Libera Nova Gem

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Libera Nova Gem

 Technographic information



The Libera Nova Gem is a Votan crystal.


The gem is inserted into Terra-spires to retrieve the Terrasphere located inside. ("Pilot")


Varus Soleptor had one of these gems being transported to him but it was stolen. He hired Joshua Nolan, Irisa Nyira and an ark hunter to find it, offering 90,000 Scrip to each of them. ("Episode Mission:The Searchers") Nolan and Irisa used the gem to retrieve a Terrasphere from a Terra-spire that crashed in an Ark Module near the town of Defiance. Spirit Riders found them shortly afterwards and one of them took them gem from Nolan. This Spirit Rider was destroyed by a Volge, possibly destroying the gem as well. ("Pilot") Varus put a 1/4 million Scrip bounty on Nolan and Irisa for stealing the gem. ("Brothers In Arms")