nolan met with mayor Amanda Rosewater who refused to help him with supplies. Nolan and Irisa went to the NeedWant and met Kenya who told Nolan he could make some fast money in the Hollows. Finding a fight tent, Nolan agreed to take on the champion, but at the last second the champion was switched out for a Bioman. Putting up a convincing fight, Nolan eventually remembered that that Bioman model had a shut down switch on its gluteus maximus muscle and he disabled the Bioman with a swift punch. Datak Tarr, the proprietor of the tent called it a low blow and took more of Nolan's winnings. With enough for a bath and change of clothes, he went to visit Kenya and the two had sex. ("Pilot")

Nolan overheard Rafe McCawley accuse Alak Tarr of the murder of Luke McCawley, so he inserted himself into the situation, claiming to have been there all night so no one could have been involved. When things escalated and the Lawkeeper arrived but was accidentally killed, Nolan said that he was a tracker and could find out who the murdered was. Discovering Indogene blood at the crime scene, Nolan went with Amanda to find her assistant, Ben Daris. After a brief chase, Ben was apprehended and Nolan noticed the weapon Ben had was Volge. They learned that a Volge army was on its way to attack the town. ("Pilot")

Paid for his job, Nolan and Irisa left town to recover the Terrasphere and saw the incoming Volge army. Nolan said that the Terrasphere could be modified to destroy the army and Irisa claimed he was again screwing them over and she left. Nolan returned and helped organize the town into a fighting force while Dr. Meh Yewll worked on the Terrasphere. As the Volge arrived, Nolan gave the order to fire but things appeared to be not going there way until Irisa arrived leading the Spirit Riders against the Volge as well. The Terrasphere detonated and the army was destroyed. Amanda offered Nolan the job as Lawkeeper for helping the town. ("Pilot")


When a Castithan Cleansing ceremony was being performed on Elah Bandik, Nolan tried to put a stop to it but was overruled by Amanda, who told him about the forced vaccinations done on Irathients in the past and how it led to violence so now traditions are respected in Defiance. Ben Daris escaped custody and entered the McCawley Mines, so Nolan went with Rafe and others to track him down. They soon learned that he was going to destroy an old nuclear reactor which would flood Defiance with radiation. They got to Ben in time but he refused to tell Nolan any information about who he worked for, before he used Rafe's gun to kill himself. Returning to Defiance, he saw that Tommy and Irisa had freed Elah and Datak Tarr and his men had come to get him back. After a standoff, Amanda said that she had pardoned Elah and Datak stood down. That night, Nolan found Elah dead on his doorstep. ("Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go")

After two men were killed in strange ways, they discovered that they were killed by Hellbugs and that someone was directing the Hellbugs to attack certain people. The two men had a tie to Rafe in the past so Nolan, Tommy and Irisa went to question him and go through his records. Irisa went off on her own, so Nolan went after her where she explained that she had a vision of Rynn. Finding Sukar and telling him what she had seen, he claimed she was touched by Irzu but Nolan didn't believe it, still thinking she was suffering from post-traumtic stress. Sukar took Irisa through a Gyatu ritual which showed them how to find Rynn, Nolan was still unsure of what she was really seeing. They located Rynn and destroyed the Hellbug nest. ("The Devil In The Dark")

Nolan began taking down some of Datak's operations as payback for him killing Elah Bandik. After finding a supply of weapons coming into town, Amanda chastised Nolan for stopping them, telling him that the town was buying weapons from the Votanis Collective. Nolan continued to see Kenya, who told him that he didn't need to pay her when he came around as she had fun with him. When Kenya went missing, Nolan and Amanda went in search and discovered that she had been taken by Ulysses, Datak's Bioman. Nolan accosted Datak who said that the lack of respect meant that he would not help find Kenya. Amanda agreed to allow Datak on the town council in exchange for his help. Datak took Nolan to see Skevur, who Nolan recognized as being scared of Datak and that Datak had set up the whole thing so he would look like the hero. Skevur told Nolan where to find Ulysses, and he, Amanda and Nolan were able to rescue her. ("A Well Respected Man")

He joined Amanda travelling to Calexico with a supply of Scrip to pay for the Mag-Lev line to Defiance and transport Rynn to prison. During the trip they were attacked by bandits, and E-Rep ambassador Olfin Tennety was taken. Nolan went out to talk to one of the bandits while Amanda took down the other. Tennety revealed herself to be behind the attack but luckily Rynn stopped her. ("The Serpent's Egg") After an attack in the marketplace, Nolan detained Pol Madis, wanted war criminal, before he found Eddie Braddock working as a bounty hunter after Madis. Nolan introduced Eddie to Kenya and was tried to get Amanda to agree to give Madis to Eddie so he could get the bounty. After Madis escaped, Nolan and Eddie went in search, and when Datak was pleasant towards Nolan he realized that something was wrong so they followed Datak, who was being forced to help Madis. Learning that Madis was going to work for the Earth Republic as opposed to being executed, Nolan killed Madis himself. He offered Eddie to take him to Varus Soleptor for the bounty on him, but Eddie instead told E-Rep he had killed Madis himself so Nolan could continue to look after Irisa. Kenya ended their relationship together, saying that Nolan just wasn't her type. ("Brothers In Arms")

Irisa had a vision of Sukar in trouble so Nolan went with her into the Badlands where they learned that Sukar had been killed in a Razor rain storm. Nolan returned to Defiance to warn them of the incoming storm. After the storm, he learned that Sukar and Irisa had been stealing things around town and had attacked Yewll and taken some of her equipment. Yewll found that an Ark Module was heading towards Defiance and Sukar had accessed the thruster controls. Nolan tracked him to the Arch, where he shot Sukar several times but Sukar healed himself. The two fought, with Nolan shooting Sukar a few times before he fell through a hole in the Arch, landing on some scaffolding. Irisa activated Sukar's equipment and the module was instead redirected away from town. Irisa blamed Nolan for hurting Sukar and putting him in a coma. ("Good Bye Blue Sky")

Nolan and Tommy went out to investigate the crashed ark module and found a human in stasis aboard who turned out to be Commander Gordon McClintock who had died in 2013. After a medical exam, Nolan took him to the McCawley Residence, a place which was similar to what he remembered. Nolan, Amanda, Rafe and McClintock had some drinks and stayed the night. During the night, McClintock attacked Amanda and had to be pulled off. He began hitting his head on the wall in his cell, and when Nolan stopped him he saw that he had silver blood. He confronted Yewll, who revealed the he was an Indo-sapiens, Indogene who had been made to look human. McClintock escaped and later Rafe said he had found him in the mines and McClintock had taken his own life. ("I Just Wasn't Made For These Times")

When Viral hemorrhagic fever broke out in town, Nolan went with Connor Lang to get a supply of vaccine that had been delivered outside of town, but were stopped by an E-Rep blockade. Colonel Galen Marsh wouldn't let them pass, until Nolan said that the survivors in town would know that E-Rep soldiers prevented the cure from being delivered and Marsh finally allowed them to go. Nolan began to fall ill on the journey back and when they made it back to town, they were taken hostage by some Irathients. Nolan tried to talk them out of it but he soon fell unconscious. Datak Tarr helped to stop the Irathients and delivered the vaccine. ("If I Ever Leave This World Alive")

A body was found in the walls of the NeedWant and it was identified as Hunter Bell, Kenya's husband who had gone missing years ago. After interviewing Kenya and Amanda and getting an idea of the sort of person Bell was, Nolan said that there was no more clues as it had been too long, much to Tommy's chagrin. Tommy continued to investigate and a link led them to Jered Kikema, who they found dead. Nolan recognized his slit throat as a Castithan hit, similar to Elah Bandik. He had Datak Tarr arrested, despite not thinking he had killed Bell, hoping it would anger Datak and lead them to the real killer. During the wedding of Alak Tarr and Christie McCawley, Nolan realized that Jered had been killed by Oxygen poisoning from the breathing unit that Nicolette Riordon used. They found Nicky dead in her car, with a note confessing to the two murders. ("The Bride Wore Black")

Details of a potential attempt on Amanda's life came to Nolan and he wanted Amanda to not take part in the mayoral debate out in the open but she refused. Nolan went to Datak and told him that if anything happens to Amanda, he would come to kill him. During the debate, Nolan saw someone pointing a gun at Amanda so he opened fire, only to learn that the kid had a paintball gun. When the town council refused to fire Nolan, Datak revealed Nolan's part in the Yosemite Massacre to turn the town against him. Nolan quit being lawkeeper despite Amanda's objections. He confronted Datak and the two fought, with Datak gaining the upper hand until Irisa arrived. The pair decided to leave town but when Irisa collapsed, Nolan took her to Yewll but something happened and Irisa beat down Yewll and escaped. ("Past Is Prologue")

Yewll revealed to Nolan that Irisa had the Kelovan of the Kaziri inside her and that the visions she had were from the Kaziri. He managed to located Irisa at an Irathient camp where Rynn had taken her to and he told her what Yewll had said. Echelon mercenaries arrived and threatened the Irathients and Tommy, forcing Irisa to surrender. Nolan overpowered the Echelon mercenary left behind to kill him and he, Tommy and Rynn went to rescue Irisa from E-Rep soldiers at the mines. Freeing Rafe to help them, they got to Irisa but during their escape, Nolan was shot and died. Irisa made a deal with the Kaziri to join with it in exchange for it bringing Nolan back to life. Nolan awoke and saw E-Rep forces moving in to take control of Defiance. ("Everything Is Broken")

Searching for Irisa

Nolan began searching for Irisa, hearing about Irathients being kidnapped by Raiders. He tracked them from the Great Lake area, down to Hope Springs and NORAD before coming to the Bay Area. At Pirates Cove he ran into the ark hunter who he took the Libera Nova Gem from. He was promptly punched in the stomach but said that he deserved that. ("Episode Mission:Traffic Report") He went with the ark hunter to track down some Ninety-Niners who were behind the kidnappings in the area, killing a number of them and taking a Cyborg memory core from one. ("Episode Mission:Digging Up Miners") He went to see Rosa Rodriguez, forcing her to help him. He was confronted by Jon Cooper who said that despite Irisa being missing, he needed to keep his friends around. ("Intel:A Friendly Warning") Nolan and the ark hunter went to Mine 99 where they met Kihako, a member of the Alakta cult who had tortured Irisa as a child. They took Kihako out and Nolan said that he owed the ark hunter a debt. He left to track down more of the cult. ("Episode Mission:A Miner Cult")

He headed to Denver and set up a plan to get information on the whereabouts of Daigo. Contacting Lenny at The Shaming Rack, he allowed Lenny to give information to Moruku who paid Lenny to help capture Nolan. ("No Man", "Loose Ends Unravel", "The Watchman") Moruku tortured Nolan who tricked him into revealing where Daigo was living before he escaped, knocked Moruku out and left. ("Black Eyes", "The Searcher") Nolan went to New Chicago where he found Daigo and his wife. Tying up the wife, he told Daigo what had happened and Daigo revealed he had visions of Irisa, which led Nolan to AngelArc. Nolan executed Daigo for what he had done to Irisa. Arriving in AngelArc, he met with Barth, a well known blademaker, and got information from him that Irisa was in the area. He was captured by Varus Soleptor who had come to AngelArc to find Nolan but when Irisa arrived, he was able to escape and take down Varus' men, but he merely knocked Varus out. Nolan tried to get Irisa to tell him what happened but he didn't believe what she told him. He wanted to head to Antarctica but Irisa said they needed to return to Defiance. ("The Opposite of Hallelujah")

Back to Defiance

Seeing the E-Rep presence in Defiance, Nolan didn't want to go in but Irisa stepped on the gas and sent their Roller forward. After Irisa was arrested, Nolan went to see provisional mayor Niles Pottinger about getting her out. When a Shrill Bomb was detonated in the market, Pottinger agreed to allow Irisa to go free in exchange for Nolan stopping the bomber. Going to the mines, he learned that Bradley Weddle had stolen a container of Shrill spores which had been used in the bomb. He got help from Captain Jessica "Berlin" Rainier to track Weddle down and found him with Skevur. Nolan threw Skevur's head through a window to get him to tell him where he had put a second bomb. He and Berlin ran off to stop it and Nolan dragged Stahma Tarr out of her car as the bomb was underneath it. He managed to disable the bomb and found himself welcomed back by the people of Defiance. Pottinger offered him the Lawkeeper job back but he refused so Amanda spoke to him about coming back. Later he and Amanda slept together. ("In My Secret Life")

Lawkeeper again

Nolan took the job as Lawkeeper again. When Bertie went missing, Nolan sent Irisa to check security camera footage as Pottinger wanted to talk to him. Pottinger said he was interested in Amanda and wanted to know if Nolan had a problem with that. When Irisa wasn't answering his calls, Nolan went to search her quarters and found Liberata blood on her gloves. He and Rafe found Irisa and Bertie and Nolan wanted Irisa to tell him the truth, not believing that she just found Bertie in the woods. ("The Cord And The Ax") Pottinger led a convoy that was attacked by Raiders and Nolan said that it would be almost impossible to get back what they stole. When a bootprint of Gulanite dust was found on one of the dead soldiers, Nolan went to see Rafe, where he was confronted by Josef Mirch but Nolan detained him instead. Rafe convinced Nolan to let him go as he had helped him rescue Irisa. Nolan told them that Berlin was working on footage that may have Josef's face so he needed to get out of town. Josef instead kidnapped Berlin so Nolan and Rafe had to track him down. Nolan jumped in front of a bullet that Josef had shot at Berlin. ("Beasts Of Burden")

When Amanda was attacked, Nolan found no evidence of the attacker but did find evidence that she had been using Adreno. He surmised that Pottinger was supplying her with it and warned him that if he was using it to take advantage of Amanda, he would stop him. After finding Amanda, they discovered she had a defective EGO device in her causing the hallucinations. He and Irisa took her to Yewll but she was not there so they had to perform the surgery to remove the implant, Yewll arrived to stop them and finished it herself. ("Put The Damage On") He joined Pottinger, Churchill and E-Rep soldiers to claim an arkfall. When they arrived they were attacked by a Gulanee and Nolan devised a Pulse Rebounder to trap it and Pottinger destroyed it. At the NeedWant, he spoke to Berlin who said that she and Tommy were no longer together. The two of them had some drinks and then had sex. ("This Woman's Work")

Stahma approached Nolan about her missing handmaiden, Jalina, and Nolan believed that Irisa may have something to do with it after what happened to Bertie. When Rynn went missing, Nolan found evidence that she had been drugged and kidnapped. Tracking down Dr. Otto Scheck who had taken her, they saved Rynn but Scheck stabbed Irisa. Nolan wanted to stay with Irisa but she told him to go after Scheck. Irisa arrived shortly afterwards completely healed. Nolan snuck up on Irisa, held her down and sliced open her hand and witnessed it being healed. ("If You Could See Her Through My Eyes")

Mahsuvus Gorath was found to be a VC spy who aided terrorists placing a nuclear bomb in New York City and was arrested. Nolan was put in charge of interrogation and used Shrill spores to torture him. He told Viceroy Berto Mercado that Gorath wouldn't speak so Mercado authorized EGO memory extraction. Amanda told Nolan that someone had contacted her who had Kenya and offered an exchange for Gorath. Nolan wasn't going to let Gorath go so Amanda knocked him out. He found Amanda with Gorath and tried to stop them but someone else shot Gorath. He asked Gorath for the bombs location and he gave it up before he died. He and Amanda set a trap for those holding Kenya and managed to rescue her. ("Slouching Towards Bethlehem")

With Kenya back in town but with some memory loss, Nolan tried to get her to recall what had happened to her. When she remembered seeing an eagle tattoo on a soldier, he took her to see Berlin who had a similar tattoo. Berlin recognized the tattoo as the crest of J Division. He had Kenya look at photos of J Division members but she didn't recognize any of them. Nolan began to notice a pattern with Kenya's memories, that they were things that Amanda was there for or knew about. Suspicious of this Kenya he went to Amanda and said he believed she was an Indo-sapiens. This duplicate fled town as did Yewll. ("Painted From Memory")

When an alarm went off at the E-Rep Field Office, Nolan found Irisa behind it and that she had stolen a Terrasphere inside. Wanting to keep an eye on Irisa he had her handcuffed and took her with him to an E-Rep tour of the mines. After a mine collapse, Irisa escaped but Nolan had to help with the rescue of Amanda and Pottinger inside. While digging a tunnel, Nolan found a Votan Trembler and confronted Rafe over it. He and Berlin went down to rescue them and Berlin made not of Nolan's feelings for Amanda and the pair decided to stop sleeping together. They made it down in time and rescue Amanda and Pottinger. ("Bottom Of The World")

Learning that the Terrasphere had been taken again, Nolan began putting together Positronic charges to stop Irisa. He was found by Tommy who had also been infected by the Kaziri but he soon was purged as the Kaziri did not work on humans. Tommy led Nolan into the camp as a prisoner and he was shown to Irisa. He tried to get Irisa to stop and come with him but she said that humanity was a sickness on the Earth. He goaded Sukar into fighting him as Tommy placed the positronic charges around the tent. Holding out just long enough, the charges disabled the Kaziri in everyone. He and Tommy grabbed Irisa and left. Nolan told Tommy that he was good for Irisa and good for Defiance and hoped they could one day together again. Irisa awoke and disabled their roller and when Nolan woke up, he found Tommy with a bad wound and built a sled to drag him back to town. ("Doll Parts")

Tommy told Nolan that Irisa had warned her followers to kill Cai if they came across him and Nolan surmised that she was scared of the guy. Nolan tried to get Tommy back in time but he died before they arrived. ("All Things Must Pass") Nolan headed out to find Cai, bringing him back to Defiance to help get one of the Kelovan out of Irisa. He talked to Mercado who believed him but instead went with Yewll's plan which would kill Irisa. Nolan pulled a gun on Mercado but Amanda threatened Cai so he stepped down. He escaped from capture with Cai and then found Irisa. Nolan stopped Amanda from shooting Irisa and then helped Cai get close to her which caused a key to leave her. She wanted Nolan to kill her but he convinced her to help as she could still save a lot of people. Inside the Kaziri, Irisa and Cai were able to stop the terraforming that was about to happen. As the mines collapsed, Nolan sent Cai out but became trapped with Irisa. They ended up being sealed in a sleeper pod. ("I Almost Prayed")

Return to Defiance

After seven months in stasis, Nolan awoke to find two strange purple-skinned aliens over him. He later awoke with Irisa in a snow covered field and when heading back to Defiance, they came across some VC spies and learned that a death squad was on its way to the town. Nolan told Amanda that they needed to bring the Stasis Nets back online and had to go to the mines to find a way in. He had to stop Berlin from beating Irisa for killing Tommy. At the mines, they were attacked by the Omec Kindzi who Amanda had to shoot in the stomach. ("The World We Seize") Nolan tried to communicate with Kindzi and realized that in the mines she was going to eat him. When Kindzi's father T'evgin came to town, he and Amanda spoke to him, offering a deal for half of their mined Gulanite. When Kindzi escaped but was injured, Nolan went with T'evgin to track her down. T'evgin said he needed Protoform to heal Kindzi, and it came from Indogene skin. Nolan and Irisa held Meh Yewll down as Nolan cut off some of her skin. When Yengi Ksaruko shot at the Omec, to avenge the death of his son, Nolan shot and killed him, only for Irisa to attack him for killing when Yengi was standing down. ("The Last Unicorns")

Datak and Stahma returned to town and told them that the McCalwey's had all been killed and Nolan geared up to go after General Rahm Tak and his soldiers. He and Irisa were attacked by VC soldiers but rescued by Pilar McCawley. Nolan gave her a disabled gun and when she tried to kill them later, he figured out who she and the baby she had really were. She had her locked up and Irisa convinced him to take the baby along. Covering her with a rifle, Irisa went into the camp to set explosives to destroy a Net cutter but Pilar had escaped and attacked Nolan, causing him to fire early and alert the soldiers. He had no choice but to shoot Pilar when she attacked. He managed to take out soldiers to allow Irisa to escape and they destroyed the Net cutter. They returned the baby to Datak and Stahma. Nolan berated Irisa for not killing Tak and said that she had become an unreliable partner. ("The Broken Bough")

The Gateway Arch is destroyed in an explosion and a Hologram of Tak speaks to the town, telling them that the towns weapons have been destroyed. Nolan and Amanda head out to investigate Station Arrowhead to recover the weapons inside. Captured by Biomen, they find out that Pottinger is inside and he agrees to hand over weapons. When being taken to the armory, the Biomen detain Nolan. He awakens in a cell with Samir Pandey who tells him that Pottinger went crazy and killed Viceroy Berto Mercado and took command. He tells Nolan that he was forced to rig a Deadman switch to Pottinger connected to a Singularity bomb, which will destroy the facility. They escape and Nolan fights one of the Biomen, being saved by Samir when he is suddenly overcome with intense pain. They race to Amanda but arrive too late and she shoots and kills Pottinger. They manage to escape from the facility and while journeying back, Nolan feels more pain and collapses. ("Dead Air")

Irisa was connected to Nolan's mind, and they were able to see one another's memories. He saw his sister again and once more had to watch her die. When they saw some memories of Irisa where he forced her to kill, he apologized for making her do it but not for teaching her how to survive. The arktech that was connecting them was fixed and they awoke. Irisa said she couldn't stay as she didn't want to kill anymore and Nolan said that she should leave on the next Land coach. They shortly after learned that they were still connected and had to remain near one another or else they would die. ("History Rhymes") Andina came to get Nolan, saying that Alak was back and was killing Stahma. Alak revealed that Datak and Stahma were spies and had destroyed the Arch, causing them to flee. Nolan planned a search and kept Alak close. They went to see T'evgin and Nolan asked if they could use his ships sensors but he refused, causing Nolan to believe that they didn't have the power to get back to their ship. Datak was spotted and they were able to capture him. He and Alak came up with a plan where he threatened to kill Alak to get Datak to admit to what he knew, which was nothing. ("Where the Apples Fell")

When the town obtained a number of advanced weapons, Nolan began calling for volunteers to form a militia to defend the town. He met Indur, and his son Ranikar, who wanted to know why Irisa wasn't joining them. When Nolan said that she wasn't in any place to pick up a gun, Indur asked why their children had to put themselves in harms way but not his and left, taking several others with him. He asked Irisa to join, despite her protests. She joined the militia, causing those that left to rejoin, but when she broke down, he told the others that he had made a mistake in making her come out to join and that in the past the strong have always defended the weak, and motivated the others to remain. ("The Beauty of Our Weapons")

Some of Tak's soldiers attacked at the NeedWant and Nolan took one of them down, with help from a newcomer. He asked this man, Christopher Beckman, to help out with Tak's soldiers and he agreed. While hunting down more in town, they found one dead, having been killed by T'evgin. They found a tunnel built by the soldiers and followed it through, bringing the militia. On the other side, Beckman attacked him and Irisa, and tossed a grenade into the tunnel and killed the militia members. Beckman was a spy and was going to kill Nolan when Irisa knocked him down and killed him. A plan was developed to blow the Stasis Net and destroy Tak's camp and Nolan volunteered to go into the camp with a device to direct the blast. Alak said that anyone except Datak would be shot on sight so it was offered to Datak. The plan worked and the camp was wiped out. ("My Name Is Datak Tarr and I Have Come to Kill You")

Nolan blamed himself for the death of the militia members and at the memorial service when Indur refused to listen to him talk, Nolan went to go see him and return Ranikar's weapon. He told Indur that he shouldn't let the anger control him but Indur said he had nothing left. After an attack in town, Nolan and Irisa went hunting for whatever caused it and he reacted and shot a Raccoon, causing Irisa to send him home as he was not in the right state. Nolan drank a lot and found Kindzi waiting for him and she tried to seduce him until they heard a roar and she left. He planned to confront T'evgin over the attacks but Amanda talked him out of it as he was drunk. The next morning they went to see T'evgin who said that the attackss would stop but Nolan refused to accept the answer. He got a message from Indur and went to see him, only to find that he had hung himself. He began hallucinating and a version of himself told him that he needed to be a strong soldier. ("Ostinato in White")

Suffering from malfunctioning arktech in his brain, he continued to see himself who told him to watch Stahma Tarr. When a Votanis Collective convoy arrived in town, they learned that Tak was rogue and not representative of the Collective. They arrived with Datak alive and well and Nolan went to confront him about how he was still alive but unable to accost Datak who had been given a new biomechanical arm and easily stopped Nolan. During a reception for the Collective, Nolan followed a soldier and found evidence of a bomb. He entered the reception and told the deputies to look for the bomb but his evidence was a bag filled with documents. He hallucinated that Vice Chancellor Silora Voske had a gun and he shot and killed her. Irisa got him out but they were found by VC soldiers and the next day Nolan was set to be transported to Brazil with Irisa accompanying him. ("When Twilight Dims the Sky Above")

During the trip, the convoy was attacked by Kindzi who took Nolan back to Defiance and removed the arktech from his brain. When he awoke she told him that Irisa had begged her and T'evgin to help. She told him to relax and that she would take care of him; the two ended up having sex. Nolan realized that Kindzi was lying about what happened and he got ahold of a knife but Kindzi stunned him. He escaped and found that Kindzi had chained up T'evgin and was draining his blood. He attempted to free him but Kindzi stopped him. Irisa arrived and helped free T'evgin who fought Kindzi. Nolan wanted to help but Irisa convinced him to leave as they had no weapons. ("Of a Demon in My View") Nolan intended to hunt Kindzi down and soon learned that more Omec would be arriving. Finding Kindzi and others feeding, Nolan shot her in the head which she shrugged off and several more bullets barely fazed her. He and Amanda went to find Yewll, who had been seen with the Omec. When Amanda felt like giving up, he convinced her not to and that the town, and he, needed her. Finding Yewll, they removed a Control stem from her and allowed her to regain her free will. With her on side, they tracked down the Omec and took most of them out. ("The Awakening")

A plan was developed to infiltrate the Tsuroz and overload its engines, destroying the ship and the Omec aboard. When Amanda was attacked by some Omec defending people, Nolan carried her to Yewll and he told Amanda that he was pretty sure he would not be coming back from the mission. He, Irisa, Datak and Yewll went aboard the ship where Nolan was attacked by drones as he was making his way to the engine room. He managed to bring the engines online but Kindzi arrived and stopped him. She knocked Nolan's Pistol over the edge where it was destroyed. He attempted to convince her to stop as T'evgin wanted the Omec to go in a different direction but she refused. He managed to get ahold of her knife and stabbed her in the head, allowing him to throw her over the edge where she was killed. Irisa wanted to remain on the ship to take it away from Earth and find a new home for the Omec. Nolan stuned her and sent her back to Earth. He and Yewll took the ship away from Earth and began looking for a new world. ("Upon the March We Fittest Die")


  • Nolan was originally called Jeb Nolan and had been Lawkeeper of Defiance for years. He had a daughter named Gillian and a granddaughter, Ellie, who was half Indogene. [1]