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 Technographic information



"Kaziri was launched ahead of the arks to terraform a barren world."
- Ashi - The Cord And The Ax

The Kaziri was a Votan spaceship.


The Kaziri requires two keys - the Kelovan to activate but still has some function without them. ("Everything Is Broken", "Brothers In Arms") The ship can project visions into people's minds - either showing them things from the past or present or appearing as actual people. ("The Devil In The Dark", "Brothers In Arms") The ship can also heal injuries in people nearby. ("Everything Is Broken") It can affect other computer systems nearby. ("The Cord And The Ax") The Kaziri has advanced stasis technology aboard that can leave the ship to locate targets. ("Bottom Of The World")


A secret council of Indogene built the Kaziri to terraform Earth before the rest of fleet arrived. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 24") The ship opened an unstable wormhole to travel to Earth. [1] The Kaziri arrived at Earth in 831 BCE. Ashi and Reimlu who were awake aboard the ship realized that Earth was inhabited and seized control of the ship. ("The Cord And The Ax") They severed the connections of two artificial pilots and allowed the Kelovan to enter them. ("If You Could See Her Through My Eyes") The hypersleep pods were released and the ship crashed into the ground and pushed deep into the Earth. ("All Things Must Pass") Indogene have been looking for the Kaziri for at least 3,000 years. ("Everything Is Broken") A cult developed around part of myth of the Kaziri, believing a chosen person would become the "Devouring Mother". Irisa Nyira was implanted with the silver Kelovan by this cult. ("The Devil In The Dark", "Past Is Prologue") The ship ended up underneath St. Louis sometime before 1811. ("Brothers In Arms") Luke McCawley discovered the location of this ship but didn't tell anyone. ("Pilot") The silver Kelovan was in Irisa let the Kaziri show her events from the past and the location of Rynn. ("The Devil In The Dark")

With the golden knot Kelovan in possession of Quentin McCawley, the Kaziri appeared to his as his dead brother, Luke McCawley. The projection influenced Quentin into killing Solomon Birch who was trying to take the Kelovan. ("Brothers In Arms", "Good Bye Blue Sky", "If I Ever Leave This World Alive") When both keys were in Irisa, the Kaziri appeared to her as a younger version of herself and called itself Irzu. The Kaziri told Irisa she needed to join with it and in exchange it would revive Joshua Nolan. Irisa entered the Kaziri and Nolan was revived. ("Everything Is Broken") The Kaziri forced Irisa to attack people, who later revived and appeared fine but also began attacking others like she did. It showed Irisa a vision of making her kill Nolan, to show what would happen if she told him what was happening. ("The Opposite of Hallelujah", "The Cord And The Ax") When security cameras may have caught Irisa attacking Bertie, the Kaziri overloaded the computers to destroy the footage. ("The Cord And The Ax")

Irisa used a Terrasphere to repower the Kaziri, allowing it to begin putting Votans in stasis. ("Bottom Of The World") LOCI began preparing to take the Pilgrims of the Guiding Light to Alpha Centauri to save them from what the Kaziri was doing. ("Main Mission:Possession: A Voice in the Dark") Irisa infected Tommy Lasalle but the Kaziri's nanites were expelled from his body a few hours later. ("Doll Parts") The Kaziri began terraforming Earth, starting with New York City. ("All Things Must Pass") It next terraformed Belize, before beginning the process on the entire planet. When Mordecai Haipern got close enough to Irisa, the silver Kelovan left Irisa and entered him, stopping the Kaziri's control of Irisa. Irisa, Cai and Joshua Nolan went down to the Kaziri to disable it but the Kaziri stopped Irisa and Cai by entering their minds. They were able to resist its influence and used the keys to shut down the Kaziri. An earthquake destroyed the ship and buried it. ("I Almost Prayed")