Main Mission:Cut Off the Head...

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Cut Off the Head... is the thirty-second Main Mission of the Defiance game.



Torc wants to put the dagger through the heart of the Raiders by eliminating their erratic leader, Santana Murphy.






Cut scene
(The ark hunter enters the garage. Torc and Cooper are preparing weapons.)
Karl Von Bach: So explain your plan to me again because I'm pretty sure what you're doing doesn't fit the definition of the word.
Torc Mok: We drive to the refinery and kill everyone there. The end.
Karl Von Bach: Yeah, see. That's not a plan.
Jon Cooper: I would suggest shutting your mouth, Von Bach.
Karl Von Bach: No. Why should I shut my mouth? This is my show, and I don't apprec-
(Torc heads to Von Bach, grabs his throat and lifts him into the air.)
Karl Von Bach: *screams*
Torc Mok: I've killed more people in my life than you've ever met. So don't tell me how to go about doing it. The only thing Raiders respond to is blood. So we show them some, remove them from the equation, and get your arktech.
(Torc drops Von Bach onto a chair and kicks it, sliding Von Bach back.)
Torc Mok: THAT is the plan.
Jon Cooper: I told you to shut your mouth. Meet us outside.
Karl Von Bach: What am I supposed to do if they come back?
(Torc activates a control panel, closing the lockers where the weapons are and trapping Von Bach inside. Everybody leaves.)
Karl Von Bach: I'll wait here, I guess.

Jon Cooper: Take the wheel. We're going for a ride.
Torc Mok: Not a day passes I don't feel bad about making you keep the peace in the Bay on your own.
Jon Cooper: Christ, Torc. Forget that. We got enough regrets. Don't let that be one.
Torc Mok: Deep down, I always knew I was going to have to break out my girl Roxy again.
Jon Cooper: If you weren't going to help, I planned on asking to use her myself.
Torc Mok: You'd have a better chance of beating a Volge in a fist fight.
Torc Mok: Where'd you find your deputy, Coop?
Jon Cooper: Not my deputy, but they're welcome to take my job.
Jon Cooper: Who exactly is this Santana Murphy guy?
Torc Mok: Came to my door. Demanding things.
Jon Cooper: Demanding things from you? Son-of-a-bitch sounds crazy as a Niner.
Torc Mok: Completely. And form what I've seen he's more combat trained than any Raider has the right to be.
Jon Cooper: Great. Trained and insane. Terrific combo.
Torc Mok: Let's end this!

Cut scene
(The truck pulls up outside the refinery, Torc, Cooper and the ark hunter get out.)
Torc Mok: There he is.
(Murphy is standing at the top of the refinery.)
Santana Murphy: Come and get me, you fuckin' gorilla! I'll stake your ugly head right there at the front gate! Huh!
Santana Murphy: Huh!
Jon Cooper: Well, Torc. Give the word.
Torc Mok: No time to ride the line.
Jon Cooper: No time at all.

Jon Cooper: Let's move. Hit that door, ark hunter.

Cut scene
(Cooper and the others run to the top of the refinery, Murphy and other Raiders are there.)
Santana Murphy: The only choice now, dickheads, is how you die.
Santana Murphy: It's a long way down, but sure would save us a hassle.

Cut scene
(Murphy holds his stomach.)
Santana Murphy: You didn't think it was gonna be that easy, did ya?
(Murphy jumps down a hatch, Torc, Cooper and the ark hunter give chase but a Blaster shoots and blocks their path.)

Torc Mok: Don't let him get away!
Santana Murphy: Kill 'em! I want their fucking heads. Two thousand scrip for the gorilla!
Jon Cooper: Catch your breath, but make it quick. Get that door when you're ready, ark hunter.
Santana Murphy: I said "kill them!" So fuckin' kill them!
EGO: No time to catch your breath. We have a lot of raiders incoming!
EGO: There is an advanced weapon nearby; we should put it to good use.
Torc Mok: Alright, let's finish this!
Santana Murphy: Aw. Fuck this.
Torc Mok: There's the son of a bitch! Take him out!

Cut scene (Murphy runs to a cliff as the others give chase.)
Jon Cooper: The only choice, dickhead, is how YOU die,
Santana Murphy: Really?! I know how to swim, you asshole.
(Murphy jumps off the cliff as a rocket hits him and incinerates him instantly.)
Torc Mok: That's that.
Jon Cooper: That's that.
Jon Cooper: Think you might have overdone it a bit?
Torc Mok: Not even close.
Jon Cooper: We gotta get south. Get Von Bach's matrix.
Jon Cooper: We'll meet back at Torc's. Figure out what's next.