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Karl Von Bach

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Todd Haberkorn

"With this ark-core and the rest of the technology that I'll find in the Bay Area, I will repair this world. And be its hero, of course."
- Karl Von Bach - Main Mission:Recovery Mission

Karl Von Bach is a male Human and the CEO of Von Bach Industries.


Early life

Von Bach was the son of brilliant parents - one a mathematician and the other in the aerospace and defense industry. He built his first computer when he was 4 years old. [1] During the Pale Wars, Von Bach helped build destructive weapons in order to fund his research into extraterrestrial technology. His work during the war earned him the name "Death's Merchant." ("Loading screen") After the terraforming, Von Bach began research on how to undo what had been done to Earth. He constructed the TX-105 Terra-Bomb, which resulted in the destruction of the city of Buffalo. [1] While researching the Environmental Guardian Online, he discovered that the original Indogene EGO devices utilized a similar bionetic system to the Volge weapons. ("Contract:Volge & EGO Connection Research")

Fixing the Earth

Von Bach gained possession of an Ark-Core and he realized that he could use it to activate a Terra-spire and discover the key to returning the Earth to what it was. ("Main Mission:Recovery Mission") Knowing that he needed an Ark-Matrix and an Ark-Cell along with a Terra-spire, he began searching for areas with lots of potential arktech. He gave an EGO to a professional ark hunter and sent them to the Bay Area to begin the search. The ark hunter discovered the area had what Von Bach needed but also encountered an unknown Votan military unit. ("All in your Head") With this information, Von Bach approached the Earth Republic about a joint expedition in search of the arktech. ("VBI Recruitment", "Main Mission:Recovery Mission")

Bay Area Expedition

Von Bach recruited a number of ark hunters, some of whom received EGO implants and went with them and E-Rep troops aboard the EMS New Freedom. On April 2, 2046, they arrived in the Bay Area but the Stratocarrier was soon hit with an energy blast from a Nova-Strike Orbital Defense System and began to crash. Von Bach and many aboard escaped in Evac pods. ("Main Mission:Recovery Mission", "Main Mission:Seize the Day, Control the Future") Von Bach landed in Bloodbath Gorge and was soon confronted by Mutants, forcing him to flee north and enter Delta Bunker West, unaware the Mutants had access. He hid inside a locker where he was soon tracked down by one of his ark hunters along with Cass Ducar. ("Main Mission:Into the Depths")

Von Bach was taken to Lawkeeper Jon Cooper of Paradise. His location was given to Raiders who draw away Cooper and attacked the ranch, intending to take Von Bach's Ark-Core. They were stopped when Cooper and the ark hunter returned. Cooper decided it was not safe to keep Von Bach there so they took him to Shondu's Consulate. ("Main Mission:Enter the Lawkeeper", "Main Mission:Collateral Damage Expected") Ara Shondu introduced Von Bach to Varus Soleptor who agreed to sell Von Bach information on an Ark-Matrix in exchange for his ark hunter helping him take back some property from the Raiders. ("Main Mission:A Faustian Bargain") They soon learned that Varus had the Ark-Matrix all along, so Von Bach went with Cooper and the ark hunter to confront him. ("Main Mission:Major Miner Rescue") The Raiders had stolen the Ark-Matrix already and sold it to Dark Matter. ("Main Mission:Breaking into San Quentin")

Von Bach and the ark hunter went to Top-Notch Toolworks to meet Rosa Rodriguez who could help them track down an Ark-Cell which had been taken while being transported. ("Main Mission:A Disturbing Discovery") When Varus again tricked them into helping him , Von Bach sent to the ark hunter to confront him. ("Main Mission:Hostile Takeover") Once the cell was recovered, Von Bach combined it with the core and while no one was watching, Von Bach was infected by the core's AI. ("Main Mission:Thorn In Their Side") Von Bach went with Cooper and the ark hunter to meet Torc Mok at Headlands Transit Depot for help in stopping Dark Matter. ("Main Mission:Old Friends, Old Swords")

Dark Matter and the Raiders soon attacked Headlands, but were driven off before they could get to Von Bach. ("Main Mission:Strange Bedfellows") While Cooper, Torc and the ark hunter went to stop the local Raider leader, Torc locked Von Bach in his armory for safety. ("Main Mission:Cut Off the Head...") When they learned that a Nova Strike weapon was in possession of the Raiders and that they had shot down the New Freedom, Cooper, Torc and the ark hunter went to stop them. Once they reached the Nova Strike control area, Von Bach talked over the radio and led Torc through gaining control of the weapon system. ("Main Mission:Seize the Day, Control the Future") When the four of them planned to cross the Golden Gate Bridge, they discovered that a Dark Matter Monolith had been placed in their path. They used the Nova Strike to destroy it and gain access to San Francisco. ("Main Mission:Into the Heart of Darkness")

While crossing the bridge, Dark Matter forces led by Nim Shondu ambushed them and Nim took the core and cell from Von Bach. He wanted someone to do something but they were outnumbered. The AI infecting Von Bach took control of his body and fired at Nim. Von Bach found himself holding the weapon suddenly when Nim grabbed him by the throat and threw him through a hold in the bridge. ("Main Mission:Into the Heart of Darkness") Von Bach survived the fall and soon after washed up on the shore. The AI took control of his body again. ("Main Mission:Defiance")

A New Man

Von Bach made an announcement for people to join him in Silicon Valley. ("Main Mission:Alter Ego: Proof of Life") He began offering people EGO devices, having created a new strain which did not need to be injected. ("Intel:Sound Mind and Body") He was approached by the ark hunter and his EGO device attempted to hack the ark hunter's one. Cass Ducar arrived to stop him and was infected with one of his EGOs. ("Main Mission:Alter Ego: Enter the Master") From the EGO devices he learned that a bounty had been placed on Eren Niden and contacted Rosa Rodriguez to offer his help in protecting her but Rosa refused. ("Intel:Happy Returns")

Von Bach was able to resist LOCI's influence to contact Eren Niden for help. She and the ark hunter were able to purge it from his system. ("Main Mission:Possession: Bach to Square One") He sent the ark hunter to gather information on the Pilgrims of the Guiding Light and found that LOCI intended to take them to Alpha Centauri. ("Main Mission:Possession: A Voice in the Dark") After sending the ark hunter out to find what "the ascension" was he learned that LOCI intended to launch an Ark Module, potentially cracking Earth's crust. ("Main Mission:Possession: Beneath Two Stars") He got help from Cass and the ark hunter to stop LOCI. They headed to the module underneath Crystal Springs and while the ark hunter fought High Priest Yargad Gorhash, Von Bach and Cass helped to disable the module. The three of them watched Yargad die and LOCI's plan fail. Von Bach said the ark hunter deserved a promotion. ("Main Mission:Aftermath: Until the Arks Rise")

Following the destruction of New York City, Von Bach made an announcement that VBI was relocating to Silicon Valley. ("Vonbachindustries.com")