Main Mission:Chaos Reigns

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Chaos Reigns

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Main Mission


Tranquility Road, Mount Tam








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EGO Integration

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Sniper's Ridge

Chaos Reigns is the third Main Mission of the Defiance game.



Navigate through the disarray of the New Freedom crash and locate Karl Von Bach.


  • Investigate evac pod
  • Go to open area
  • Invetigate second evac pod
  • Investigate first GPS signal
  • Investigate second GPS signal
  • Investigate third GPS signal
  • Investigate fourth GPS signal
  • Meet up with Captain Grant at E-Rep's command center





EGO: We need to find out if Mister Von Bach survived.
EGO: I'm picking up signals from a couple nearby evac seats. Fingers crossed that one of them belongs to Mr. Von Bach.
EGO: This evac seat is empty. I hope whoever was in there is still alive. Somewhere.
EGO: I'm experiencing a lot of interference. Get to an open area, so I can scan the valley.

Cut scene
(The ark hunter walks to a ledge, overlooking the crashed New Freedom. EGO appears next to the ark hunter.)
EGO: We're really lucky to be alive. The crash is... horrifying.

EGO: Oh no. This person didn't make it out alive. I'm detecting a fading EGO signal, which means this must have been a fellow ark hunter.
EGO: I'm receiving several Von Bach Industry signals. One of them has to be him! Let's hurry and check them out.
EGO: This expedition is in serious jeopardy if we fail to find Mr. Von Bach. He's the only one with the knowledge to unlock the secrets of the ark core.
EGO: The mutants are attacking the crash survivors! We can help, but we have to stay focused on finding Mr. Von Bach.
EGO First GPS Signal: My DNA scan says this is not Mr. Von Bach, but VBI employee number 130. That's not good. She was extremely important to this expedition.
EGO Second GPS Signal: This is the head of the security team. If he didn't make it, then what hope does Mr. Von Bach have?
EGO Third GPS Signal: This is a deceased Von Bach Industries technician. I fear the worst. We may have lost everyone.
EGO Fourth GPS Signal: This is not Mr. Von Bach's body. This is a tragedy. I am estimating the death count to be at least 300.
EGO: Whether Mr Von Bach is alive or dead, he doesn't appear to be near the crash site. I think we're going to need some assistance in finding him.
EGO: I'm receiving an S.O.S. from Captain Grant now. I'll patch it through.
Grant: Repeat. All unarmed and injured survivors, get to cover and stay put. We will find you.
Grant: All combat capable survivors, report to the emergency HQ at the New Freedom rally point. A-sap.
Cass: Hey, ark hunter. Did you get that E-Rep message? Meet me at the rally point.
Cass: I want to know why E-Rep's here. Let's find the man in charge.

Cut scene
Corporal: Repeat. The New Freedom has gone down. Heavy casualties suffered. Does anyone copy?
Corporal: Captain Grant, sir. The terraforming interference is...
Grant: Keep trying, Corporal. You keep talking into that thing until your voice gives out. Do you understand?
Corporal: Sir.
Grant: I recognize you. You're one of Von Bach's ark hunters, but who are you and what are you doing in my base of operations?
Cass: Name's Cass. I'm... Wait, did you just say Von Bach, as in Von Bach Industries? The dude they call "Death's Merchant"? What exactly's going on here?
Grant: That's none of your concern, miss.
E-Rep soldier: Sir. We have at least two hundred confirmed dead, and nearly twice that injured. With no chance of evac, we don't have nearly enough medical personnel or supplies, sir.
Grant: Recon spotted a run down medical center nearby. Send one of your men to shake it down for supplies.
E-Rep soldier: Yes, sir.
(another soldier runs in)
Sergeant: Sir! Hostiles on the ridge are sniping the rescue team! Unless they can get into the strato in the next 35 minutes...
Sergeant: Sir. Survivors on decks four through seven will likely burn alive.
Grant: That will not happen, Sergeant. Pull everyone back, but you tell those men trapped on the strato that we will get them out.
Sergeant: Yes, sir.
Cass: Hey, Eisenhower.
Cass: Those snipers used to be EMC. Just a bunch of bloodthirsty mutants now.
Grant: You're telling me that those... things are Earth Military Coalition soldiers?
Cass: Yup. Apparently they didn't get the memo when that gig fell apart all those years ago. They think you're invading.
Grant: How do you know all this?
Cass: There is a lot of old EMC junk around here. The least of which is Project-
Grant: Yeah, Project Tranquility. I know all about it.
Cass: Humans and Votans living in perfect harmony? What a bunch of shtako.
Grant: Tranquility wasn't a combat operation. The mutants wouldn't have access to firepower capable of taking down a stratocarrier.
Cass: Nope. You're on your own with that mystery.
(Grant turns to the ark hunter)
Grant: You. Listen. No matter how much it pisses me off, protecting your arrogant boss is critical to this mission. If you help me bring some sanity to this mess, we can work together to find him.
(the ark hunter nods)
Grant: Alright then. I need to get my rescue team into New Freedom immediately, so take care of those snipers.
Grant: Where do you think you're going, miss?
Grant: You're going to tell me everything you know about this restricted area that you've been wandering around. Illegally.
Cass: Skruggin' E-Rep.