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Live Action Trailer

 Production information


January 30, 2013

Directed by

Jim Weedon





Transcript:Live Action Trailer

The Live Action Trailer is a trailer for the Defiance game.


Three Ark Hunters arrive at The Crater where two drunk Humans stumble out of the bar, one of them firing a gun into the air while the other throws up on the ground. The one with the gun notices Begbie, an Irathient Ark Hunter, and calls him "alien scum". Begbie goes to step forward but it stopped by the VBI Ark Hunter as the drunk man raises his gun. The VBI Ark Hunter quickly rolls forward, drawing her weapon and shooting the man through the throat.

They walk up to the bar where Drifter, a human Ark Hunter, notices the old one-legged man sitting at the door. They both notice that one another have an Earth Military Coalition tattoo and gesture to one another. All three enter the bar, taking note of the large number of people inside, including a Sensoth and a Liberata, and get a drink at the bar. Another human in the bar gets up from his table and heads to the bar, screaming for a drink and knocking Begbie in the process.

When Begbie gives the man a look and the man responds by asking "What the hell are you looking at?", Begbie hits him and starts a bar fight. The VBI Ark Hunter takes no part as her EGO device brings to her attention an Arkfall in the area, so she breaks up the fight and they leave the bar. The old man outside notices the arkfall and rings a bell, alerting everyone. They all run out of the bar, jumping into their vehicles and heading after the falling debris.

As they all race after the arkfall, the ground around them moves with them. They reach the arkfall as it crashes into the ground and ready their weapons. Suddenly the ground shifts in several places and several Hellbug Warriors dig their way out. A fight ensues as several Ark Hunters are killed, but they win against the Warriors. Taking caution they move towards the arkfall and the ground shifts again as a massive Hellbug Hellion rises and the surviving Ark Hunters attack.


Arkfall, Earth Military Coalition, Environmental Guardian Online, Golden Gate Bridge, Hellbug Hellion, Hellbug Warrior, Human, Irathient, Liberata, The Crater, Sensoth


  • The EGO code "CWAPDX" is seen in this trailer.