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A Loading screen is a display that occurs in the Defiance game.

Additional Character Slot

Additional characters slots may be purchased on the Defiance Store.


Some arkfalls contain interiors which can be explored once the perimeter of the arkfall is secured. Look out for these special arkfalls, or locate special devices which can guide them down to Earth.


Named after the cataclysmic event that makes them possible to exist, arkfalls are the continuing meteorite showers comprised entirely of debris from the destroyed arks.

Keep an eye out for arkfalls. These are a greet source of minerals.


Bits can be used to purchase Boosts, Lock boxes and a variety of items in the Defiance Store, accessible through the radial menu on any menu screen.


Use the Blur EGO Power to increase your run speed.


Are you looking for a skills challenge? Check your map to find Time Trials, Hotshots, and Rampages you can participate in.

Clan Progression

Members of a clan can work together to unlock bonuses for their entire clan. Recruit your friends and allies to earn clan experience more quickly.


Use the Cloak EGO Power to hide from enemies.


Contracts can be complete for a variety of factions. Completing a Contract gains you Rep with that faction.

Each faction has Daily and Weekly Contracts that award faction reputation. Look for them on the Contracts tab of the Goals Screen, accessible from the radial menu on any screen.


Use the Decoy EGO Power to distract enemies.


Your EGO Rating tracks your progression. Earning XP, completing Pursuits, and increasing weapon skills will raise your EGO Rating.

Make sure you activate you activate EGO perks after unlocking them to increase your power through passive benefits.

EGO Units can be used to unlock and upgrade EGO Perks and EGO Powers.


Grenades are consumable items that can be used in combat to deal damage or provide other devastating effects to multiple enemies. When you run out of grenades more can be found on vendors or dropped from enemies.


Learn more about the world of Defiance on the Intel screen, which can be accessed using the radial menu on any menu screen.

Do you need help? Check the Help section of the Intel screen to learn more about game systems. This can be accessed through the radial menu on any menu screen.

Finding Data Recorders hidden around the world will unlock special Intel entries and will help to complete some pursuits.


Expanded ark keycode capacity can be purchased on the Defiance Store. With a higher keycode capacity, more valuable lock boxes may be purchased from lock box vendors.

Keycodes and Lock Boxes

Earn Keycode Fragments by completing events. Eight Keycode Fragments will combine to make a Keycode.

Use Keycodes to open Lock Boxes on Vendors.


New Loadout slots are unlocked when you reach higher EGO Ratings.


Items come in five rarities that also indicate the relative power of the item. Common are indicated by a white color and are the weakest, Uncommon are green, Rare are blue, Epic are purple and Legendary are orange and the most powerful.

Enemies may drop ammunition and scrip when they die. Simply walk or run over these objects to pick them up.

Some enemies can drop weapons, shields, mods, or grenades when they die. You must interact with these objects to pick them up.


During the Pale Wars, Jon Cooper served alongside Joshua Nolan in the Earth Military Coalition's 9th Mechanized Division, "The Iron Demons". They both lived through the Battle of Defiance.

The Lawkeeper is a lawman that is elected to uphold local laws of frontier territories. Although these laws vary from town to town, all lawkeepers defend the universal liberties of Votan and Man.

Founded in 2035, the community of Paradise is comprised of the territories of Madera, Marin, and Sausalito. Its primary commodities are gulanite and petrohol.

Varus Soleptor is the richest person in the Bay Area, having made most of his money as a gulanite mining magnate. He was instrumental in founding the community of Paradise.

The Raiders that have descended upon Madera are led by the infamous Gulanee crime lord, Dy'Dekuso.

The Votanis Collective maintains Frontier Ambassadors in remote areas to promote Votan goodwill. These emissaries have little support and often become deeply integrated into the local community.

Gulanite is a mineral that originated in the Votanis System and has been duplicated on Earth through the terraforming process. It is the primary source of power for all arktech.

Although the Votanis Collective was initially formed by five Votan species, there are others present in their ranks such as the energy beings called the Gulanee.

Castithans have held the seat of power in the Votanis Collective since its inception. This does not sit well with many of the other Votan races.

Ara Shondu is the political representative for the community of Paradise even, though she is also the local Votanis Collective Frontier Ambassador.


Your map is filled with a variety of activities including Missions, Time Trials, Hotshots, and Rampages.


The great arks that were used to escape to Earth were designed by the Indogene race, the creators of the most advanced Votan technologies.

The Earth Republic is a fledgling nation founded in 2031 on the eastern seaboard. Its government is derived from the U.S. Constitution and led by the remnants of the United Nations.

The cyborg miners called the Ninety-Niners were once Human settlers that succumbed to madness and began to replace their flesh with machinery.

New to the Bay Area, frontier physician Eren Niden once worked alongside Doctor Meh Yewll on a classified Votanis Collective project. Each has done their best to distance themselves from this past.

The Liberata race once held a great deal of economic power in Votan history. Due to serious political missteps, they have since been reduced to a caste of minions, working hard labor in most frontier towns.

Marin was once the territory of Muir Union Mines, a large mining guild. Seized by a strange madness, the miners have now become the vicious Ninety-Niners.

Top-Notch Toolworks is the renovated machine shop and research station of the Bay Area's resident inventor, Rosa Rodriguez.

Jon Cooper first me Rosa Rodriguez and her father Amelio at the Battle of Defiance where they stood together to save innocent lives against assaulting forces of Human and Votan soldiers.

Rosa Rodriguez took over ownership of Top-Notch Toolworks upon the death of her father, Amelio Rodriguez.

The Arkfall created a massive debris field in space called the Ark Belt that continues to circle the Earth and the Sun. This is the source of the occasional arkfall showers.

Mount Tam

The United Nations discovered the approaching arks 13 year prior to informing the public and in response, secretly formed a global military network called the Earth Military Coalition.

Irathient society in the Votanis System had always been centered in their spiritual beliefs, something that continues with the many tribes that exist on Earth.

Captain Noah Grant turned down a promotion in the Earth Republic Army so he could continue to participate in combat missions as leader of the Republic Ranger "Black Hawks".

EGO technology was developed by an Indogene scientist named Yargad Gorhash. He was an occupant of one of the arks, but is considered one of the millions of causalities of the Arkfall.

Having migrated wherever opportunity arose, Cass has had few attachments to her past. Rumors say that her history includes a long lost brother and many jilted lovers.

The Bay Area was the birthplace of the Defiance Movement, a philosophy inspired by the heroic actions of both Human and Votan soldiers at the Battle of Defiance.

After the arrival of the Arks, the United Nations sanctioned the creation of inter-species communities to inspire unity between Humans and Votans.

Most of the surface of the Earth was buried by terraforming and razed by the Arkfall, a cataclysmic event where the alien arks mysteriously exploded in orbit and crashed to the ground.

The Votanis Collective was accepted into the United Nations council in 2014, laying the groundwork for the first Votan colony in South America.

Karl Von Bach developed some of the most destructive weapons used in the Pale Wars, earning him the nickname, "Death's Merchant".


Use the Overcharge EGO Power to deal more weapon damage.


Complete Pursuits to earn EGO Rating.

Some Pursuits award special titles that can be shown on your Nameplate.

Salvage Matrix

The Salvage Matrix, accessible on your Character Screen, allows you to use Ark Salvage to perform various upgrades on items such as attaching mods or adding new mod slots. You can also break equipment down into Ark Salvage.

San Francisco

Built on the ruins of St. Louis, the town of Defiance was named after the legendary Battle of Defiance that took place in San Francisco.

The terraforming ruination of Earth was the result of the unplanned activation of thousands of terra-spires, arktech machines designed to transform Earth into Votan biomes.

Dark Matter was one of the units of the Votanis Collective army that fought in the Battle of Defiance. It is rumored that these elite commandoes intensified the conflict through war atrocities.

Ara Shondu's brother, Nim, was the captain of the elite unit that took part in the Battle of Defiance. He was believed to have perished in the massive terraform explosion that ended the conflict.

Jon Cooper was instrumental in forming the rebel force that united in defiance of their orders. He, along with Joshua Nolan, are inspirational survivors of a group known to the world as the Defiant Few.

San Francisco was transformed into a wasteland following a terraform explosion that engulfed the entire region and left only a handful of isolated old Earth ruins.

Scrappers were first encountered in the Bay Area following a unique arkfall that showered San Francisco with tachyon magnetic particles. How they formed and what controls them is a mystery.

In order to fund his research of extraterrestrial technology, Karl Von Bach developed some of the most destructive weapons used in the Pale Wars, earning him the nickname, "Death's Merchant."

Fort Defiance once contained a peaceful settlement built on the ruins of the famous Palace of Fine Arts. It was nearly razed during the legendary battle that shares its name.

Largely believed to be a war between Humans and Votans, the Pale Wars was actually an era of global conflicts ignited by civil unrest and intensified by post-Arkfall survival.


In April 2031, the Pale Wars Armistice was ratified, calling a formal ceasefire to all global conflicts.

The personality of the EGO is derived from the DNA memories held withing the genetic source material used to create it.

Torc Mok served as a heavy weapons specialist in the Ekaru Kome, a decorated military unit of the Votanis Collective army. His trusty rocket launcher he calls ROXI, has just recently been brought out of a long retirement.

While most terrestrial bovines have fallen victim to a deadly cattle virus, pows have shown a natural immunity, increasing the dependency on the hybrid livestock.

Sensoths have the longest life span of all the Votan races, often living as long as two centuries. This has made them a very patient people.

The Earth Military Coalition secretly constructed a large number of underground bunkers throughout the Bay Area. Many of these remain undiscovered since they were sealed during the Pale Wars.

The petrohol wells and refineries in Sausalito are the energy lifeline to the people of the Bay Area with most fuel being transported overland to avoid the dangers that lurk in the surrounding waters.

Jon Cooper and Torc Mok first met as enemies in the urban battlefield of San Francisco, but found themselves united as rebels to defend helpless civilians in the Battle of Defiance.

The Golden Gate Bridge has been battered and broken by the tragic Arkall event and years of war. despite this, it still stands as the primary path into the wasteland of San Francisco.

The new fuel source called petrohol is a byproduct of the gulanite digestion process of hellbugs. Due to the hellbugs' swelling population, petrohol has now become the primary fuel source for conventional machines.


Scrip can be used to buy items from Vendors.

Shadow War

Echelon always forms multiple teams when launching Shadow War operations. They claim this helps them find the strongest soldiers.

Jump into Shadow War through the matchmaking menu.

Social Menu

From the Social Screen, accessible using the radial menu on any menu screen, you can Manage Friends, Join or form a Clan, search for other people and review chat history for various channels.

Join a group, add a friend, trade with other players or start a private chat with other players by using the Quick Menu.


Deploy a spike to grant a performance boost to all allies around it.

Upgrade your inventory

Inventory expansions may be purchased on the Defiance Store and will enable your ark hunter to go longer without breaking down items or visiting a vendor.

Vehicle Skills

Using a particular vehicle type increases your skill with that vehicle type. Raise your skill rank to gain bonuses.


Vendor special update frequently, so check back to see what new item is for sale.

Weapon Skills

Using a particular weapon type increases your skill with that weapon type. Raise your skill rank to gain bonuses.

Repeated use of a specific weapon will eventually allow you to master it. Once mastered, you gain a bonus with that weapon, but its use will no longer improve your weapon skill.

Woot Loot

When an ark hunter first earns an EGO point or increase skill loot will drop for everyone nearby. Stay close to others to benefit.