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"Aanaalaakta Liraathi? (Do you speak Irathient?)"
- Joshua Nolan - The World We Seize

l'Irathi is the language of the Irathients.


l'Irathi is head-initial, that is the "head", the subject of the sentence, comes at the start of the sentence. [1] Sentences are ordered: Verb Object Subject. [2]


The language is spoken slowly and at a deliberate pace. ("Alien Races & Creatures")


The Irathient language uses an alphasyllabary script called "Irza". [3] l'Irathi has 22 consonantal letters each with 8 forms, plus 7 vowel letters that will never be used word-initially. [4]

The script does not have a glyph for "o" but uses a few different ways to make the sound for o: [5]

  • "aal" or "al" - when followed by a consonant or end of the word.
  • "aaw" or "aw" - when followed by a consonant or end of the word.
  • "aa" or "a" - when followed by a nasal consonant which is followed by a consonant or end of the word.



When a vowel combines with a consonant it forms a glyphic unit. The vowel ǝ does not combine with consonants. [6] Vowels are organized with a vowel quadrangle: [2]

 i   u
 e   a

Plurals of nouns that end in a vowel are formed by switching the final vowel with its opposite, i.e. i to a and e to u:

  • Harathi (alien) - Haratha (aliens)
  • Ugyure (necklace) - Ugyuru (necklaces)
  • Tishuma (human) - Tishumi (humans)

If the noun ends in a consonant use ə:

  • Nugyith (tower) - Nugyithə (towers)
  • Undur (rock) Undurə (rocks)
Symbol Letter(s) English example Notes
Ǝ, ǝ [ǝ] sofa
A, a [a] father
I, i [i] machine
E, e [ɛ] get
U, u [u] crude
Ai, ai [ai] nice
Ei, ei [e] gate Never like get

Consonants can combine with vowels to form a single unit, but single consonants can still be represented. [6] The language is rich with consonant clusters. ("Alien Races & Creatures") The dz and ts glyphs are pronounced z and s, respectively. They are still spelled with the old letters. [7]

Vowel →

Consonant ↓

*a *i *e *u *ai *ei

A special symbol is used to denote double consonants or geminates, placed after the glpyh. [7]



Symbol Meaning
Simple statements, exclamations
Separates words in a clause
Quotation marks
Used like a hyphen
Used in front of proper nouns
Used at the beginning of a discourse

Romanization and Pronunciation

  • A, a: Pronounced like the "a" in "father". (Note: To save time, this sound will be transcribed [a], rather than [ɑ].)
  • Ai, ai: Pronounced like the "i" in "nice".
  • B, b: Pronounced like the "b" in "bad".
  • D, d: Pronounced like the "d" in "deck".
  • E, e: Always pronounced like the "e" in "get"; never like the "a" in "gate".
  • Ei, ei: Pronounced like the "a" in "gate"; never like the "e" in "get".
  • Ǝ, ǝ: Pronounced like the "a" in "sofa".
  • F, f: Pronounced like the "f" in "feather". (Note: This sound will only occur in borrowed words; it's not native to Irathient.)
  • G, g: Always pronounced like the "g" in "goat" (never like the "g" in "genius").
  • Gy, gy: Pronounced very close to the "j" in "joke", but with a slight difference. It's actually somewhere in between that "j" and the "ggy" in "eggyolk" It'll be fine enough to pronounce it like English "j", but to give the effect of a slightly different alien accent, the place of articulation is identical to that of English "y". The result is a "j" sound that sounds a little more palatal (kind of like a very hard "y"). Again, it's not a necessary distinction, but it's one that can be made if we want to maximize the alienness of the language. (Note: Where words with a "y" sound are borrowed into the language, they will be spelled with and pronounced as the letter gy.)
  • H, h: Pronounced like the "h" in "hop". This sound is always pronounced, even if it comes after another consonant, or at the end of a word. The only cases in which it is not pronounced is when it occurs in the digraphs sh and th.
  • Hw, hw: Pronounced just like wh (see below).
  • I, i: Pronounced like the "i" in "machine".
  • J, j: This letter is no longer used in Irathient. Please see Gy above.
  • K, k: Pronounced like the "k" in "kite" (with a puff of air).
  • L, l: Pronounced like the "l" in "love" (never like the so-called "swallowed" "l" in "filth").
  • M, m: Pronounced like the "m" in "matter".
  • N, n: Pronounced like the "n" in "never".
  • Ng, ng: Pronounced like the "ng" in "sing". This sound can occur at the beginning of a word. It takes some practice, but it's doable. Try slowing down your pronunciation of the word "singing", and see if you can separate it into "si" and "nging". Never pronounced like the "ng" in "anger"(for which, see ngg).
  • Ngg, ngg: Pronounced like the "ng" in "anger" (building off of the previous, think of ng as a single consonant; to get a [g] sound afterwards there must be another g).
  • Nggy, nggy: Pronounced similar to the "ng y" in "hang you" (see gy above. Building off of the previous, think of ng as a single consonant; to get a [ɟ] sound afterwards there must be another g).
  • Ny, ny: Pronounced like the "ni" in "onion" or the initial "N" in an East Coast pronunciation of "New York".
  • O, o: Pronounced like the "o" in "hope".
  • P, p: Pronounced like the "p" in "pike" (with a puff of air).
  • R, r: Pronounced like the "rr" in Spanish "perro". It's a nice trilled "r", so be sure to get the trill in there. (Note: This will rather naturally reduce to a tap in certain consonant clusters, not unlike the "t" or "d" sound in English "matador" [pronounced quickly]. That's fine.)
  • S, s: Pronounced like the "s" in "sad".
  • Sh, sh: Pronounced like the "sh" in "shack". (Note: Where words with a "ch" sound are borrowed into the language, they will be spelled with and pronounced as the letter sh.)
  • T, t: Pronounced like the "t" in "take" (with a puff of air).
  • Th, th: Always pronounced like the "th" in "thin" (never like the "th" in "that").
  • U, u: Pronounced like the "u" in "crude".
  • V, v: Pronounced like the "v" in "very".
  • W, w: Pronounced like the "w" in "war".
  • Z, z: Pronounced like the "z" n "zebra".
  • Doubled Consonants: Doubled consonants are pronounced just like two separate instances of the same consonant.
  • Doubled Vowels: Doubled vowels are pronounced separately (like the "o-o" in "co-own"). (Note: The lone exceptions are the diphthongs ai and ei, which are pronounced as indicated above.)


Words are stressed on the penultimate syllable, except when the penultimate or ultimate syllable's vowel is "schwa" (ǝ), in which case it is stressed on the previous syllable. Words borrowed from other languages are stressed irregularly but are noted with an acute accent. Imperative form of verbs are indicated by a shift in stress, usually with an acute accent. [8]


  • Adjacent obstruents must agree in voicing. Voicing assimilation is regressive. Sonorants do not affect voicing. [9]
  • w undergoes fortition to v before u and o: zlawe singer becomes zlavu in the plural, not *zlawu; zavo apothecary, pl. zawalə
  • Coda w and l meld into the previous vowel:
    • aw, al > o (e.g., thelo singing, but tlawe song; zavo apothecary, pl. zawalə)
    • ul, uw, el, ew > u
    • iw, il > u, but also palatalizes the previous consonant:
      • s, t, th, h, k > sh
      • z > sh (sometimes > gy)
      • n, ng > ny
      • d, g, l > gy
  • Before a coda nasal, e > ei and a > o (e.g., spom tainted meat, plural spamə; drurein an Irathient fruit, plural drurenə)

Noun classes

l'Irathi has sixteen noun classes: [10]

  • Class I Tivung Nǝzratha (The Irathient Class)
    • Reserved for Irathients, such as "female Irathient", "male Irathient", etc.
  • Class II: Tivung Nǝharatha (The Alien Class)
    • Non-Irathient sentient beings. Pre-contact, this class was the "Dangerous Irathient" class.
  • Class III: Tivung Nǝtignoma (The Harmless Beast Class)
    • Beasts that don't pose any real threat to Irathients
  • Class IV: Tivung Nǝkagnoma (The Dangerous Beast Class)
    • Beast that are dangerous to Irathients
  • Class V: Tivung Nǝdomra (The Harmless Plant Class)
    • Plants which are not dangerous, but also contains a number of food items and Irathient dishes
  • Class VI: Tivung Nǝgomra (The Harmless Plant Class)
    • Plants which are dangerous (poisonous or somehow alive), but also contains a number of food items and Irathient dishes (all spicy)
  • Class VII: Tivung Nondura (The Rock Class)
    • Objects created by Irathients (or other sentient beings) that aren't dangerous.
  • Class VIII: Tivung Naigana (The Fist Class)
    • Objects created by Irathients (or other sentient beings) that are dangerous such as weapons.
  • Class IX: Tivung Nǝrisa (The Water Class)
    • Substances harmless to Irathients
  • Class X: Tivung Nǝsazra (The Fire Class)
    • Substances that are harmful to Irathients
  • Class XI: Tivung Nǝnujitha (The Tower Class)
    • Places or geographical areas, but also objects that are used passively, such as chair or table, and vehicles
  • Class XII: Tivung Nǝsheliga (The Sleeping Class)
    • Abstractions or ideas
  • Class XIII: Tivung Naigana (The Handful Class)
    • Groups of things or people, also objects that come in bunches
  • Class XIV: Tivung Nǝshemingga (The Waking Class)
    • Verbal infinitives, e.g. "jumping", "relaxing", "running", etc.
  • Class XV: Tivung Nǝtiwala (The Infant Class)
    • Diminutive or slang versions of sentient beings, such as pet names, child versions of adult things
  • Class XVI: Tivung Nǝtijekpa (The Hill Class)
    • Diminutive or slang versions of non-sentient beings and other objects
  • Class XVII: Tivung Nǝtiwala (The Infant Class)
    • Augmentatives and borrowings that don't fit anywhere else, but only for sentient beings
  • Class XVIII: Tivung Nǝjasa (The Flood Class)
    • Augmentatives and borrowings that don't fit anywhere else, but for non-sentient beings


Word Translation Pronunciation Source
Ibi We [11]
Ila You (singular) [11]
Ume I [11]
Wi You (plural) [11]

Known words


Word Translation Pronunciation Class Source
Áárko (borrowed from Kastíthanu, which was borrowed from Indojisnen.) Ark [5]
Baba Daddy [12]
Bandage Bra ("The Serpent's Egg")
Difaigyants The town of Defiance [13]
Digromba (singular), Digrombi (plural) Irathient plant Class V [2]
Dihagle (singular), Dihagledə (plural) Type of Irathient fruit Class V [2]
Dikpora (singular), Dikpori (plural) Irathient plant Class V [2]
Dima Any non-dangerous plant [11]
Dinara Irath flower Class V [14]
Doggyi Dodge [15]
Domra (singular), Domri (plural) Harmless ground-cover plant Class V [2]
Drurein (singular), Drurenə (plural) Irathient plant Class V [2]
Edonla (singular), Edonlakǝ (plural) Cliff Class VIII [10] [2]
Eganu (singular), Egane (plural) Fist Class VIII [10] [2]
Egyonggu Charger [15]
Ejonggur (singular), Ejonggurǝ (plural) Gun Class VIII [10] [2]
Ekailonggu Screamer [16]
Ekaru (singular), Ekare (plural) Knife Class VIII [10] [2]
Ennira Rain storm [17]
Erin Knitting needle [18]
Eziru (singular), Ezire (plural) Spear Class VIII [10] [2]
Gegubadu (singular), Gegubade (plural) Irathient plant Class VI [2]
Gemergu (singular), Gemerge (plural) Irathient plant Class VI [2]
Gido Garden [12]
Gomru (singular), Gomre (plural) A poisonous ground-cover plant Class VI [2]
Grazbi (singular), Grazbigə (plural) Irathient plant Class VI [2]
Gwangin (singular), Gwanginə (plural) Irathient plant Class VI [2]
Gyaamingge Great Awakening [19]
Gyaapta Nushaane Silent Cycle [19]
Gyaashaane Great Cycle [19]
Gyabire Seat of intellect/Great brain [20] [21]
Gyagbe Seat of vitality/Great heart [20] [21]
Gyakpake Great Path of Irzu [13]
Gyalawe Music [12]
Gyanagne Spirit/Great body, Soul [20] [21] [13]
Gyargye Seat of passion/Great stomach [20] [21]
Gyarrise Galaxy [22]
Gyathume Irathient Sinking ritual [13]
Gyahoshe/Jahoshe (singular), Gyahoshu/Jahoshu (plural) Lightning storm Class XVIII [10] [2]
Gyamaina/Jamaine (singular), Gyamaini/Jamainu (plural) Irathient elder female Class XVII [10] [2]
Gyano/Jano (singular), Gyanawə/Janawǝ (plural) Hero (or exceptional individual) Class XVII [10] [23] [2]
Gyarisha/Jarisha (singular), Gyarishi/Jarishi (plural) Leader or chief of an Irathient village Class XVII [10] [2]
Gyase/Jase (singular), Gyasu/Jasu (plural) Flood Class XVIII [10] [17] [2]
Gyashona/Jashone (singular), Gyashoni/Jashonu (plural) Irathient elder male Class XVII [10] [2]
Gyondurǝ Boulders [24]
Haagrombi Devil haa-GROM-bi [25]
Haamanyi Friend haa-MAN-yi ("The Opposite of Hallelujah")
Hababa (singular), Hababahǝ (plural) Father (non-Irathient) Class II [26] [27]
Habasi False god Class II [27]
Hadaki Foreigner, Fucker (non-Irathient) Class II [27] [28]
Hagisi Dwarf (insult for Liberata) [24] [13]
Hagyiri Moon (Earth's moon) [29]
Hahishi Non-Irathient youth Class II [27]
Haigyi Bitch [13]
Hainyi Non-Irathient girl Class II [27]
Hakir (singular), Hakirǝ (plural) Alien boy, Non-Irathient boy Class II [10]
Halluzi Instigator Class II [27]
Halugi Non-Irathient brother Class II [27]
Hamaini (singular), Hamaina (plural) Alien woman, Non-Irathient woman Class II [10]
Hamewi (singular), Hamewa (plural) Mother (non-Irathient) [26]
Hanggyo Pervert, Deviant [24]
Haradi Saboteur [27]
Harathi (singular), Haratha (plural) Alien, Earth-born Irathient Class II [10] [2]
Hashoni (singular), Hashona (plural) Alien man Class II [10]
Hazeishi Killer Class II [27]
Heimbi Screw up Class II [27]
Hizizi Thief Class II [27]
Homi Sister (non-Irathient) [30]
Hwinya (singular), Hwinyahǝ (plural) Alien daughter Class II [10]
Igana (singular), Igani (plural) Handful Class XIII [10] [2]
Iglumba (singular), Iglumbi (plural) Scrotum Class XIII [10] [2]
Inagna Family [31]
Indur Rock cluster [17]
Inegma (singular), Inegmanyǝ (plural) Star cluster, Constellation Class XIII [10] [2]
Inogur (singular), Inogurǝ (plural) Soil sample Class XIII [10] [2]
Iratha (singular), Irathi (plural) A group of Irathients Class XIII [10] [2]
Issu Tribe ("If You Could See Her Through My Eyes")
Kabule (singular), Kabulekə (plural) Irathient animal Class IV [2]
Kadumbri (singular), Kadumbra (plural) Irathient animal Class IV [2]
Kagnomi/Kaagnomi (singular), Kagnoma (plural) Beast, Dangerous beast kaag-NO-mi Class IV [16] [2]
Kagyonggi (singular), Kagyongga (plural) Irathient animal Class IV [2]
Kaivu/Jakaiwe (singular), Kaivunə/Jakaivu (plural) Metropolis Class XVIII [10] [2]
Kangezi Alpha of the pack [13]
Kánygyaki (Borrowed from Kastíthanu: Kanuyako) Civilian Class IV [27]
Klim (singular), Klimə (plural) Irathient animal Class IV [2]
Leide Badge [12]
Lokipa (singular), Lokipahə (plural) Lawkeeper Class XVII [2]
Lomekǝ (singular), Lomekǝhǝ (plural) Lawmaker [10]
Mumu Mommy: term used for mother by little kids [32] [12]
Nugyith (singular), Nugyithə (plural) Tower Class XI [2]
Nujekpe (singular), Nujekpu (plural) Mountain Class XI [10] [2]
Nukaivu (singular), Nukaivunǝ (plural) City Class XI [10] [2]
Nuktaishe Summit [17]
Nunergze (singular), Nunergzu (plural) Cave Class XI [10] [2]
Nunomruse World [33]
Nunagye Farm [33]
Nurathe (singular), Nurathu (plural) A separate Irathient-only settlement Class XI [10] [2]
Nurrise Map [33]
Nushaise Meadow [33]
Nuvune Blacktop [15]
Owanǝ Hours [15]
Raifo (singular), Raifalə (plural) Rifle (Earth weapon) Class XVIII [2]
Ribeigya Vapor, Mist [13]
Ribithla Wood [13]
Rignoja (singular), Rignoji (plural) Sludge Class IX [10] [2]
Rihurtha Potable water [13]
Rilimu (singular), Rilimurǝ (plural) Plasma Class IX [10] [2]
Rimi Good stuff [13]
Rinnira Rain water [13] [12]
Ripom (singular), Ripamǝ (plural) Meat [34]
Riraza A/The drink [13]
Risa (singular), Risi (plural) Water Class IX [10] [13] [2]
Rivusha (singular), Rivushi (plural) Air Class IX [10] [13] [2]
Rogur (singular), Rogurǝ (plural) Soil (native to Irath) Class IX [10] [2]
Saaikéktu Razor rain saai-KEK-tu ("Good Bye Blue Sky")
Sagnogyi Toxic sludge or runoff (insult) [24]
Sahoshi (singular), Sahosha (plural) Lightning Class X [16] [10] [2]
Saktiri (singular), Saktira (plural) Poison (general term) Class X [10] [2]
Sangmiku (singular), Sangmikusǝ (plural) Blood Class X [10] [2]
Sasi (singular), Sasa (plural) Hot water [2]
Savumouth Backwash ("Inside Defiance: Episode 5")
Sazri (singular), Sazra (plural) Fire Class X [16] [10] [13] [2]
Shedroru (singular), Shedrore (plural) To breathe Class XIV [10] [2]
Sheligu (singular), Shelige (plural) To sleep Class XIV [10] [2]
Sheminggu (singular), Shemingge (plural) To wake up, To awaken Class XIV [10] [2]
Sherazu (singular), Sheraze (plural) To drink Class XIV [10] [2]
Shingma (singular), Shingmashǝ (plural) To travel Class XIV [10] [13] [2]
Skir (singular), Skirǝ (plural) Irathient boy Class I [10] [13]
Skragi Shit SKRA-gi [35] [13]
Spom (singular, Spamə (plural) Rotten or tainted meat Class X [10] [2]
Tare Penis (insult) [24]
Tashinka/Tishinka Little Wolf (nickname from "Kashinki") ("The Devil In The Dark") [13]
Telige (singular), Teligu (plural) Nap Class XVI [10] [2]
Thaigyu Dangerous unpredictability [16]
Thaivu The answer [16]
Thanaku Arkfall [15]
Theba Strength: ability, capability and possibility [36]
Thebonggur Power, Strength [16] [13]
Thedrane Terror [16]
Theganu (singular), Thegane (plural) Nine Class XII [2]
Thegari Destruction [16]
Thegbaru Resolve [16]
Thegyonggur/Thejonggur (singular), Thegyonggurə/Thejonggurǝ (plural) Weaponry, Artillery Class XII [2] [10]
Theligu (singular), Thelige (plural) Sleep Class XII [10] [2]
Thememu Death [16] [37]
Thenu Eighteen, End, Conclusion Class XII [38]
Thenyashu Honor [16]
Thetusu Ten, Arrival Class XII [38] [27]
Thezenyagur Order [16]
Thezide, Thezidu Days [15] [13]
Thezuhǝktu Defiance [13]
Thezuhu Life [37]
Thingma (singular), Thingmathǝ (plural) Travel, Traveling Class XII [10] [2]
Thlunyu Night [13]
Thrathu (singular), Thrathe (plural) Irathient-hood (like humanity) Class XII [10] [2]
Thruku Pain [16]
Thudra Theshaanu Silent Search [19]
Thurru Vengeance [16]
Thwelu L'Irathi l'Irathi language [27]
Tignoma (singular), Tignomi (plural) Harmless beast Class III [2]
Tihoshe (singular), Tihoshu (plural) Spark Class XVI [10] [2]
Tihurthra/Tihuthra (singular), Tihuthri (plural) Irathient animal Class III [2]
Tijekpe (singular), Tijekpu (plural) Hill Class XVI [10] [2]
Timaina (singular), Timaini (plural) Babe (Irathi) Class XV [10] [2]
Timewa Pet name for one's own mother [32]
Timika Darling [39]
Timuta Pet name for son [39]
Tindur (singular), Tindurǝ (plural) Pebble Class XVI [10] [2]
Tingma (singular), Tingmanǝ (plural) A short trip, A day trip Class XVI [10] [2]
Tirwa (singular), Tirwatə (plural) Irathient animal Class III [2]
Tihisha Little one ("Pilot")
Tishona (singular), Tishoni (plural) Dude, Man (Irathi) Class XV [10] [2]
Tishuma (singular), Tishumi (plural) Human Class XV [10] [2]
Tissunǝ Seconds [15]
Tithita Bird [12]
Tiwo (singular), Tiwalǝ (plural) Infant, Baby, Cub (any species) Class XV [10] [2]
Tlanəs (singular), Tlanəsə (plural) Irathient animal Class III [2]
Tlawe Song [9]
Tora Flying lizard, Cousin [27]
Towanǝ Minutes [15]
Twimbla (singular), Twimbli (plural) Irathient animal Class III [2]
Twinya (singular) Twinyahǝ (plural) Pet name for one's Irathient daughter Class XV [10] [39] [2]
Twire Stripe Class XVI [40]
Ubire Brain [20]
Udeka Skeleton [41]
Ugbe Heart [20]
Ugyure (singular), Ugyuru (plural) Necklace Class VII [2]
Uhegma (singular), Uhegmawǝ (plural) Rope Class VII [10] [2]
Ujure (singular), Ujuru (plural) Necklace [10]
Ukerpe (singular), Ukerpu (plural) Spoon Class VII [10] [2]
Ukombe Lake [17]
Ulike River [17]
Umbijire Waterfall [17]
Undur (singular), Undurǝ (plural) Rock Class VII [10] [2]
Usuge Pot, Jar [13]
Urgye Stomach [20]
Urth (singular), Urthǝ (plural) Earth Class XVIII [10] [2]
Utagne Body [20]
Utagwe (singular), Utagvu (plural) Belt Class VII [10] [2]
Utonje Beach, Shore [17]
Uzide Sun (Earth's sun) [29]
Vogyi Volge VO-gyi ("Pilot")
Volin/Voli Votanis Collective [42]
Vulaaishe Paradise vu-LAAI-she ("Doll Parts")
Zagrǝ zwǝgyanagne Spirit Rider [13]
Zainye Girl [13]
Zavo (singular), Zawalə (plural) Apothecary [9]
Zbaba (singular), Zbabazǝ (plural) Father (Irathient) [26]
Zdááke, Zdake Fucker (Irathient) ZDAA-ke ("The Serpent's Egg") [28]
Zingma Traveler [10]
Zlawe (singular), Zlavu (plural) Irathient singer Class I [14] [9]
Zmaine (singular), Zmainu (plural) Irathient woman Class I [10] [13]
Zmanyu Friends [31]
Zmewe (singular), Zmevu (plural) Mother (Irathient), Aunt: the sister of one’s mother [26] [32]
Zóhagyite (Borrowed from Indojisnen: Zouhazhit) Terraformer Class I [27]
Zome Sister (Irathient), Certain female cousin: daughter of your father’s brother, or the daughter of your mother’s sister [30] [32]
Zrathe (singular), Zrathu (plural) Irathient Class I [10]
Zusashe Dancer [12]
Zushone (singular), Zushonu (plural) Irathient man Class I [10] [13]
Zuzuhakte Survivor [13]
Zwinya (singular), Zwinyazǝ (plural) Irathient daughter Class I [10]


Word Translation Pronunciation Source
Aivú Submit [15]
Asén Hide a-SEN [25]
Babá Conquer [43]
Ebishǝ See ("Pilot")
Ekesǝ Notice [27]
Ǝthít Go a-THIT ("Pilot")
Ǝzéd Turn around a-ZED ("Pilot")
Shekesu To notice [27]
Sheligu Sleep [2]
Sheminggagba Awakened, Awoken [44]
Shergyu Be inside [2]
Shetu See [2]
Shetusu Jump [38]
Shezuhe To live [31]
Shingma Travel [2]
Shizu To take/To break [27]
Shrazu Drink [2]
Shukki To laugh [31]
Shwei Love, To Love [13] [31]
Thegyurgu Hate [16]
Thelo Singing [9]
Thurvu Hunger [16]
Udevugba Released [23]
Zahon Did [27]
Zelú Remember [45]


Word Translation Pronunciation Source
Gashika Worthless [13]
Habonggur Strong [46]
Halleisugba Wanted [47]
Himi Good [46]
Nabaktǝ kima Cool [13]
Nimi Good ("If I Ever Leave This World Alive")
Nudevugba (Is spelled "Nuldevugbar") Free [48]
Nuvune Black [2]
Thonggisu Incorrect [15]
Thuskisu Correct [15]
Zwei Beloved [39]


Word Translation Pronunciation Source
Baina Maybe BAI-na [35]
Dak Damn, Fuck DAK [35] [28]
Gyadake Fuck! [28]
Idááka Fucked up i-DAA-ka ("The Serpent's Egg")
Kwaza When KWA-za [35]
Kwazigya Now kwa-ZI-gya [35]
Me No ME [35] ("If I Ever Leave This World Alive")
Nememe Always, Forever [49]
Sameme No way sa-ME-me [35]
Satheithei Of course sa-THEI-thei [35]
Shehibuhe Please SHE-HI-BU-he [35] [13]
Sheishei Later [13]
Thei Yes THEI [35] [13]
Ther Yes ("The Devil In The Dark")


Word Translation Pronunciation Source
Nalǝ That [2]
Nazǝ Which [2]
Nenǝ That (behind me) [2]
Nigyǝ This [2]


Word Translation Pronunciation Source
Gyi Is for [50]


Word Translation Pronunciation Source
Ahiha Thank you a-HI-ha [35]
Ano? Huh?, What a-NO? [35]
Eseneziri Hello e-se-ne-ZI-ri Defiance Alien Language Translation card Hello [35]
Ila dahá Fuck off [28]
Tharikisa, Tha rikisa Goodbye tha-ri-KI-sa [35] [51] [13]
Thathememe, Tha thememe You're welcome tha-the-ME-me [35] [51]


Word Translation Pronunciation Source
Gyinaza Why GYI-NA-za [35]

Known phrases

Some phrases are from song lyrics which may contain contracted words.

Phrase Translation Pronunciation Source
Aabaabaa Kaaziri. We take the Kaziri. aa-BAA-baa kaa-ZI-ri. [25]
Aabaakte me gyaametun. Not the best I've seen. ("Terraform My Heart")
Áábegna rógur aagbáárahaa. Kwáázaala shehítu Írzu gyaanáágnazwaa li-Súkaar maai, étegna nígya nudéke shehibaaktúhe shegdááhaa udékazwi gyaa záábaak shezelélu nenéme. Sukar has left us. His spirit has flown to join Irzu. Sukar's flesh will melt away. AAA-beg-na RO-gur aag-BAA-ra-haa. KWAA-zaa-la she-HI-tu IR-zu gyaa-NAAG-na-zwaa li-SU-kaar maai, E-teg-na NI-gya nu-DE-ke she-hi-baak-TU-he sheg-DAA-haa u-DE-ka-zwi gyaa ZAA-baak sheze-LE-lu ne-NE-me. ("Good Bye Blue Sky")
Aabégnis éimneka gyaa haarúndaa shunyúhe. Hááhon enudénye Nízaar étusa méme. We split up to confuse our pursuers. I don't think they caught Nizar. aa-BEG-nis EIM-ne-ka gyaa haa-RUN-daa shu-NYU-he. HAA-hon e-nuDEN-ye NI-zaar E-tu-sa ME-me. ("If I Ever Leave This World Alive")
Aabura twaaisuri. And so I cry sometimes. AA-bu-ra TWAAI-SU-ri. ("What's Up")
Aamida gyaamaainmu. About guys like you. ("Terraform My Heart")
Aanaai nunomruse nyigya inaagnaa limon. That the world was made up of this brotherhood of man. aa-naai nu-NOM-RU-SE nyi-gya I-NAAG-naa LI-mon. ("What's Up")
Aanaalaakthaa. Just passing through. ("Terraform My Heart")
Aashi, maashaa! Ashi! Slow down! AA-shi, MAA-shaa! [25]
Aawaaisa naaz? What's going on? AA-WAAI-SA NAAZ? ("What's Up")
Ahés nááchona. Náálaak shvóshu. Order the nachos. You’ll figure it out. a-HES NAA-cho-na. NAA-laak SHO-shu. [25]
Aaláákt zbááblaa ebeináágbaa dínaa. Tell your father dinner’s ready. aa-LAAKT ZBAAB-laa e-bei-NAAG-baa DI-naa. [25]
Áálegna aanáángisa. You’re going the wrong way. AA-leg-na aa-NAAN-gi-sa. [25]
Aanaalaakta Liraathi? Do you speak Irathient? ("The World We Seize")
Aanizígyu ugáánme. He squeezed my hand. aa-ni-ZI-gyu u-GAAN-me. ("Everything Is Broken")
Aavosha naaza? What's up? AA-VO-SHA NAA-za? ("The Opposite of Hallelujah")
Alegnǝ egrǝ tha higyǝ tishuma gyi nazǝ? Why do you partner with this human? aa-LEG-na EG-ra thaa HI-gya ti-SHU-maa gyi NAA-za? ("Pilot")
Alegnǝ inailá! Be called! [52]
Alegnǝ ipágǝn! Be rubbed! [52]
Alegnǝ unép! Be interrupted! [52]
Alegnǝ uruneimbú! Be uprooted! [52]
Aleme tha thwirla lila gyi nazǝ? Why not ride with your own kind? aa-LE-me thaa THWIR-laa LI-laa gyi NAA-za? ("Pilot")
Anajahitaquo humahe ehakraga. And soon the rest of these humans will join them. HAA-non she-hi-TAA-ku haa-SHU-ma HI-gya haa-KRAA-gaa. ("The Devil In The Dark")
Anó? Me. What? No. a-NO? ME. ("If I Ever Leave This World Alive")
Anós íbi, Idáányu paasáázri. Hear us, Idanyu of the flame. a-NOS I-bi, i-DAAN-yu paa-SAAZ-ri. ("If I Ever Leave This World Alive")
Anós íbi, Idáányu paasáázri. Kaané inómaa elímu, Ebéin saakísi sa hizáák rinníraa, Aagbáár íbi gyómma. Hear us Idanyu of the flame. There is a storm among our brothers. Calm the wind and dry the rain. Stand us once again. a-NOS I-bi, i-DAAN-yu paa-SAAZ-ri, kaa-NE i-NO-maa e-LI-mu, e-BEIN saa-KI-si sa hi-ZAAK rin-NI-raa, aag-BAAR I-bi GYOM-ma. ("If I Ever Leave This World Alive")
Anós úme, Gyaamááshaa paarilááhi. Aaréme éssu rísaa zlugméri. Gaarí utígdu sa aailáá rikísaa. Sráázi beinháá saangmíku gyómma. Hear me, Gyaamaashaa of the Waves. The water in my brother does not flow. Raze the dams and summon the wind. Lively up the blood again. a-NOS U-me, gyaa-MAA-shaa paa-ri-LAA-hi. aa-RE-me ES-su RI-saa zlug-ME-ri. gaa-RI u-TIG-du sa aai-LAA ri-KI-saa. SRAA-zi beinHAA saang-MI-ku GYOM-ma. ("Everything Is Broken")
Aréme éssu rísa zlugméri. The water in my brother does not flow. [2]
Argyigyu arko rimi. Good stuff's still inside the Ark. aar-GYI-gyu AAR-ko RI-mi. ("Pilot")
Árko nur? Arkfall? AAR-ko NUR? ("Pilot")
Arúnd, zlúge. Áálegna shónhaa aabíshaa. Atús! Come on brother, She knows what she's doing. Come on. a-RUND, ZLU-ge. AA-leg-na SHON-haa aa-BI-shaa. a-TUS! ("If I Ever Leave This World Alive")
Assú thvúnu. AShúm sqzi. Flow into the darkness. Drown in the shadow. as-SU THVU-nu. ath-THUM STI-zi. ("Kalagyi Anaila Kaziri")
Awaisǝ Tikis Nǝthanaku—Udré Vulikǝ p'Arko! Arkfall Event in Progress—Find the Arktech! [15]
Aweme tha hunu gyi rólame gyi thezuhaktu, nirime? You don't need my roller, do you? aa-WE-me thaa HU-nu gyi RO-laa-me gyi the-zu-HAAK-tu, NI-RI-me? ("Pilot")
Aweme thevungu agdaha gyi nazǝ? Why don’t you stay for dinner? aa-WE-me the-VUNG-u aag-DAA-haa gyi NAA-za? ("Pilot")
Behís... Ibusǝ nyekisha nuneppe. Let’s drop out... The eye of our storm is the ultimate refuge. ("Besásh")
Behís... Lema ba shetu titu... Let’s drop out... You can trust me... ("Besásh")
Beinaagbáák! Beinaagbáák! Beinaagbáák! Become! Become! Become! bei-naag-BAAK! bei-naag-BAAK! bei-naag-BAAK! ("Bottom Of The World")
Beináágbáák zuzéme. Become the one. bei-naag-BAAK zu-ZE-me ("Kalagyi Anaila Kaziri")
Beinulú sa ǝssunigyú. Calm yourself and flow on. [53]
Béna étreha gyáápte paagyaanááku. We live in an age of miracles. BE-na E-tre-ha GYAAPte paa-gyaa-NAA-ku. [25]
Bénaa tei nááza, gyi thwéidu paathéigyu núnaa. What we must do is for the good of all. BE-naa tei NAA-za, gyi THWEI-du paa-THEI-gyu NU-naa. ("Good Bye Blue Sky")
Benéin gyaa slúzzwaa sómmi s’titrábu shéhe. Kwáázigya háábon tudúnge bááme sheneimbúhe aanaaláákthaa haazényaaha h’Úrth Rípoblak. We came here for more of his medicine and supplies. Now Earth Republic soldiers tell us we can't leave town. be-NEIN gyaa SLUZ-zwaa SOM-mi sti-TRA-bu SHE-he. KWAA-zi-gya HAA-bon tu-DUNG-e BAA-me she-neim-BU-he aa-naa-LAAK-thaa haa-ZEN-yaa-ha HURTH RI-po-blak ("If I Ever Leave This World Alive")
Besásh. Let’s give up. ("Besásh")
Besásh... Kwǝgyí lunyigy’ gyamme. Let’s give up... Lest the apocalypse be tonight. ("Besásh")
Besásh... Kwǝgyí shaku thurla. Let’s give up... Lest the power fail. ("Besásh")
Betagyi ubirzwa Gyamasha. His brain we give to Gyamasha. [54]
Betagyi ugbǝzwa Idanyu. His heart we give to Idanyu. [54]
Betagyi urgyǝzwa Gyakusa. His stomach we give to Gyakusa. [54]
Betagyi utagnǝzwa Irzu. His body we give to Irzu. [54]
Bezigyi shehitu ekeneri. May we join him in the future. [54]
Bihé voshaakte aanonthaa haaseibaa, eneme aagdaa? War makes us all monsters, does it not? bi-HE vo-SHAAK-te aa-NON-thaa haa-SEI-baa, E-NE-ME AAG-daa? ("Slouching Towards Bethlehem")
Bishí, haamaanyi. Zwinyame thaa hunu gyi sluzi. Ebdesa. Come on, friend. My child needs medicine. She is sick. bi-SHI haa-MAAN-yi. ZWIN-ya-me thaa HU-nu gyi SLU-zi. EB-de-sa. ("The Opposite of Hallelujah")
Brona Usugeri Pot Brownies [55]
Burito gyi Brekfast Ur Nunudungeri South of the Border Breakfast Burrito [55]
Deivid Bəwi hazə? What is David Bowie? [56]
Dezak etu zlawe dinara. The singer sees a flower. [14]
Diziza daminggagba. The awake crop. [44]
Əhunaza Nolan gya Sukar nima kerietu. Malima sheze shu ɘlegnabɘ sulu genazɘ. Əshune manɘzme. I saw what Nolan did to Sukar. Can you think of a reason I shouldn't kill you? I am at a loss. ("Past Is Prologue")
ǝsúny nudrelaa. Empty your pack. a-SUNY nu-DRE-laa. ("Pilot")
ǝsúny 'unaa. Empty it. a-SUNY U-naa. ("Pilot")
ǝtunggúr nuna. Check it out. a-tung-GUR NU-na ("Pilot")
Ǝrún thegma Follow the glow [57]
Ǝtréh thebanegba. You should dwell in possibility. [58]
Ebááse paazbáábbe: awéid zwígyaa shúdru títe nunóntina méme. Zenéme baa enétu nááza zushígu ukpááke gyi shétu ebéinhe utémnazwi. Gods of our fathers, help this one find the eye that does not blink. Set her feet on the path to see what others cannot. e-BAA-se paaz-BAAB-be: a-WEID ZWI-gyaa SHU-dru TI-te nu-NON-tina ME-me. ze-NE-me baa e-NE-tu NAA-za zu-SHI-gu uk-PAA-ke gyi SHE-tu e-BEIN-he u-TEM-na-zwi. [25]
Ebéin saakísi sa hizáák rinníraa. Calm the wind and dry the rain. ("If I Ever Leave This World Alive")
Edu na sa? What do you see? E-tu NAA-za? ("Pilot")
Eeha? Nememea bishni. Elasaye basekee Krrrrageh. A tupakali sjararrripwasika. Her? I don't believe it. You and your useless gods. See if they protect you from Hellbug pheromones. I-haa? ne-ME-me aa-BI-shi. I-laa sa e-BAA-sa ke-KRAAG-li. a-TU kwa KAA-li she-DAA-RU KWAA-zig-ya ("The Devil In The Dark")
Eela baza sa. Where are you? I-laa WAA-zaa-za? ("The Devil In The Dark")
Egyonggur, shehibuhe. Weapon, please. e-GYON-gur, she-hi-BU-he. ("The Opposite of Hallelujah")
Ekesa tithihu lithebeshu stúnggura shei nushei nurunde. The scouts are picking up a heat signature over the next rise. e-KE-sa ti-THI-hu li-the-BE-shu STUNG-gu-ra shei NU-shei nu-RUN-de. ("Pilot")
Ekesume sasaakti mimissa. And I am feeling a little peculiar. E-KE-SU-me sa-SAAK-ti mi-MIS-sa. ("What's Up")
Emegna thaa, Irzu, emegna. And I try, oh my god do I try. e-meg-na, THAA IR-zu, e-meg-na. ("What's Up")
Emak enurw. Emak enurwǝ. I'm hungry Defiance Alien Language Translation card I'm hungry [51]
Emegnǝ aminggagba. I’m awake. [44]
Emegnǝ inaila. I’m called. [52]
Emegnǝ ipagnǝ. I’m rubbed. [52]
Emegnǝ unepǝ. I’m interrupted. [52]
Emegnǝ uruneimbu. I’m uprooted. [52]
Eméme shesúktu. I’m not running./I will not run. e-ME-me she-SUK-tu. [25] [2]
Éne, héintaa! Back away, Haints! E-ne, HEIN-taa! ("If I Ever Leave This World Alive")
Ené théigyu! Everyone move! e-NE THEI-gyu! ("Good Bye Blue Sky")
Eneimbú, Nízaar. Zvúmu bishiháá zushígu Go, Nizar. Keep the others safe. e-neim-BU, NI-zaar. ZVU-mu bi-shi-HAA zu-SHI-gu. [25]
Eneinggura me It didn't work ("Terraform My Heart")
Enéinggurǝ ubeshakte thessume. Heater never worked. e-NEING-gu-ra u-be-SHAAK-te thes-SU-me. ("Pilot")
Enúgna shetúsu nutraabáábe gyi ílaa. Háákaa aagbarévu? Sagyáálistaa. Then this should be real easy for you. One hundred says he knocks him flat. e-NUG-na she-TU-su nu-traa-BAA-be gyi I-laa. HAA-kaa AAG-BAA-RE-vu? sa-GYAAlis-taa. [25]
Eruka gyi uhaagy'laa gyomma. Aching to be in your arms again. E-ru-ka gyi u-HAAGY-laa GYOM-ma. ("Baby It's True (I Love You)")
Essu Eingyal Aark haaza, naaheme shebishi haamaanyi honggigyube saameme. Joshua Nolan. Our mutual friend is never gonna believe who just sailed into AngelArc. Joshua Nolan. ES-su EIN-GYAL AARK HAA-za, naa-HE-me she-BI-shi haa-MAAN-yi hon-gi-GYU-be saa-ME-me. JO-shu-a NO-lan. ("The Opposite of Hallelujah")
Étegna tei úthuma ubishízwi ur ízaa. His belongings must precede him. E-teg-na tei U-thu-ma u-bi-shí-zwi ur I-zaa. ("Good Bye Blue Sky")
Ethihur aagdaaháá. So do your worst. e-THI-hur aag-daa-HAA. ("Baby It's True (I Love You)")
Etu nazǝ? What do you see? ("Pilot")
Etu thlunye paasaazri. I see endless summer nights. E-tu THLUN-ye paa-SAAZ-ri. ("Baby It's True (I Love You)")
Etu Tishumǝ suta ki hanesa sa Voton hanesa. I see 36 humans and 16 Votans [51]
Evunggura theziduri. Wait forlorn for quite a while. e-VUN-gu-ra the-zi-DU-ri. ("Baby It's True (I Love You)")
Ezaakeri etusa zmewa zwelunye. Izaa aabaakte rinyulaari. The devouring mother has come. She is glory made flesh. e-zaa-KE-ri E-tu-sa ZME-wa zwe-LUN-ye. I-zaa aa-BAAK-te rin-yu-LAA-ri. ("Bottom Of The World")
Ézegna ésukta. She's running away./She's fleeing. E-zeg-na E-suk-ta. ("The Devil In The Dark") [2]
Ézugna shesááshu shebááktu enudevúgbaa kwa humímin ílaa shigdúhe. They'd dance more freely if you hadn't let them stop me. E-zug-na she-SAA-shu she-BAAK-tu e-nu-de-VUG-baa kwa hu-MI-min I-laa shig-DU-he. ("The Devil In The Dark")
Ezegnǝ eneligǝ zlawe. The singer is sleeping. [14]
Ezegnǝ sheligu zlawe. The singer will sleep. [14]
Ezegnis eneligǝ zlawe. The singer slept. [14]
Ezegnis sheligu zlawe. The singer is about to sleep. [14]
Ezugnǝ eneligǝ zlawe. The singer was sleeping. [14]
Ezugnǝ sheligu zlawe. The singer would sleep. [14]
Ezugnis eneligǝ zlawe. The singer had slept. [14]
Ezugnis sheligu zlawe. The singer would have slept. [14]
"Ganunyé" aanaalaakthaa zume. Nobody said stop. ga-nun-YE AA-NAA-LAAK-thaa zu-me. ("History Rhymes")
Gya ungmeme shebein. Just to get it all out. gya ung-me-me SHE-bein. ("What's Up")
Gyaa kwaazigy' aaneimbugbaa ilaa. The moment you turned and walked away. gyaa KWAA-zi-gyaa-neim-BUG-baa I-laa. ("Baby It's True (I Love You)")
Gyaanetu esugaagbaahaa thezel'me. Enusheka erukaaktamu. Saame tigrombenye rido pume. Shonggu tigrombenye rido pilaa. My memory is marred by gaps. My wounds have healed. But part of me was lost. Just as a part of you is lost. gyaa-NE-tu e-su-gaag-BAA-haa the-ZEL-me. e-NU-she-ka e-ru-KAAK-ta-mu. SAA-me ti-grom-BEN-ye RI-do PU-me. SHON-gu ti-grom-BEN-ye RI-do PI-laa. ("The Cord And The Ax")
Gyaba Deivid Bəwi. David Bowie is a genius. [56]
Gyaba Deivid Bəwi? Is David Bowie a genius? [56]
Gyadake! Holy fuck! gyaa-DAA-ke! ("Pilot")
Gyakus Nupainapǝle Pineapple Express [55]
Gyi Difaiyants Nudevugba. For a Free Defiance. [48]
Gyi gyááno haashúma haazémi? One human against the champion? gyi GYAA-no haa-SHU-MA HAA-ZE-mi? [25]
Gyi gyaavu niri. For a revolution. GYI GYAA-vu NI-ri. ("What's Up")
Gyi hwazi Sathetusu gyi sazemi. Ten to one on the new guy. gyi HWAA-zi sa-the-TU-su gyi saa-ZEmi. ("Pilot")
Gyi ilaa ume aagdaa. I’ll still be yours. ("Terraform My Heart")
Gyi me theshanu thememu. For death is not silent. [54]
Gyi nena nunaaine. For a destination. gyi ne-na nu-NAAI-ne. ("What's Up")
Haabéme éreka Nólan néne. Bené tei énura náála nuzdíru. Roguréri. Gyaakísabe núnaa. Nolan no longer walks with us. We must go down to those mines. Down into the Earth. It’s our destiny. haa-BE-me E-re-ka NO-lan NE-ne. be-NE tei E-nu-ra NAA-la nuzDI-ru. ro-gu-RE-ri. gyaa-KI-sa-be NU-naa. [25]
Háábon ézeisha Haalááigaa thaa nénu Shebéinvu Shehesigyúri. Nunérgzu nesugáágbaa thaa kímafozvun. It's how Castis killed us in the Great Diaspora. Caves filled up with chlorine gas. HAA-bon E-zei-sha haa-LAAI-gaa thaa NE-nu she-BEIN-vu she-hesi-GYU-ri. nu-NERG-zu ne-su-GAAG-bbaa thaa KI-ma-foz-vun. ("If I Ever Leave This World Alive")
Haadaakaagbaa. No shit. HAA-DAA-KAAG-baa. [25]
Haagrombi haaminggaagbaa. The devil woken. haa-GROM-bi haa-min-GAAG-baa. ("The Cord And The Ax")
Hááhi shezéishu Váárus mááshaa, aanááinhaa. I hope Varus kills him slow. HAA-hi she-ZEI-shu VAA-rus MAA-sha, aa-NAAIN-haa. [25]
Haashón haazémi Nólan. Nolan is one man. haa-SHON haa-ZE-mi NO-lan. ("If I Ever Leave This World Alive")
Habanegiza tashinka. Theak banya eerebasheh. The Little Wolf led us. The gods have given her the sight. HAA-bon ENG-e-za ti-SHIN-kaa. THE-tu aak-PAAI-nya-haa I-haa e-BAA-se. ("The Devil In The Dark")
Hainǝkin Heineken [55]
Hainyi hǝsvosparisneni Sociology girl [59]
Halaidǝ ibi. We're cannibals. haa-LAAI-daa I-bi. ("Pilot")
Hante talame tashinka. lanija suhe nyoleealeel. My offer still stands, little wolf. You should spend time with your own kind. AAG-daa TAAI-la-me, ti-SHIN-kaa. Laa-NI-gyi SHES-su i-WI-ra-laa LI-laa. ("The Devil In The Dark")
Hasakti haminggagba. The awake misfit. [44]
Hei gyi tisashe. Just for fun. [60]
Hei kenyuzé gini s’esásh gyaluz’. Just take the gini weed and surrender to oblivion. ("Besásh")
Heki kugey Nolan. I wear it for Nolan. e-he-KI-gyu gyi NO-lan. ("The Devil In The Dark")
Hememáágbaa Nólan. Nolan is dead. ("Everything Is Broken")
Hené enunyáágbaa nígya tudúnge. Hígya hímaa. He’s blind to this town. These people.f he-NE e-nun-YAAG-baa NIG-ya tu-DUNG-e. HI-gya HI-maa. [25]
Hené numashe bulevarderi. Shei hememaagbaa ihaa, maaraa shizu rido paagyaake, aabisha. He's headed east on the Boulevard. After he's dead, make sure I get a cut of the bounty. he-NE nu-MA-she bu-le-var-DE-ri. shei he-me-MAAG-BAA I-HAA, MAA-raa SHI-zu RI-DO paa-GYAA-KE, AA-bi-sha [25]
Hené ríshili eneneimbúhe waazígya? Sashínaastaa. Two hundred says he leaves here in a box. he-NE RI-shi-li e-ne-neim-BU-he WAA-ZI-gya? sa-SHI-naas-taa. [25]
Hézon enudénye zushígu? Did they catch the others? HE-zon E-NU-DEN-YE ZU-SHI-gu? ("If I Ever Leave This World Alive")
Higyaa Baarth. Vuzena ilaa? This is Barth. You there? HI-gyaa BAARTH. VU-ze-na I-laa? ("The Opposite of Hallelujah")
Húgvu Nolan. Nolan is soft. HUG-vu NO-lan. ("The Devil In The Dark")
Humon faakaaha ilaanaaila. My elders warned me. ("Terraform My Heart")
Íbegna úhe shedrórhaa thaa svúshi. They're going to gas us. I-beg-na U-he she-DROR-haa thaa SVU-shi. ("If I Ever Leave This World Alive")
Ílaa daaháá. Screw you. I-laa daa-HAA. ("The Serpent's Egg")
Ilaa daháá. Fuck you. I-laa da-HAA. [25]
Ilaa daaháá, haaigyi. Fuck you, bitch. I-laa daa-HAA, HAAI-gyi. ("The Cord And The Ax")
Ílaa shezuhaaktúhe. Súkaar thááza thezéigyi? You'll live. How is Sukar? I-la she-zu-haak-TU-he. SU-kaar THAA-ZA THE-ZEI-gyi? ("If I Ever Leave This World Alive")
Ilaak ume shehekuhe. Udekla twaanizu ulaahurmuri shekesuhe eleishaa. I'm going to make you suffer. I want to feel your bones break under my knuckles. I-laak U-me she-he-KU-he. u-DEK-la twaa-NI-zu u-laa-hur-MU-ri she-ke-SU-he e-LEI-shaa. ("Doll Parts")
Ilegna thislaa ezuhe. But I’m reborn inside your smile. I-leg-na THIS-laa e-ZU-he. ("Baby It's True (I Love You)")
Imegnizwezina. nylnaglyaleeal wazanazditieye magediku mylnaglyal. Etuhe. Ezvaleh. Ezmeyuwe. Zeling dtanazin. Zwe bita zvufee. Shenyeh shaktala meegiynana? I was there. At your farm, I saw what happened. I saw them... your father... your mother. How they looked at you. The love in their eyes. Is this how you honor them? e-MEG-nis VU-ze-na. nu-na-gya-LAA-ri. AA-waai-sa NAA-za ne-maa-KEri E-tu. U-ze e-TU-he. ZBAA-blaa. ZME-we. zaa-LEIN thaa NAA-za. THWEI titaz-VU-ri. U-ze shen-yaa-SHAAK-tha-laa NI-GYAA-naai-na? ("The Devil In The Dark")
Íngmaa núshe. Safe journey. ING-maa NU-she. [25]
Íngmaa núshe, zwínyaa paagyaanáágname. Safe journey, child of my spirit. ING-maa NU-she, ZWIN-yaa paa-gyaa-NAAG-na-me. ("The Serpent's Egg")
Izuhakte. You survived. e-ZU-haak-ta. ("The Devil In The Dark")
Kaaláágyi aanááilaa Kaazíri. The Kaziri beckons. kaa-LAA-gyi aa-NAAI-laa kaa-ZI-ri. ("Kalagyi Anaila Kaziri")
Káánu yéno ílaa. Haahímin nígya linuníme Írzu shebeinvúhe Nólan. You are the Devouring Mother. Irzu could not let Nolan take you from this place. ("Everything Is Broken")
Kagda kaminggagba. The awake parasite. [44]
Kahakerieh dupeye-eh paseh. Skuzena henakerie uma akbanya ta oweyezanazarundrrrrun. So the gods touched her... and she in turn showed me what has to happen next. kaa-haa-KE-ri E-du-pa e-BAA-se SKVU-ze-na he-naa-KE-ri U-me aak-PAAI-nya-haa tei AA-waai-sa NAA-za RUN-drun. ("The Devil In The Dark")
Karl Stros Karl Strauss [55]
Kigyaa kaanyuli paa-Nunomrús Nubre, meme pao shtak linukpaainyina waazigya. Nenaa aakaagbaa.. This is Old World leather, not the pow shtak you're pushing here. It's worth at least... KI-gyaa kaan-YU-li paa-nu-nom-RUS NUB-re, ME-me PAO SHTAK li-nuk-PAAIN-yi-na WAA-zi-gya. NE-naa aa-KAAG-baa... [25]
Kwa damon shintha omrus’. If the world is going to bait us with palliatives. ("Besásh")
Kwa ésena, akpaainyaháá. If she’s hiding, point her out. kwa E-se-na, ak-paain-ya-HAA. [25]
Kwa thaabaa shetrehethiu ivoshaakt ineigyi paa-Voli, thigya thehesu gyi haatunggur hektaa gyi naaza? Emaak aashishi gyi inaagname. Why all this fuss about two spies when the whole V.C. army's poised to invade us? I'm afraid for my family. kwa THAA-baa she-tre-THI-u i-vo-SHAAK-ti NEI-gyi paa-VO-li, THI-gya the-HE-su gyi haa-TUN-GUR HEK-TAA GYI NAA-za? E-maak aa-SHI-shi gyi i-NAAG-na-me. [25]
Kwaa skaagbaa ume. For what it's worth. kwaa SKAAG-baa U-me. ("Baby It's True (I Love You)")
Lááhi héilaa shaailááhaa méigyaa sa shudévu zwírmu kwááza, shwááisu shedónlu. Ézegna áágbaara zlúgme Rááthus nááme úme kwááza. It will be delivered when you hail the Mayor and free my people. When my brother Rathus stands before me. LAA-hi HEI-laa shaai-LAA-HAA MEI-GYAA sa shu-DE-VU ZWIR-MU KWAA-ZA, SHWAAI-su she-DON-lu. E-zeg-na AAG-baa-ra ZLUG-me RAA-thus NAA-ME U-ME KWAA-za. ("If I Ever Leave This World Alive")
Laká... Be... Besásh. Fade... Let’s... Let’s give up. ("Besásh")
Latenǝ, Kapushinawǝ sa Genǝ Gashika Sigyatleri Lattes, Cappuccinos and all that Seattle Stuff [55]
Lema ailá! Call me! [52]
Lema ǝpágǝn! Rub me! [52]
Lema ǝnép! Interrupt me! [52]
Lema runeimbú! Uproot me! [52]
Lemaa aanohaagyita ume ilaa. You terraform me. ("Terraform My Heart")
Lemaak shweinigyu. I will always love you still. LE-maak shwei-NI-gyu. ("Baby It's True (I Love You)")
Lemaakeri aalaaha. Through the years it's such a thrill. le-maa-KE-ri AA-laa-ha. ("Baby It's True (I Love You)")
Lemaakeri aapaagnenyevu. Thlunyu urgya linunergzu. Leméin. I dreamed of you. That night in the caves. You came to me. le-maa-KE-ri aa-paag-nen-YE-vu. THLUN-yu UR-gya li-nu-NERG-zu. le-MEIN. ("The Cord And The Ax")
Lemagiwa aninga. You shot me. le-maa-GYI-waa AA-ning-a. ("The Devil In The Dark")
Lemak ewei/Lemaak ewei I love you. LE-maak E-wei. ("Baby It's True (I Love You)") Defiance Alien Language Translation card I love you
Lemémein áániha spaaskunááiza thessúme, Rin. Never took you for a gossip, Rynn. le-ME-mein AA-ni-ha spaas-ku-NAAI-za thes-SU-me, RIN. ("Everything Is Broken")
Lememein anihə spaskunaizə thessume, Rin. Never took you for a gossip, Rynn. [2]
Lemon eseibinye daakááida! You fucking ruined me! LE-mon e-sei-BIN-ye daa-KAAI-da! ("Doll Parts")
Lemúmein éngeza thessúme. I never trusted you. le-MU-mein ENG-e-za thes-SU-me. ("If I Ever Leave This World Alive")
Lénaa aathíhura lírolaa thaa nááza, abísh. Know how you shame your liro... by begging for your life! LE-naa aa-THI-hu-ra LI-ro-laa THAA NAA-ZA, a-BISH. ("If I Ever Leave This World Alive")
Lénaa aathíhura lírolaa thaa nááza, abísh. Lézon gyáágbe elléishe zwínyaa p’Írzu thaa nááza, maaháálaa shaalááktu! Ááhegna shebúru haamááin hahéintli sa hénaa shengaipénye títu haamútli! Nénu thúrrme! Know how you shame your liro. I will tell them how you begged a child of Irzu for life! Your haint women will weep and your sons will claw out their eyes! That is my vengeance! LE-naa aa-THI-hu-ra LI-ro-laa THAA NAA-ZA, a-BISH. ME-zon GYAAG-be el-LEI-she ZWIN-yaa PIR-zu THAA NAA-ZA, maa-HAA-laa shaa-LAAK-tu! AA-heg-na she-BU-ru haa-MAAIN ha-HEINT-li sa HE-naa sheng-ai-PEN-ye TI-tu haa-MUT-li! NE-nu THURR-me! [25]
Lenáálaa “haabáábaa” paazrááthe ílaa aabishíhaa, sááme láábaa énumba kaagnominááika? You claim to be "father" of an Irathient yet you cage us like animals? le-NAA-laa “haa-BAA-baa” paaz-RAA-the I-laa aa-bi-SHI-haa, SAA-me LAA-baa E-num-ba KAAG-NO-MI-NAAI-ka? ("If I Ever Leave This World Alive")
Lenáálaa? Senáálaa nenéimbu sadúnistaame. Oh yeah? I’ve got fifty says different. le-NAA-laa? se-NAA-laa · ne-NEIM-bu · sa-DU-nis-taa-me. [25]
Lenaamin tei shigdu! You mustn't stop it! le-NAA-min tei SHIG-du! [25]
Lené etrehǝ wazazǝ? Where do you live? [51]
Lené nukwithla. Get the fuck out of here. ("Pilot")
Lenéin eneimbugbaa titamu shurshuru kimaa, Tishinkaa. You have been too long from my eyes, Little Wolf. le-NEIN e-neim-BUG-baa TI-ta-mu shur-SHU-RU KI-maa, ti-SHIN-kaa. ("The Cord And The Ax")
Lénon gúlu erekenyéhe gyaakpááke p’Írzu. You have walked far along Irzu’s path. LE-non GU-lu e-re-ken-YE-he gyaak-PAA-ke PIR-zu. [25]
Lithenaainu thezuhme aagdaa. Trying to get up that great big hill of hope. li-the-NAAI-nu THE-ZUH-me AAG-daa. ("What's Up")
Luna eluhe timisisu? Does he feed you little treats? LU-naa e-LU-he TI-MI-SI-su? ("Pilot")
Mááhaa shethíhu. Aptáá tudúnge, zenyáá irááthabu s’íne atréhhe nunúshe. I'll slow them down. Go around town, gather up our pwople and get them to safety. MAA-haa she-THI-hu. ap-TAA tu-DUNG-e, zen-YAA i-RAA-tha-bu SI-ne aTREH-he nu-NU-she. ("If I Ever Leave This World Alive")
Maahé énudra Irísa Nólan, zwínyaa p’Írzu. Aanáálaa théinggyaawa gyi hwírme ulléishaa. Donláá ínaa úme sa ethémein shirukááktu theméme. I am looking for Irisa Nolan, a daughter of Irzu. She is wanted for crimes against my people. Bring her to me and nobody gets hurt. maa-HE E-nu-dra i-RI-sa NO-lan, ZWIN-yaa PIR-zu. aa-NAA-laa THEIN-gyaa-wa gyi HWIR-me ul-LEI-shaa. don-LAA I-naa U-me sa e-THE-mein shi-ru-KAAK-tu the-ME-me. ("Everything Is Broken")
Maahi shezeishu? Shall I kill him? MAA-hi she-ZEI-shu? ("Doll Parts")
Maai ílaa nunímme! My place is at your side. maai I-laa nu-NIM-me! ("If I Ever Leave This World Alive")
Máála erúnda. Hááza sómma? You’re on. Anybody else? MAA-la e-RUN-da. HAA-za · SOM-ma? [25]
Maalaagyíwaa trááza nushíge. I got you another drink. maa-laa-GYI-waa TRAA-za nu-SHI-ge. [25]
Máálon aanáálaakta. Naahémein nígyaa shwaaisúhe aanááinhaa Nólan. I told you. Nolan didn’t mean for this to happen. MAA-lon aa-NAA-laak-ta. naa-HE-mein NI-gyaa shwaai-SU-HE AANAAIN-haa NO-lan. ("Everything Is Broken")
Mala anaila. I call you. [52]
Mala apagnǝ. I rub you. [52]
Mala enepǝ. I interrupt you. [52]
Mala eruneimbu. I uproot you. [52]
Mala shaila. I’ll call you. [52]
Mala shepagnu. I’ll rub you. [52]
Mala shepu. I’ll interrupt you. [52]
Mala shruneimbu. I’ll uproot you. [52]
Malagyenab mazemayedi. You said we were one spirit. MAA-lon gyaa-NAAG-na ZE-maa I-bi. ("The Devil In The Dark")
Me, emegnǝ ebdesǝ. No, I'm sick. [51]
Me. grrrermagmatulalazula. ememag baha zisha pimiwalah. No. Your vengeance is fulfilled, sister. Your parents' killers are dead. aar-MAAG-baa THUR-ra-laa, ZO-me. e-me-MAAG-baa haa-ZEI-shaa piME-wa-laa. ("The Devil In The Dark")
Melaakéri. You heard me. me-laa-KE-ri. [25]
Meme. Ihaa. No. He was. ME-me. I-haa ("The Devil In The Dark")
Meme vyengga'ks er'stalu. Let's call it six even. ME-me VYEN-gaks ER-sta-lu. ("When Twilight Dims the Sky Above")
Ménaa shrúndu náála tikíse. I’ll take that action. ME-naa SHRUN-du NAA-la ti-KI-se [25]
Menaak ilaa shizuhe shleisuhe! It wants me to take you! ME-naak I-laa shi-ZU-he shlei-SU-he! ("The Cord And The Ax")
Mené etrehǝ maimai. I live nearby. [51]
Meníli shléisu nááza, hénaa tei! They need to do what I ask! me-NI-li SHLEI-SU NAA-ZA, HE-naa TEI! [25]
Ménon gyi Súkaar. Aaléme thedeimesúme aakaagbááhaa. I did it for Sukar. You don’t deserve my mercy. ME-non gyi SU-kar. aa-LE-me the-dei-me-SU-ME aa-kaag-BAA-haa. ("Everything Is Broken")
Menones aawaaisa naaz? I said hey, what's going on? ME-no-NES, AA-WAAI-SA NAAZ? ("What's Up")
Methe thedaaru. And I step outside. me-THE the-DAA-ru. ("What's Up")
Metushe giomishili keriomeavosha shengshebatunyeno metushe giomishi. Nanajiba ashasa enghazalingmayelah. I thought I taught you to shoot better than that. Your parents can dance with their ancestors. E-tu-sa gyi U-me shi-li-KE-ri U-me aa-VO-shaa SHING-u she-BAAKtu NE-nu. naa-NAA-gyi baa AA-saa-sha ing-E-zaa i-ME-wa-laa. ("The Devil In The Dark")
Mini kirushwe. Uk pakare heebre nena tena aza. I'm going to prison! How can that be the correct path? me-NE KI-rush-we! uk-PAA-ka tu-HI-be NE-na THAA NAA-za? ("The Devil In The Dark")
Mut Tune Nurazbiri Coffeeshop Tuna Melt [55]
Muzéme etúshe Rááthus gyi nááza?! Why aren’t they bringing Rathus?! mu-ZE-me e-TU-she RAA-THUS GYI NAA-za?! [25]
Naabaanegbááme nígyaa. This is impossible. naa-baa-neg-BAA-me NI-gyaa. ("Good Bye Blue Sky")
Naabaanegbááme nígya nutús nwááze. This new planet is impossible. naa-baa-neg-BAA-me NI-gya nu-TUS NWAA-ze. ("Good Bye Blue Sky")
Naabéme éleisa tizéru. We don't want any trouble. naa-BE-me el-EI-sa ti-ZE-ru. ("Good Bye Blue Sky")
Nááhi aabíshi Tishínkaa zweshushaaktáágbaa úme? Did the little wolf think we were in danger? NAA-hi aa-BI-shi ti-SHIN-kaa ZWE-SHU-SHAAK-TAAG-baa U-me? ("The Devil In The Dark")
Naala theigyu es. Everyone says hi. NAA-la THEI-gyu ES. ("Everyone Says Hi")
Naali nusaakti ebaasu nuhaagnaash? That crazy god party? NAA-li nu-SAAK-ti e-BAA-su nu-HAAG-NAASH? ("No Man")
Nabeme eleisǝ tizeru. See don’t want trouble. naa-BE-me E-lei-sa ti-ZE-ru. ("Pilot")
Nalaka nizizazi soleenaza. What do you know of the past? NAA-laak aa-NI-zi-za gyi SU-RI NAA-za? ("The Devil In The Dark")
Nathéptu gyaakpáákswaa p’Írzu. Irzu's path is circular. na-THEP-tu gyaak-PAAK-swaa PIR-zu. ("If I Ever Leave This World Alive")
Nawelaneena. Zahalege dinashinacaspah. Rynn's mother. She's telling her to call her father to dinner. ZME-we li-RI-naa. Zaa-HAA-laa gyaa DI-naa shaai-LAA-haa ZBAAhaa. ("The Devil In The Dark")
Nazǝ anosurha? What's your name? [51]
Nema ba anigdǝ theme thebonggur gyarriseri. No power in the 'verse can stop me. [61]
Némaak énuda. I agree. NE-maak E-nu-da. [25]
Nememe anizisesionye seinike. tgetuziree ume anak. I don't know, precious daughter. Sadly, I lack the sight. ne-ME-me aa-NI-zi-za, ZWIN-yaa zu-MI-ke. the-tu-ZI-ri U-me, aa-NAAka. ("The Devil In The Dark")
Némik áánosa tímu vúzena numaashéri. I heard things out West. NE-mik AA-no-sa TI-mu VU-ZE-NA NU-MAA-SHE-ri. ("Everything Is Broken")
Nené gyaan nuzeme. There is one way. ne-NE GYAAN nu-ZE-me. [25]
Nené shegdaa waazaala udung thwaai. So it shall be until the Arkrise. ne-NE SHEG-DAA WAA-ZAA-la U-dung THWAAI. ("Slouching Towards Bethlehem")
Nenéme, tishínkaa. Always, Little Wolf. ne-NE-me, ti-SHIN-kaa. ("Good Bye Blue Sky")
Nénu erúhaa ugónme. That hurt my hand. NE-nu e-RU-haa u-GON-me. ("If I Ever Leave This World Alive")
Nigya gyi ila meme. This is not for you. [62]
Nimi kima... Very nice... NI-mi KI-ma... ("Pilot")
Nubaasaasúme. Gyi theméme. Zwememáágbaa ízaa thergyúri. Involuntary. It means nothing. He is dead inside. Thanks to Nolan. nu-baa-saa-SU-me. gyi the-ME-me. zwe-me-MAAG-baa I-zaa ther-GYUri. ("Everything Is Broken")
Nugyekpe tha Ekerle Usheiri Razor Back Mountain [63]
Nuhagne shebaktu nenu. Kima. Bigger. Much bigger. nu-HAAG-ne she-BAAK-tu NE-nu. KI-maa. ("Pilot")
Nukraage nigyaa, Ashi. Baa shigdu theseibu saameme. <This is pointless, Ashi. There's no way to stop the slaughter. nu-KRAA-ge NI-gyaa, A-shi. BAA SHIG-du the-SEI-BU saa-ME-me. [25]
Nurááze tézge; naaléme baa áálisha. The voice is loud; you can't ignore it. nu-RAA-ze TEZ-ge; naa-LE-me baa AA-li-sha. ("Kalagyi Anaila Kaziri")
Nuse Nusisu Sour Sea [63]
Nushaiseri skir. The boy is in the meadow. [33]
Nuskise nenu. That's correct. [51]
Nuvun numike: thegnuluthǝ nunogureri. Dear asphalt, apologies in advance. [15]
Okay, fákahǝ: hawakeri anosǝ. Okay, folks, you heard the man. O-KAY, FAA-kaa-ha: haa-waa-KE-ri aa-NO-sa. ("Pilot")
Okay, haigyi. Lemagyi kala ézushiru to meké ila shedanluha ekpaku sǝ ba shelu rivuthiu I-rǝth rírgyǝla shrile. Kwázigyǝ! Okay, bitch. Hand me that charge-blade or I will toss you out into the street and the shrill can snack on your unappetizing I-rath guts. O-kay, HAAI-gyi. le-MAA-gyi KAA-la E-zu-shi-ru to me-KE I-laa she-daan-LU-haa ek-PAA-ku sa baa SHE-lu ri-vu-THI-u I-rath RIR-gya-laa SHRI-le. KWAA-zi-gya! ("Pilot")
Okay, okay… Neméme itwááza. Ezenyáágyu skrípame gyi hwáázi. Okay, okay... this doesn’t change a thing. My money’s still on the new guy. O-kay, O-kay... ne-ME-me i-TWAA-za. e-ze-NYAA-gyu SKRI-pa-me gyi HWAA-zi. [25]
Own a giree. A jullah. At the farm. Julluh's farm. nu-naa-GYE-ri. Paa-GYUL-la. ("The Devil In The Dark")
Paazugyire. Of the moon. paa-zu-GYI-re. ("Baby It's True (I Love You)")
Púme nénu me. That’s not my doing. PU-me NE-nu ME. [25]
Rááthus, liwáázigya beinvuhé ízaa! Rathus, get him out here! RAA-thus, li-WAA-zi-gya bein-vu-HE I-zaa! ("If I Ever Leave This World Alive")
Radulú. Prepare yourself. ra-du-LU. ("Kalagyi Anaila Kaziri")
Rihoshaari. In the light. ri-ho-SHAA-ri. ("Baby It's True (I Love You)")
Risa, rivusha, sazri. Water, air, fire. [54]
Riz rishigaa. A bit of strange. RIZ ri-SHI-ga. ("Put The Damage On")
Ruvúvaa rizeigyílaa. Your accent is terrible. ru-VU-vaa ri-zei-GYI-laa. [25]
S'kwazalǝ undur gyakpakeri gyanagnǝzwa. And so his soul will become a stone on the great path. [54]
S'tugvu tishinkaa. And your big fat dog. STUG-vu ti-SHIN-KAA. ("Everyone Says Hi")
Sa faakaa sheishei. And the guy upstairs. SA faa-KAA SHEI-SHEI. ("Everyone Says Hi")
Sa imewalaa. And your mum and dad. SA i-ME-wa-LAA. ("Everyone Says Hi")
Sa zumaai zaainye. And the girl next door. SA zu-MAAI ZAAIN-ye. ("Everyone Says Hi")
Saa aadrora kimaa saa eshusheka. And I take a deep breath and I get real high. saa aa-dro-ra KI-maa saa e-SHU-she-ka. ("What's Up")
Saa aaminga nuwaairi. And so I wake in the morning. saa aa-MIN-ga nu-WAAI-ri. ("What's Up")
Saa aanaailonga paagyaargyeme. And I scream at the top of my lungs. saa aa-NAAI-lon-ga PAA-gyaar-GYE-ME. ("What's Up")
Saa nemaakeri etuka nunaa kusu. And I realized quickly when I knew I should. saa ne-maa-KE-RI E-tu-ka nu-NAA ku-SU. ("What's Up")
Saa shethumu. When we made love. saa she-THU-mu. ("Baby It's True (I Love You)")
Saame thene nunaa. But it's a start. ("Terraform My Heart")
Saanaalu e-e-e-es-se, e-es-se. And I say, hey hey hey hey. saa-NAA-lu E-E-E-ES-se, E-ES-se. ("What's Up")
Saathéithei. Gyaakísahaa shesuktúhe aabaanegbaaméhe. Of course. It is impossible to escape your destiny. ("Everything Is Broken")
Saatheithei, Hómeki haabaakta kimaa. Emegna egnulu, Favi Tar. Of course, esteemed Omec. I apologize, Favi Tarr. saa-THEI-thei, HO-me-ki haa-BAAK-ta KI-maa. E-meg-na eg-NU-lu, FA-vi TAR. ("When Twilight Dims the Sky Above")
Same laba enumbə kagnominaikə. But you cage us like beasts. [2]
Same wi taleziri. Yet you are wordless. [54]
Same wi tezgeziri. Yet you are voiceless. [54]
Same wi toseziri. Yet you are noiseless. [54]
Sazǝ sazri. Such fire. SAA-za SAAZ-ri. ("Pilot")
Sǝ me thenu thememu. And death is not the end. [54]
Sǝ me thvurru thememu. And death is not sad. [54]
Selleisa neneme. I pray every single day. sel-LEI-sa NE-NE-me. ("What's Up")
Selleisa, thaa Irzu, selleisa. And I pray, oh my god do I pray. SEL-LEI-sa, THAA IR-zu, SEL-LEI-sa. ("What's Up")
Sengeze moizi kyaginaza. Then why did you lead them here? SEN-ge-za WAA-ZI-GYA GYI NAA-za? ("The Devil In The Dark")
Shalé shesu! Ené! You have to run! Go! sha-LE SHE-SU! e-NE! ("The Cord And The Ax")
Shebááktu kaashúmi tishúmaa? Saaméme! There’s no way a human can take on a Bio-Man! she-BAAK-tu kaa-SHU-mi TI-SHU-maa? saa-ME-me! [25]
Shehibuhe, shememe eleisa shvoshaaktu nene. Please, I don't want to fight anymore. she-hi-BU-he, she-ME-me E-lei-sa SHVO-SHAAK-TU NE-ne. ("History Rhymes")
Sheik Shvunu to Shezaithu Ebony and Ivory Milkshake [55]
Sheiku Sheshoko to Shewanila Chocolate or Vanilla Milkshake [55]
Shekimaa ilaa shetuhe, Rin. Good to see you, Rynn. she-KI-maa I-LAA SHE-TU-he, RIN. ("If You Could See Her Through My Eyes")
Sheimbigyiru arko nathenu kwaaza. When the last ark falls from the sky. ("Terraform My Heart")
Sheishei thaa egyonggurvu. Put up your guns! SHE-shei thaa e-gyon-GUR-vu. ("Doll Parts")
Shememu izidaa thenuri kwaaza. When the twin suns finally die. ("Terraform My Heart")
Shesenu... Gyi tushe ‘zazenyehe. To hide... Because it’s boiling over the edge. ("Besásh")
Shéssu gyássu néktu kúsu. Two years will pass quickly. SHES-su GYAS-su NEK-tu KU-su. ("The Serpent's Egg")
Shetunggurhe alakthá. Tell them to check it out. she-tung-GUR-he aa-laak-THAA. ("Pilot")
Shevuhe naala tinte. To try that line. ("Terraform My Heart")
Shidawenye nudri napaki shisi. To resist is to rein in an expanding void. ("Besásh")
Siza Tisese Chicken Caesar [55]
Skir nushaiseri. The boy in the meadow. [33]
Slókipaa skráági. Lawkeeper scum. SLO-ki-paa SKRAA-gi. ("The Serpent's Egg")
Srazbi Starbǝks Starbucks Coffee [55]
Susú, zmanyu... At ease, friends... su-SU, ZMAA-nyu... ("Pilot")
Swipsteiki Sǝthanaku Sǝthezuhaktu pa-Doggyi. Dodge Defiance Arkfall Sweepstakes [15]
Taabé éssu zwéktu. It flows through us both. taa-BE ES-su ZWEK-tu. ("Good Bye Blue Sky")
Tei aadaaraagbááme ílaa. Shepaagnáágnaa ubírahaa paa nuvúmme. You must be crazy. They’ll be mopping his brains off the floor. TEI aa-daa-raag-BAA-me I-laa. she-paag-NAAG-naa u-BI-ra-haa paa nu-VUM-me. [25]
Teté éssu twígya utáágne ukpáákahaa p’Írzu! Through this body flows the path to Irzu! te-TE ES-su TWI-gya u-TAAG-ne uk-PAA-ka-haa PIR-zu! ("Good Bye Blue Sky")
Tha t'maainaa niri. Yeah baby it's true. that-MAAI-naa NI-ri. ("Baby It's True (I Love You)")
Thaa naaza? Why not? THAA NAA-za? [25]
Thaa thiri aadrina gyaalaawe. And yes it's true the music plays. thaa THI-ri AA-dri-na gyaa-LAA-we. ("Baby It's True (I Love You)")
Thabagyi asashǝ theshei thebonggurvu. Your strong presences dance with us. [54]
Thailǝ sǝ thaivu thememu. Death is the call and the response. [54]
Thaktǝberi. When we’re born. [54]
Thastiza haliris. By Irzu's shadow. thaa STI-za-haa LIR-zu. ("The Devil In The Dark")
Thebdaktu thebaktǝ kima Amazing work [64]
Thebonggur aabishihaa thwelbe twaala uwel tukaasti lilaa. That Casti tongue of yours holds our language well. the-BON-gur aa-bi-SHI-haa TWEL-be TWAA-la u-WEL tu-KAAS-ti LI-laa. ("Put The Damage On")
Thedema pisha tashinka. Cute badge, little wolf. LEID-a nu-PI-she, ti-SHIN-kaa. ("The Devil In The Dark")
Thegnóm théigyu báábaa haabégyin, shaailááhaa aawááishaa théssu kwáázigya. Atús. All the courage that our father has given us, now is the time to summon it. Come. theg-NOM THEI-gyu BAA-baa HAA-BE-GYIN, shaai-LAA-haa aa-WAAIshaa THES-SU KWAA-zi-gya. a-TUS. [25]
Thehitu thememu. Death is conjoining. [54]
Thehurthékazwaa sígya sizízi. Seté shushááktu udékazwi sa ruthé shevúhe thógur rikiéra rikáágni lutáágnazwaa. This broth is his purification. It will spare his bones and return the three elements of his body to nature. the-hur-THE-ka-zwaa SI-gya si-ZI-zi. se-TE shu-SHAAK-tu u-DE-kazwi sa ru-THE she-VU-he THO-gur ri-KI-E-ra ri-KAAG-ni luTAAG-na-zwaa. ("Good Bye Blue Sky")
Thei, thimi. Yes, I'm good. [51]
Theké tizrurtha igdaktha ekpaku Thizizu Thǝnuvune tha thetusu thevunagba sǝ theneimbu thergyuri sa thedaruri. The Blacktop® Package leaves its mark on the road with a unique blacked-out appearance inside and out. the-KWI-tha thaa-BAAK-ta KI-maa THE-nu! nu-dei-MU-ru NI-gya POta naa-hi-ZAAK-tu...SAA-me NE-zaak aa-DRAA-ne. [15]
Thekwítha thaabáákta kímaa thénu! Nudeimúru nígya póta naahizááktu...sááme nézaak aadrááne. <That was an incredible piss! These flush-able toilets are decadent... but they make a man feel alive. [25]
Themaakeri aagromba thelo. I’ve lost my steps the words I sang. the-maa-KE-ri AA-grom-ba THE-lo. ("Baby It's True (I Love You)")
Thememberi. When we are dying. [54]
Thememu gyi sutso! Death to the sutso! the-ME-mu gyi SUT-so! ("History Rhymes")
Thené ahizaktǝ nunogur thrusǝbu. Our colors drain to the earth. [54]
Thene thememu. Death is the beginning. [54]
Thenyááshathe paathéigyu shelléisu nizemaanááinya. It honors us all to pray as one. then-YAA-sha-the paa-THEI-gyu shel-LEI-su ni-ze-maa-NAAIN-ya. [25]
Thenyááshme shelléisu thaa ináágnaa. It's my honor to pray with the family. then-YAASH-me shel-LEI-su thaa i-NAAG-naa. ("If I Ever Leave This World Alive")
Thenyégbaa thelígzwaa áágdaa. Still sleeping the deep sleep. then-YEG-baa the-LIG-zwaa AAG-daa. ("If I Ever Leave This World Alive")
Ther. Tashinka tetunabe nome. Yes... The Little Wolf has the sight. So what? THEI, “ti-SHIN-kaa the-tung-AA-be”. NOM-MU-me? ("The Devil In The Dark")
There thiri. We are. thaa THI-ri. ("The Devil In The Dark")
Thezuhǝberi. During our lives. [54]
Thezuhu esugaagbaahaa nigya nutuse. Haazuhaa. Heshushaaktume. This planet teems with life. Sentient life. Harmless... the-ZU-HU E-SU-GAAG-BAA-haa NI-gya nu-TU-se. haa-ZU-haa. he-shu-shaak-TU-me. [25]
Thiggyu thememu. Death is joyful. [54]
Thimi thezeigyǝla. How are you? [51]
Thrazu thememu. Death is loud. [54]
Thuvu thesu thǝmaili. Lousy mileage. THU-vu THE-su tha-MAAI-li. ("Pilot")
Tikim Tibabakigyu Tipuporke BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich [55]
Tikime Tikontri Country Club [55]
Tikis Nǝthanaku Nuvurte Fifth Arkfall Event [15]
Tikwithe wazaae? Tikwithe wazazǝ? Where's the bathroom? Defiance Alien Language Translation card Where the bathroom [51]
Tim anosurha My name is Tim. [51]
Tima taminggagba. The awake beast. [44]
Tírwaa skraagíri. A pig in shit. a TIR-waa skraa-GI-ri. ("The Serpent's Egg")
Tisese Bufalo Buffalo Chicken [55]
Tishínkaa. Náábik aabíshi lenú wáázigya. Ememáágbaa Súkaar. Sa tózwi nathénu gyi ílaa. Little Wolf. I thought you might come. Sukar is dead. ti-SHIN-kaa. NAA-bik aa-BI-shi le-NU WAA-zi-gya. e-me-MAAG-baa SUkaar. sa TO-zwi na-THE-nu gyi I-laa. ("Good Bye Blue Sky")
Tishonaa, ilaa aalaanshaa hei. Baby, you say you're. ("Terraform My Heart")
Tishonaa, zuzime ilaa me. Baby, you ain't the first. ("Terraform My Heart")
Tithita ume meme; sa kemama ba akierǝ ekumbu meme; zo zuzuhe tha gyanagnǝ nessu ume, sa malé nuna eneneimbuhe kwazigyǝ. “I am not a bird; and a cage cannot hold me; I am a heroic being with a flowing soul, and I now use it to leave you.” [23]
Tithum Frenshe French Dip [55]
Titiz nuzeme paatheinggurtwe. One of its many uses. ti-TIZ nu-ZE-me pa-then-GURT-we. ("Put The Damage On")
Titliri. In your eyes. tit-LI-ri. ("Baby It's True (I Love You)")
Títu tuhé, héinti. Máálaak themémlaa shenihúhe eléishe. Máálaak gyáágbe shelléishe! Alléis úme! Alléis úme! Murdering haint. I want you to know your death. I want you to beg for life! Beg me! Beg me! TI-tu tu-HE, HEIN-ti. MAA-laak the-MEM-laa she-ni-HU-he e-LEI-she. MAA-laak GYAAG-be shel-LEI-she! al-LEIS U-me! al-LEIS U-me! ("If I Ever Leave This World Alive")
Trúndǝha higyǝ pahashumi iza hei. She's just this human’s pet. TRUN-da-haa HI-gya paa-haa-SHU-mi I-zaa hei. ("Pilot")
Tun Tihagna Big Tuna [55]
Twaaisa nuzime. The first time. ("Terraform My Heart")
Twááraa shehibááktu rígya rógur udékazwi. Záábaak shezelélu nenéme. Gyaabirbúri sa gyaagbbúri. His bones will remain to adorn this place. But we will keep him alive in our minds and in our hearts. TWAA-raa she-hi-BAAK-tu RI-gya RO-gur u-DE-ka-zwi. ZAA-baak sheze-LE-lu ne-NE-me. gyaa-bir-BU-ri sa gyaag-BU-ri. ("Good Bye Blue Sky")
Twir Naithihuru. Sinister Stripes [15]
Ugbame aanohaagyithaa. Terraform my heart. ("Terraform My Heart")
Udékazwi wáázaaza? Twetusevúgbaawa. Where are his bones? They’re gone. u-DE-KA-ZWI WAA-zaa-za? twe-tu-se-VUG-baa-wa. [25]
Udigyǝ Tusene Hidden Valley [63]
Udrenyehé fáánaagzaa. Heshé ibi shegdaahaa sheligu udung ibi thaa hunu gyi ihaa. Find me a sedative. We'll keep her asleep until we need her. ud-ren-ye-HE FAA-naag-zaa. he-SHE I-bi sheg-DAA-haa she-LI-gu U-dung I-bi thaa HU-nu gyi I-haa. [25]
Ukrage, shosho. It's a piece of crap anyway. u-KRAA-ge, SHO-sho. ("Pilot")
Ume tha hunu gyi gyagya. I need cash Defiance Alien Language Translation card I need cash
Unéme Nólan shwaaisúhe nénu. Nolan wont'let that happen. u-NE-me NO-lan shwaai-SU-he NE-nu. ("If I Ever Leave This World Alive")
Unnaaza nenu. For whatever that means. UN-naa-za NE-nu. ("What's Up")
Utegna etthumhe ugbahaa libaabaa. It breaks a father's heart. U-teg-na eth-THUM-he UG-BA-HAA LI-BAA-baa. [25]
Uteligemeri. When I'm lying in bed. u-te-li-ge-me-ri. ("What's Up")
Uvukta Tushane Silent Plateau [63]
Uzegna, Tishinkaa. Uzegna atús! Let her, Little Wolf. Let her come! U-zeg-na, ti-SHIN-kaa. U-zeg-na a-TUS! ("The Cord And The Ax")
Uzéme baa úmema zíne zushíge zutheggyínahaa thezúhazwaa. A man who risks his life for another cannot be left to die. u-ZE-me baa U-me-ma ZI-ne zu-SHI-ge zu-thegy-GYI-na-haa the-ZUha-zwaa. ("The Serpent's Egg")
Vekiha je. VoLina ksa vekiha je. Haakpaakaa haaraazathiu usháákt ibi Irzu. He's crazy. The V.C.'s crazy. Irzu save us from know-it-all zealots. VE-ki-ha-je. VO-li-nak-sa VE-ki-ha-je. haak-PAA-KAA HAA-RAA-za-THI-U u-SHAAK-ti-bi IR-zu. [25]
Veshei tigyekpa nuhaagne. Twenty-five years and my life is still. VE-SHEI ti-GYEK-pa NU-haag-ne. ("What's Up")
Vu ezuhaakta nigya igbaaraari. I try all the time, in this institution. vu E-zu-HAAK-ta NI-gya ig-baa-RAA-ri. ("What's Up")
Vuhe theigyu. What's in my head. vu-he THEI-gyu. ("What's Up")
Vunggúr. Shingu memé. Wait. Don't shoot. vun-GUR. SHING-u me-ME. [25]
Wáázigya gyaabdése. Kwaa énugna shessúnye, háábaa sheshínku sa shezéishu tishúmi gyómma, némaak aashíshi. Tishínkaa, áálegna shelléisu thaa íbi? The great sickness has come. If it spreads, I fear Humans will once again hunt and kill us. Little Wolf, will you pray with us? WAA-zi-gya gyaab-DE-se. kwaa E-nug-na shes-SUN-ye, HAA-baa she-SHIN-ku sa she-ZEI-shu tiSHU-mi GYOM-ma, NE-maak aa-SHI-shi. ti-SHIN-kaa, AA-leg-na shelLEI-SU THAA I-BI? ("If I Ever Leave This World Alive")
Wabagyi anaivu tha thememu hei. In death only do you answer us. [54]
Wabagyi thazǝ thaivu ba akpainyǝha? What answers can you give us? [54]
Wabak gyabire, gyargye, sǝ gyagbe ethumakthǝ. You infuse us with reason, passion, and vitality. [54]
Wemon wazigya engeshe ahiha. (when referring to a group), Lemon wazigya engeshe ahiha. (when referring to a single person) Thanks for having me. [65]
Wené áásaakta wáázigya wi. Wené. You don't belong here. Not now. we-NE AA-saak-ta WAA-zi-gya wi. we-NE. ("Good Bye Blue Sky")
Wi aanaagbááhaa shegyísu kwááza, aptúr wáázigya gyómma. When you're done trading...meet back there. wi aa-naag-BAA-haa she-GYI-su KWAA-za, ap-TUR WAA-zi-gya GYOM-ma. ("The Devil In The Dark")
Záábaak éleisa zááinye hei. All we want is the girl. ZAA-baak E-lei-sa ZAAI-nye hei. ("Everything Is Broken")
Zaabéin Írzu evúhe étusa. Irzu must have sent him back to us. zaa-BEIN IR-zu e-VU-he E-tu-sa. ("Good Bye Blue Sky")
Zada eruneimbu dinara zlawe. The singer plucks the flower. [14]
Zadagyi anizigyu dinara zlawe. The singer hugs the flower. [14]
Zadala amidǝ dinara zlawe. The singer warns the flower. [14]
Zadé enudrǝ dinara zlawe. The singer’s looking for a flower. [14]
Zagrǝ Zwǝgyabiru Riders of the mind [21]
Zagrǝ Zwǝgyagbu Riders of passion [21]
Zagrǝ Zwǝgyanagnu (long form), Zwǝgyanagnu (short form) The riders of the spirit [21]
Zagrǝ Zwǝgyargyu Riders of vitality [21]
Zahon ekesə haridi zlawe. The singer noticed the saboteur. [2]
Zalaka duzanye. Quazeeje duzmayee! You see young Rynn. Now see the woman. ZAA-laak E-tu ZAAI-nye. KWAA-zi-gya a-TU ZMAAI-ne ("The Devil In The Dark")
Zaron eneiraktǝ ripom zmaine. The woman cooked the meat. [66]
Zbaba zushone. The man is a father. [33]
Zidigyǝ bethala zlugbe Sukar shizuhe eleishǝ. This day we ask death to take our brother Sukar. [54]
Zíngmaa paa gyaakpááke. Traveler from the great path. ZING-maa paa-gyaak-PAA-ke. ("Kalagyi Anaila Kaziri")
Zize sǝ zugyi thememu. Death is the taker and the giver. [54]
Zmain zushure. (singular)/Zmain zushuru (plural) The tall woman./The tall women. [33]
Zmaine sa zainye. The woman and the girl. [33]
Zmaine zuhagnasha. Happy woman. [33]
Zmewe zmaine. The woman is a mother. [33]
Zohee be duenemo. Right about that. zu-HI-be gyi NE-nu. ("The Devil In The Dark")
Zome p'Aamondaa Rózwaata higyaa. Baahaa baa enudigyu. This is Amanda Rosewater's sister. We can use her. ZO-me paa-MON-daa ROZ-waa-ta HI-gyaa. BAA-haa baa e-nu-DI-gyu. [25]
Zrathe tha thiri. An Irathient to be sure. ZRAA-the thaa THI-ri. ("Pilot")
Zrathe tha thiri ila. You are Irathient to be sure. ZRAA-the thaa THI-ri I-laa. ("Pilot")
Zrathe zwamiggagba. The awake Irathient. [44]
Zuhibe gyi nenu. Right about that. [2]
Zugyir Zudaile Blue Moon [55]
Zundur zmaine. Natural woman. [33]
Zusashe sǝ thesashu thememu. Death is the dancer and the dance. [54]
Zushure zmaine. The woman is tall. [33]
Zushuru zmaine sa zainye. The woman and the girl are tall. [33]
Zuzuhe aagdaa, aabisha. Still alive, I see. zu-ZU-HE AAG-daa, AA-bi-sha. ("If You Could See Her Through My Eyes")
Zvonggíse ílaa. Haaháámin ézeisha Nólan Írzu. Hááhon haashúmaa. You're wrong, Irzu didn't kill Nolan. Humans did. ("Everything Is Broken")
Zvunyáágbaa ílaa? Gyaasáákte núnaa. Ísegna rinyúlaa erésshe sizízi. Sukáárbe zwígyaa méme! Are you blind? It's a curse. The broth melts the flesh. This is not our Sukar. zvu-NYAAG-BAA I-laa? gyaa-SAAK-te NU-naa. I-seg-na ri-NYU-laa e-RESHshe si-ZI-zi. su-KAAR-be ZWI-gyaa ME-me! ("Good Bye Blue Sky")
Zvúshe aabishiháá. Take good care of him. ZVU-she aa-bi-shi-HAA ("Good Bye Blue Sky")
Zwénu íbi me. Zúnaai íbi. No, we’re not. We are the Creator. ZWE-nu I-bi ME. ZU-NAAI I-bi. [25]


Irathients originally used a base-18 system, based on counting the tips of fingers as well as the spaces between fingers, but when many on the Votanis System began working together, Irathients adopted the Base-20 system used by Castithans and even adopted a similar symbol system (often something applied to them due to Castithan imperialism). [38]

The numbers used just for counting:

Number Word Symbol Source
0 Kanu [38]
1 Zema [38]
2 Ekta [38]
3 Kagne [38]
4 Retha [38]
5 Warte [38]
6 Patre [38]
7 Hothe [38]
8 Tashe [38]
9 Theganu [38]
10 Thetusu [38]
11 Dema [38]
12 Kome [38]
13 Sagye [38]
14 Magbe [38]
15 Dale [38]
16 Nesa [38]
17 Teimba [38]
18 Thenu [38]
19 Theu ki zema [38]

The words for 9, 10 and 18 don't inflect the way the others do becuse they are nouns, not adjectives. Theganu comes from the same root as eganu, which means "fist" (because reaching nine, counts the whole fist.) Thetusu is related to the verb shetusu meaning "jump", which is what happens when you move to the next hand. The word Thenu is the same word for "end" or "conclusion" and was the end of the old Irathient number system. The word for 19 thenu ki zema uses ki, the Castithan word for "and" and is only used for numbers. [38]

For numbers in the twenties, the word suta' is used and attached by a ki: So 21 is suta ki zema, 22 is suta ki ekta, 23 is suta ki kagne, etc. Higher numbers continued to borrow from Castithan: [38]

  • 20 - Suta (Suda in Castithan)
  • 40 - Kámasta (Kamasta in Castithan)
  • 60 - Dúnista (Dunista in Castithan)
  • 80 - Súrista (Surista in Castithan)
  • 100 - Gyálista (Jalista in Castithan)
  • 120 - Víngasta (Vyenggasta in Castithan)
  • 140 - Úgasta (Wogasta in Castithan)

Math is used in the same way as in Enlish but everything is halved in how you express it. (10+10=20 is the same as 20+20=40) [38]

Irathient names

First names

Men are generally given names that draw from animals and broad geographical features, while women have names drawn from water and plants. Names taken from Class VII or Class VIII have a "J" added at the front to mark it as a name. Some names take bare roots of words, sometimes adding -a to the end; these names have no distinction between male and female. Another common strategy for first names involves self-contained relative clauses; parents usually choose active verbs for boys and descriptive verbs for girls but both can apply for either genders. These types of names can often reference the circumstances of the child's birth. [17]

All names can be given masculine or feminine suffixes, which are restricted to names and can be used to lengthen the names or make unisex names masculine or feminine:

  • -(r)úr (masculine; can't be added to names with an r in the previous syllable)
  • -(n)us (masculine)
  • -(n)aila (feminine; can't be added to names that are already three syllables long or longer)
  • -(l)on (feminine)
  • -(n)ija (feminine; not added to names whose last syllable is ni)
  • -(a)nya (feminine)
First name examples
Male name Type Meaning Source
Indur Geographical feature Rock cluster [17]
Indurus Masculine suffix [17]
Jamergus Masculine suffix [17]
Jawimblúr Masculine suffix [17]
Jedonla Geographical feature, J- prefix Cliff [17]
Jutonje Geographical feature, J- prefix Beach, Shore [17]
Kagnazi Animal An Irathient animal [17]
Kagnazirúr Masculine suffix [17]
Nujekpe Geographical feature Mountain [17]
Nujekperúr Masculine suffix [17]
Nuktaishe Geographical feature Summit [17]
Rathus Masculine suffix [17]
Starrenus Masculine suffix [17]
Tijukta Animal An Irathient animal [17]
Tijuktanus Masculine suffix [17]
Zburenus Masculine suffix [17]
Zdrorus Masculine suffix [17]
Female name Type Meaning Source
Dinara Plant A type of flower [17]
Dinaraila Feminine suffix [17]
Dinyasha Plant A type of flower [17]
Jase Water Flood [17]
Jennira Water, J- prefix Rain storm [17]
Jukombe Water, J- prefix Lake [17]
Jalimaila Feminine suffix [17]
Jukombelon Feminine suffix [17]
Jullǝnya Feminine suffix [17]
Lanǝsanya Feminine suffix [17]
Ngǝmikunija Feminine suffix [17]
Ulike Water River [17]
Ulikenija Feminine suffix [17]
Umbijire Water Waterfall [17]
Umbijiron Feminine suffix [17]
Zeligon Feminine suffix [17]
Zungninya Feminine suffix [17]
Unisex name Type Meaning Source
Dror Bare root [17]
Jahosha Bare root [17]
Jalima Bare root [17]
Jamerga Bare root [17]
Javusha Bare root [17]
Jawimbla Bare root [17]
Jullǝ Bare root [17]
Lanǝs Bare root [17]
Ngǝmiku Bare root [17]
O (or Jo) Bare root [17]
Rath Bare root [17]
Starren Relative clause S/he who roared [17]
Wotom Bare root [17]
Zailonggen Relative clause S/he who screamed [17]
Zburen Relative clause S/he who cried [17]
Zdror Relative clause S/he who breathes [17]
Zelig Relative clause S/he who was sleeping [17]
Zungni Relative clause S/he who swims [17]

Last names

Last names can make reference to one's father, essentially meaning "Child of X", by adding "Zaj(i)" to a male name whereby it becomes a last name. The other strategy is to make reference to the place of one's birth or to a particular type of foliage that existed in the place of one's birth. Both types of names are passed down from father to child, or from husband to wife. [17]

Last name examples
Last name Type Meaning Source
Darti Birth reference A native, flowering ground cover [17]
Dalinggari Birth reference A type of tree [17]
Drurein Birth reference A type of leafy plant [17]
Gondur Birth reference A type of poisonous plant [17]
Grazbi Birth reference A type of poisonous plant [17]
Parraba Birth reference From Arraba [17]
Panujekpǝ Nuvune Birth reference From Black Mountain [17]
Panukaivu Birth reference From the city [17]
Panunergze Birth reference From the cave [17]
Panushaise Birth reference From the meadow [17]
Pudigye Birth reference From the valley [67]
Zajijamergus Prefix Child of Jamergus [17]
Zajijedonla Prefix Child of Jedonla [17]
Zajikagnazi Prefix Child of Kagnazi [17]
Zajindur Prefix Child of Indur [17]
Zajinukeperúr Prefix Child of Nukeperúr [17]
Zajo Prefix Child of O [17]
Zajirathus Prefix Child of Rathus [17]
Zajistarrenus Prefix Child of Starrenus [17]
Zajizdrorus Prefix Child of Zdrorus [17]
Zajizelig Prefix Child of Zelig [17]

Full name examples

Name Gender Source
Indur Zajindur Male [17]
Jahosha Zajirathus Unisex [17]
Jalimaila Zajiwotom Female [17]
Jennira Parraba Female [17]
Jorúr Grazbi Male [17]
Jullǝ Parraba Female [17]
Starren Darti Male [17]
Ulikenanya Panushaise Female [17]
Zburenus Zajijutonje Male [17]
Zungninus Drurein Male [17]


When Castithans invaded Irath and subjugated the Irathients, some of the Castithan language made its way into Irathient. The Irathients adjusted to a Castithan system, including with their numbering system, moving from base-18 to base-20 and even borrowing some older pronounciations of higher numbers for their own. [38]



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