Main Mission:Alter Ego: Proof of Life

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Alter Ego: Proof of Life

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Alter Ego: Communications Breakdown

Alter Ego: Proof of Life is the first Main Mission of the The Guiding Light story.



EGO has discovered a broadcast in San Francisco from an unlikely source - Karl Von Bach! Investigate the transmission and find out what's going on.


  • Head to the source of the broadcast
  • Talk to Cass
    • Talk to Cass
  • Bug the power junction
    • Bug the power junction
  • Meet up with Cass near the Trolley Graveyard
  • Head to the Trolley Graveyard and meet up with Cass
  • Investigate the bodies
    • Investigate the bodies




Karl Von Bach: For all those who have fought and struggled on this New Frontier. I have discovered a way for you to survive, to thrive, and to escape the fear of death.
Karl Von Bach: Join me in Silicon Valley, and I will show you the way to a new life.
Karl Von Bach: We are departing soon from Twin Peaks Station in San Francisco. Meet us there. Follow me.
EGO: Mr. Von Bach is alive! We have to check this out.
EGO: I'm getting a transmission from Azumi Yoshida.
Azumi Yoshida: Ark hunter, I know that you are familiar with Von Bach Industries' former CEO, Karl Von Bach.
Azumi Yoshida: You worked with him before, I read the reports.
Azumi Yoshida: I need you to verify the identity of the man you meet.
Azumi Yoshida: There are some in the Votanis Collective who are capable of impersonating a human, even a particular human, quite well.
EGO: It sounds like our meeting with Mr. Von Bach just got more interesting.

Cut scene
(The ark hunter runs over to Cass who is sitting on a bench.)
Cass Ducar: Hey bud, you're looking for Von Bach, too?
Cass Ducar: Von Bach's in there, but I don't have the patience to stand in line.
(A line of miners, ranchers and dock workers stand by a truck.)
Cass Ducar: Some of these people have been waiting for hours. They go as tired and huddled masses, and they come out with purpose.
Cass Ducar: Well, whatever this purpose is, I wand to know it BEFORE I go meet the big man.
(Two ranchers come out and jump onto Runners.)
Cass Ducar: Shtako. Showtime. I'm going to follow them.
(Cass heads after them. She stops and turns back.)
Cass Ducar: Here, catch!
(She tosses a bug to the ark hunter.)
Cass Ducar: See if you can put that someplace useful. Maybe we'll be able to cut in line!

EGO: That's the spot. Let's get this thing set up.
Cass Ducar: These guys aren't messing around. I'm having trouble keeping up.
Cass Ducar: Hold on.
Cass Ducar: Damn it! They're under fire. Get here quick! I'll do what I can to help.
Cass Ducar: I'll be alright. You should check on them.
Cass Ducar: They put up quite a fight.

Cut scene
(The two ranchers Cass followed are dead on the ground. The ark hunter comes over to their bodies.)
EGO: I'm detecting an EGO unit installed in these men, but it is not fully integrated.
EGO: I'm going to interface with it to see what it knows.
Cass Ducar: Are they dead?
(The ark hunter nods.)
Cass Ducar: Damn it. I did what I could, but you should have seen them!
Cass Ducar: Those guys were just mooks before seeing Von Bach, but after...
Cass Ducar: They moved like you. Their wounds knitted up. They could disappear.
Cass Ducar: They were like Bay Area Expedition ark hunters. They were like you.
(The EGO manifests itself and taps on the ark hunters shoulder. The ark hunter hears a high pitched noise and grabs their head.)
EGO: I communicated with their implant.
EGO: There is something very wrong with it.
EGO: Stranger still. The voice inside was not me.
(EGO disappears.)
Cass Ducar: I don't know what your problem is, but I'm guessing you've got it handled.
EGO: These EGO units have a different personality inside.
Cass Ducar: I'm going to see what Von Bach's dudes are up to out here.
Cass Ducar: You. Just watch your back.