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Luke Tarr

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Castithan-Human hybrid







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Luke Tarr - List of Appearances

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Nathan Avila, Nashton Avila

Luke Tarr is a male Castithan-Human hybrid and the son of Alak and Christie Tarr.


Luke was born in 2047 somewhere near Oklahoma City. For the first few months of his life he was looked after by his parents, along with his grandmother Pilar McCawley and uncle Quentin McCawley, who had kidnapped his parents from Defiance. When General Rahm Tak and his forces came by, Christie hid Luke in a closet so he wouldn't be found. ("The World We Seize") He was later found by his father after Christie had been killed. He and Pilar left the area but during the night, Pilar took Luke and left Alak behind. ("The Last Unicorns") Pilar found Joshua Nolan and Irisa Nyira being attacked by VC troops and saved them. Bringing them back to a cabin she said she had found Luke in Freeman, Kansas and was calling him "Bear". Nolan figured out who she was and Irisa took Luke. They returned him to Defiance where he was given to Datak and Stahma Tarr. ("The Broken Bough")

Alak returned to Defiance and was going to take Luke away from his grandparents. He was later watched over by Andina and Irisa and Irisa took him outside to see the stars when he was fussing. ("Where the Apples Fell") Alak brought Luke to see Datak's Cleansing ceremony and said that his grandfather was deeply flawed but not without honor. ("The Beauty of Our Weapons") He soon began crawling around and beginning to talk. ("Of a Demon in My View") When the Omec Kindzi was coming for Stahma, Alak decided to leave with Luke but Kindzi arrived first. She pulled Luke away from Alak and prepared to eat him. ("The Awakening") He was saved when Datak arrived and pinned Kindzi to a wall, allowing the entire family to escape. He was played with by Irisa who told Alak that she enjoyed spending time with Luke and Alak replied that Luke enjoyed being with him too. ("Upon the March We Fittest Die")