Main Mission:A Faustian Bargain

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A Faustian Bargain

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Major Miner Rescue

A Faustian Bargain is the fourteenth Main Mission of the Defiance game.



Go to Ara Shondu's Consulate to meet up with Cooper and Von Bach and see what help can be found in locating the ark-matrix.


  • Access the Lawkeeper's computer
  • Meet up with Von Bach at Shondu's Consulate
  • Go to Split Rock Mine
  • Liberate Split Rock Mine from the Raiders





EGO: If this Ara Shondu person had previous ties to the Votanis Collective. I suggest we look into her background before we meet her.
EGO: Let's access the Lawkeeper's system again, so I can gather more information about her.
EGO: Interesting. Ara Shondu was once a high ranking Votan politician. Some form of scandal led to her demotion to Frontier Ambassador of the Bay Area.
EGO: Although the Votanis government largely ignores Ara's remote position, the locals have learned to rely on her diplomatic skills when dealing with outsiders. I'd say if we can trust an unregistered Lawkeeper, then we can trust her, too.
Cooper: Von Bach and I are almost to Shondu's place. We're waiting for you before your man makes his pitch.
EGO: I attempted to access some of the restricted data regarding Ara Shondu's dismissal from her previous position, but the data was manually deleted by someone.
EGO: Records show that Ara Shondu is technically an ambassador to the Bay Area, but people seem to treat her as the mayor. Even outside territories.
EGO: Ara Shondu spent a good portion of her childhood in the Tranquility community.
Von Bach: Cooper's in with Ara Shondu now. Let's see what's going on.

Cut scene
(Cooper is talking to Ara Shondu, Von Bach and the ark hunter walk towards them)
Ara Shondu: I'm sorry to hear about your people, Jon. It's... awful.
Cooper: Those responsible have X's for eyes now.
Cooper: I'm leaving. Wanna make sure the Raiders aren't still hanging around.
(Cooper begins to walk out and stops by the ark hunter)
Cooper: Hey, don't get too close to the ledge with this guy. It's a long fall.
Ara Shondu: We'll be in touch?
(Cooper nods and leaves)
Ara Shondu: Please.
(Ara gestures to a chair for Von Bach as she sits down)
Ara Shondu: When I heard about the stratocarrier tragedy, I had no idea it would crash right through my door. My lawkeeper doesn't trust you, but I'm a bit more idealistic than him.
(Von Bach takes a seat)
Von Bach: Prettier, too.
Ara Shondu: Thanks. So, what interest does the world's top weapons expert have in possessing arktech?
Von Bach: Is that a rhetorical question? It's the most advanced technology known to man and Votan.
Ara Shondu: And most dangerous.
Von Bach: In the wrong hands, yes.
Ara Shondu: Are your hands the wrong hands?
Von Bach: Depends on your perspective. The matrix is safer in my possession than yours and the V.C's.
Ara Shondu: I don't work for them anymore, Karl. I am simply a liaison for the people of Paradise, and I only want what's best for the Bay.
(Varus Soleptor peeks in from the doorway)
Von Bach: Are you offering to help?
Ara Shondu: My resources are limited. Besides, the land to the south is private property owned by-
(Varus quickly enters the room)
Varus Soleptor: Varus Soleptor. Soleptor Enterprises. It's a pleasure to meet you. I couldn't help but overhear your conversation.
Ara Shondu: Yes, you could have. By waiting outside.
Varus Soleptor: Regardless, I'm available to help you find this... What is it called again?
Von Bach: Ark-matrix.
Varus Soleptor: Yes. Ark-matrix. It's worth quite a bit of scrip, eh?
Von Bach: To those who know what it is.
Varus Soleptor: Well, you see, I have a bit of a Raider problem that Miss Shondu simply refuses to help me with.
Ara Shondu: It's your property, Varus. You know it's your responsibility, not mine.
Varus Soleptor: Regardless. If you take care of these Raider rats, I will gi-... Excuse me. I will sell you information that will lead you to the very tech you're looking for.
Von Bach: Deal. My employee here will do as you ask in exchange for information leading to the matrix.
Varus Soleptor: Great! I'll be in touch.
(Varus leaves)
Ara Shondu: Varus' hands are the kind of wrong hands I was worried about. What do you think you're doing?
Von Bach: Don't worry. I trust that guy about as much as I'd trust a hellbug with a baby. My employee will keep an eye on him.
(Von Bach and the ark hunter leave)

EGO: Madera seems to be a rural territory with few defenses. They are not capable of fending off Raiders. Lucky for them, we are.
EGO: Raiders are bad news. They roam the frontier in large hordes, taking lives and resources from remote communities like Madera.
EGO: If we don't help push the Raiders out of Madera they may steal the matrix and sell it on the black market. We'll never find it again.
EGO: The Split Rock Mine has been overtaken by the Raiders and we need to clear this place out. Disabling their Sentry Guns will get us one step closer to our goal.
EGO: Ha! That sentry gun won't be giving us any more trouble.
EGO: Generator is disabled. The gun is down.
Miner: Hello? Whoever is out there, we need some help inside the garage.
Technician: Ugh... We've been hiding in here for days without food or water but we're ready to take back our mine. We'll need to override the back gate to get to their leader, follow me.
Technician: This will only take a minute. Keep an eye out just in case more of those guys show up.
Raider Blitzer: Die!
Technician: There that should do it. Go rally up the miners and I'll open up the gate. Let's get those bastards.
EGO: I don't have a good feeling about this.
Technician: Oh my god. More turrets? Shit, give me a second and I'll reconfigure them.
Technician: There, let's see how they like it. The turrets are under our control now!
Raider Rioter: Did you think it was gonna be that easy? It's time to have some fun!
EGO: They've disabled the turrets, you're gonna have to take them out.
EGO: What a mess! I don't know where the miners go from here, but at least the mine is safe for now.
Varus Soleptor: Excellent job, ark hunter. You're grossly underpaid, thankfully.