Main Mission:A Disturbing Discovery

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A Disturbing Discovery

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Main Mission


Top-Notch Toolworks









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An Unexpected Delay

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Distress Call

A Disturbing Discovery is the twenty-first Main Mission of the Defiance game.



Enter Top-Notch with Von Bach. It's time to see how this machinist Rosa can help find the ark-cell.


  • Enter Top-Notch
  • Go to Towers' Quarry
  • Use the telecom panel to locate the ark-cell
    • Repair Conduit
    • Repair Conduit
    • Repair Conduit
    • Repair Conduit
  • Power up the telecom
  • Protect the telecom panel
  • Recover the cell
    • Search Dead Body





Von Bach: I was not going in this stink hole by myself.

Cut scene
(Von Bach and the ark hunter enter Top-Notch.)
Von Bach: Look at this place. This is like being in the mind of a crazy person.
Eren: *humming of a tune*
(Von Bach notices an Indogene woman at a table.)
Von Bach: Ummm, hi there, person. We're here to meet-
(Eren raises her hand a beam of light scans Von Bach.)
Eren: Oh, it is you. Rosa! Shondu's ark hunter is here!
Von Bach: And his sidekick, the super genius scientist who holds the future of technology in his hand.
(A young woman moves around upstairs and runs down and to Von Bach.)
Rosa: You're Karl Von Bach? I always thought you'd be... I don't know, cooler.
Von Bach: Well, I thought you'd be cleaner, so I guess we're both disappointed.
Rosa: Don't be a chivo. You're the one who needs my help. Give me that.
Von Bach: Cooper and Shondu spoke highly of you for reasons I don't find apparent.
Rosa: Well, they did not speak highly of you, so you can kiss my brown ass.
(Eren speaks up, not looking up from her work.)
Eren: Be courteous, Rosa. The hairless Human and his partner are our guests.
Von Bach: Okay. I can handle rudeness, but that was just mean. I have a medical condition.
Eren: I am sorry. I did not mean-
Von Bach: Are you going to be able to help us or not?
Rosa: If you'd give me a goddamn second...
Rosa: I can make a couple tweaks.
Rosa: And the signal can be tuned to focus directly on the cell...
(Rosa fiddles with her device.)
Rosa: Which is north.
Von Bach: Huh. I'm sort of impressed.
Eren: She is a genius, Mr. Karl.
Von Bach: Take it easy. Let's not cheapen the word 'genius'.
Von Bach: You better get out there. I'll hold down the fort here and see what else we could use.
(Von Bach goes to pick up something, Rosa grabs it first.)
Von Bach: Fair enough.

EGO: An Indogene working alongisde a Human machinist. What an odd pair? You rarely see Indogenes living far from a colony or center of technology.
EGO: Where does she maintain her implants and how does she progress her research without access to the proper resources.
Rosa: The signal is muddled, but it looks like the ark-cell is down in the quarry somewhere.
Rosa: If you power up the telecom panel I can use it to bounce a signal and get a cleaner scan of the quarry.
Von Bach: The cell is small enough to fit in your pocket, so it's not going to be easy to find.
Rosa: This will work. I guarantee it.
Von Bach: We'll see about that.
EGO: Let's get these conduits running.
EGO: We need to repair those conduits.
EGO: Repair is complete.
EGO: Repair is complete.
EGO: You need to activate the device!
EGO: Ninety-Niners inbound from the southeast!
Rosa: I got a clear read straight ahead! I told you it would work.
EGO: Interesting. I'm not picking up the cell's signal at all. It's impressive how Ms. Rodriguez could track it from such a far distance.

Cut scene
(The ark hunter kneels next to the dead Echelon soldier.)
EGO: Uh-oh. Only the tracking anode is here. The rest of the cell is gone.
Rosa: That body is an Echelon chango. Don't broadcast any more data until you get back here. Not a single peep. They might be listening.

EGO: The 99ers removed the tracking anode from the ark-cell. They must have realized the cell's power potential. Not to mention that someone was going to come looking for it.