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Yanga Kayang

"At least I hope it was a "she." You can't tell the difference with those Liberata."
- Joshua Nolan - Good Bye Blue Sky

The Liberata are a Votan race from the planet Irath.



Liberata breath Nitrogen and can be poisoned if supplied with too much Oxygen. Certain inhaler medicines can make it easier for them to breath Oxygen-rich environments. ("The Bride Wore Black", "Contract:The Air is Thick") Their blood is dark red. ("The Cord And The Ax") Telling the difference between male and female can be difficult. ("Good Bye Blue Sky") They have whiskers which differ from other hairs. ("The Bride Wore Black")


Liberata culture is very homogenized due to their subjugation by the Castithans. [1] Much of the slang used by other Votans is derived from Yanga Kayang. Liberata are buried standing up with all their worldly possessions stacked on top of their heads. [2] Liberata get along quite well with Sensoth. [3]


Liberata have a polytheistic belief system grounded in the here and now. Few religion rituals exist to the modern day but some are borrowed from the Irathients and Sensoth. [2]


When the Castithans invaded Irath, they subjugated the Liberata, Irathients and Sensoth. [1] Liberata once held a position of economic power but their own averice led to their collapse. [4] When time came to board the Arks and leave the Votanis System, the Liberata found that they were among the races that had less spots than the Castithans, Irathients and Indogene. ("New Book Reveals Secrets of a Dying World") During the Pale Wars, the Earth Military Coalition built Oxygen bombs to fight against Liberata. ("The Bride Wore Black")