Main Mission:Collateral Damage Expected

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Collateral Damage Expected is the thirteenth Main Mission of the Defiance game.



Raiders have ambushed Iron Demon Ranch, which is where Von Bach is hiding! Hurry there and help Cooper with a counterattack.






Cooper: Come back to the ranch, now! Place is crawling with goddamn Raiders.

Cut scene
(The Ark Hunter walks up to Cooper)
Cooper: Glad you could make it.
Cooper: I don't know what these Raiders are doing here, but listen to what I tell you because I don't say it lightly. There are civilians in there. Some of them are my employees. Some of them my friends. Kids even.
Cooper: But their lives are secondary to securing that ark-core. Even your boss's. You understand? No matter what, we can't let the core leave that compound.
Cooper: No time to ride the line, so let's go!

Cooper: Time to move!

Cut scene
(Von Bach comes running out from behind the Lawkeeper's house, a Raider chases him and knocks him down. He garbs the ark-core.)
Raider: I got the arktech. Let's go!
(Cooper shoots the Raider and he drops the core, another Raider grabs it and runs.)
Cooper: Grab the core, goddamnit!

Raider Blitzer: I got the core! Let's get the hell outta here!
Cooper: Nice job. Now move your ass...
Cooper: Let's move. We have to secure the core.
Raider Blitzer: Get them off my back. I'm takin' the core.
Raider Blitzer: We gotta get the fuck outta here! Kill them! Now!

Cut scene
(Cooper is moving through a barn with his gun raised. A Raider hiding hebind a wall makes a run for it.
Cooper: Don't move.
(The Raider stops.)
Cooper: Now drop the core.
(The Raider looks out to freedom.)
Cooper: Don't do it. You will die. I promise.
(The Raider makes a run for it but is shot dead by Cooper. Von Bach goes over and picks up the core.)
Cooper: Goddamn Raiders. Always do the opposite you tell 'em.
Von Bach: What the hell was that? Who's crazy enough to ambush a lawkeeper's ranch?
Cooper: Raiders. But it's unlike them to be so bold. It's not safe here. I'm taking you to Ara Shondu's place.
Von Bach: Hold on. Are you talking about Votanis Collective's Ara Shondu? We can't bring them into this. They'll take the core for themselves. No way. No goddamn way.
Cooper: She's no longer with the V.C. Besides, you don't have a choice. The core is coming with me. You want to accompany it? Then great.
Von Bach: Fine. But my ark hunter is meeting us there. I'm not going alone.
Cooper: I trust them more than you anyway.