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"Prior to the Arkfall, Madera was suburbia. All of that is long lost to terraforming, but hope of another community remains with the farmers and ranchers who now strive to call it home."
- Pursuit:Madera Exploration II

Madera is an area of the Bay Area.


Madera is located to the west of Mount Tam and north of Marin. Madera is one of the regions of Paradise. ("Loading screen") The area is rich in Gulanite and several mines are located here. ("Pursuit:Madera Exploration IV") Several farms are located to the north of the area.



Before Arkfall and the terraforming Madera was suburbia. ("Pursuit:Madera Exploration II") Madera became one of the regions of Paradise. Around 2046, Raiders began showing up in the area. ("Pursuit:Madera Exploration")