Kupak Kurr

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Kupak Kurr

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The Bride Wore Black, Past Is Prologue

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Kyle Mac

Kupak Kurr was a male Castithan, a resident of Defiance and son of Belutok and Vanitso Kurr.


He was friends with Alak Tarr and went to his bachelor party. He enacted fights with Alak as per Castithan tradition and was defeated. When Alak refused to have sex with Tirra, who was playing the part of Christie McCawley, he made fun of Alak, causing him to tackle and fight with Kupak. They stopped one they had busted open a wall and Lamu spotted a corpse inside. ("The Bride Wore Black") Hearing that Alak had to perform a Castithan Shaming ritual for his father, Kupak laughed but when Alak said he had a job for Kupak that could get him in with his father's crew, Kupak agreed. Armed with a paintball gun, Kupak was to shoot Amanda Rosewater in the face during the mayoral debate. Joshua Nolan saw him and, thinking it was a real gun, shot and killed Kupak. ("Past Is Prologue")