Main Mission:A Bullet for a Badman

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A Bullet for a Badman is the twenty-sixth Main Mission of the Defiance game.



Enter Dogtown Mine alongside Rosa. Joe Teach has the ark-cell and Rosa wants vengeance for her father's murder.


  • Enter Dogtown Mine
  • Eliminate the hostiles
  • Find Jackleg Joe
  • Secure the tunnel
  • Neutralize Jackleg's henchmen
  • Kill Jackleg Joe
  • Exit Dogtown Mine





Rosa Rodriguez: I'm at Joe Teach's mine. I'm ready to roll on this chivo when you are.

Cut scene
(Rosa and the ark hunter enter the mine, they hear some shots and take refuge behind some barrels. Two Dark Matter soldiers are shooting the 99ers.)
Rosa Rodriguez: Looks like you're not the only one after the cell.

EGO: Those guys are Dark Matter. This is very troubling.
Rosa Rodriguez: Let's go! We can't let him out of here!
EGO: Good work, area secured.
EGO: Secure the area. We can't leave any bad guys alive.

Cut scene
(Joe is standing up on a ledge.)
Jackleg Joe: The cell is mine. With it I am complete. With it you cannot stop me.
(Joe puts the cell into a cavity in his chest.)
Rosa Rodriguez: We'll see about that, Teach.
(Rosa shoots at him, but it impacts a shield.)
Jackleg Joe: *rhythmic, labored breathing*
(Joe jumps down into the pit.)
Jackleg Joe: Little Rosa Rodriguez. I remember you. How's your father?
(Rosa shoots at Joe some more, but his shield stops them.)
Rosa Rodriguez: *angry yell*
Jackleg Joe: Such a temper.

Jackleg Joe: Now die like your father!

Cute scene
(A smelter runs towards the ark hunter. Rosa aims her gun at it.)
Rosa Rodriguez: You're gonna burn.
Rosa Rodriguez: Stand clear, ark hunter.
(Rosa fires at the smelter, hitting its pack which ignites.)
99er Smelter: Ow!!! it burns!! It burns!!
(The smelter runs to an area below Joe and his pack explodes, disabling Joe's shield.)

EGO: Target that smelter's fuel pack!
EGO: There's another Smelter!
EGO: Target that smelter's fuel pack!

Cut scene
(Joe lies on the ground.)
Jackleg Joe: *rhythmic, labored breathing*
(Rosa comes over and points her gun at Joe's head, firing off a round and killing Joe.)
Rosa Rodriguez: He's dead. I've run this moment through my head for ten years. I always thought I'd feel...
(She picks up the cell and hands it to the ark hunter.)
Rosa Rodriguez: I'll never forget what you've done for me. I though Eren was the only thing left that I could considered my family, but maybe I was wrong. Thank you.