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The Whisper's Scream

Defiance is the forty-second Main Mission of the Defiance game.



The zero hour has arrived. Everything is in its right place for the final assault. Nim must be stopped before he kills everyone by re-terraforming the Bay Area.


  • Go to Checkpoint Alpha
  • Go to Checkpoint Bravo
  • Go to Checkpoint Charlie
  • Meet Cooper at the hidden Entrance
  • Enter the terra-spire and defeat Nim
  • Breach and secure the Main Security Room
  • Defeat the ambush
  • Advance towards the terra-spire
  • Clear the security checkpoint
  • Eliminate all hostiles
  • Kill the Bulwarks: 0/2
  • Advance towards the terra-spire
  • Shut down the Turret Generator
  • Advance towards the terra-spire
  • Eliminate all hostiles
  • Enter the terra-spire control room
  • Defeat Nim
  • Return to Shondu's Consulate





Jon Cooper: Get to the overpass. Captain Grant and his men are almost ready for the march. We're gonna need you.

Cut scene
(The ark hunter walks towards the shipping container, E-Rep troops are getting ready. Cass is leaning against the container.)
Cass Ducar: Who would've thought?
Cass Ducar: Two scavengers like you and me helping these people.
Cass Ducar: But you know, I realized I sort of like this place. I like the people.
Cass Ducar: That's not something I could say about any place before.
(Cooper exits the container followed by Torc.)
Jon Cooper: You're with us. We're taking position at the entrance.
(The three walk way, Cooper turns back.)
Jon Cooper: Talk to Grant. He'll brief you on the plan.
Jon Cooper: Glad you're here.
(The ark hunter enters the container, Ara Shondu is talking to Grant.)
Ara Shondu: Even with the Earth Republic support we are still outmatched. Dark Matter is formidable enough, but my brother is...
Ara Shondu: Unyielding.
Ara Shondu: He has left us no choice.
(Ara turns to the ark hunter.)
Ara Shondu: Good luck to you.
(Ara leaves and Grant goes to the container opening and yells to his men.)
Noah Grant: Let's go people. I want everyone ready to move in five.
Noah Grant: We got one shot at this. And we need you to make it count. Coop, Torc, and Cass are going to draw Dark Matter's attention at the entrance.
Noah Grant: They you're goint to surprise 'em when you show up riding Death's horse. Rosa's mech and some of Eren's reprogrammed scrappers are going to be right there with you. Sound good?
Noah Grant: Good.
(Grant shakes the ark hunters hand.)
Noah Grant: Soldier.
Noah Grant: Give 'em hell.

Eren Niden: Initiating the Scrappers. They are en route, Captain.
Jon Cooper: We're at the entrance. Dark Matter's closing in, so let's move.
Rosa Rodriguez: I have the mech in position! Feel free to bring the noise, you Dark Matter bitches, cause you're asses are about to get blasted so hard they're going to turn this day into a holiday.
Jon Cooper: Here they come, now drop the hammer on these sons-a-bitches!

Cut scene
(Cooper, Torc, Cass, and some E-Rep soldiers are guarding the entrance and getting ready.)
Jon Cooper: Everyone catch your breath!
(Cooper draws a line in the dirt with his foot.)
Jon Cooper: This line. If you cross it, you've forfeited your life. You understand your survival is no longer important.
Jon Cooper: We have to stop Nim. No one who crosses can have any second thoughts. Or we will fail. Is this understood?
E-Rep Soldiers: Yes, sir!
(The ark hunter crosses the line. Cooper looks at Cass.)
Cass Ducar: Please. If I have second thoughts I'd already be lounging in Key Diego, tipping back a bottle... or two.
(Cass crosses the line. Cooper turns to the E-Rep soldiers.)
Jon Cooper: Grant wants you to hold this entrance. Can you do that?
E-Rep Soldier: Yes, sir!
Jon Cooper: Alright.
Jon Cooper: Let's go!

Torc Mok: We need to get to the terra-spire!
Jon Cooper: Let's move. Hit that door, ark hunter.
Torc Mok: Clear 'em out!
Cass Ducar: I'll get us through. keep your guns on the door.
Dark Matter Enforcer: You're far too late!
Jon Cooper: Blast the sons-a-bitches!
Jon Cooper: Cass get the door!
Dark Matter Enforcer: Get into position.
Cass Ducar: We've got 'em on the run!
Dark Matter Monitor: You're too late! The terra-spire is ours!
Jon Cooper: Move in! Now!
Cass Ducar: What the hell? Here comes more!
Jon Cooper: We're all clear! Should be the last-
Jon Cooper: Goddamnit! Bulwarks!
Jon Cooper: Catch your breath, but make it quick. Get that door when you're ready, ark hunter.
Jon Cooper: Go! Go! Go!
Jon Cooper: We got turrets over here! Flank them and shut 'em down! We'll draw their fire!
Torc Mok: We're almost there!
Jon Cooper: On your lead!
Jon Cooper: Let's move!
Torc Mok: The spire is on the other side of that door! Clear them out!
Torc Mok: Snipers! Up top! Take 'em out!

Cut scene
(Cooper and the others head to the door, a voice comes over the radio.)
E-Rep Soldier: The mech is down! The entrance is lost! Dark Matter's coming right at you!
Jon Cooper: If they make it in this far we're going to be too outnumbered to beat Nim.
Torc Mok: Even if we can stop them, we're going to run out of time.
Jon Cooper: Goddamnit.
Cass Ducar: Wait. Hold on a second. Nim's armed with an EGO device, right?
Jon Cooper: Yeah.
Cass Ducar: And it's like, ridiculously powerful, right?
Jon Cooper: At King's Creek he killed eighteen armed men on his own. He had a sword.
Cass Ducar: So what the jek are we gonna do against him anyway? Tickle him? Hug him and tell him everything's gonna be okay?
(Cass turns to the ark hunter.)
Cass Ducar: But you have an EGO. You have as good a chance against Nim on your own. We would only be in your way. The ark hunter can take on Nim, we stay out here and keep it between just them.
Jon Cooper: Goddamn right, she's right.
Jon Cooper: You have to do this. You're the only chance we have left. Ara said it best. Kill that son-of-a-bitch.

Jon Cooper: Get in that room and stop Nim. We'll hold off Dark Matter out here.

Cut scene (The ark hunter enters the control room. Nim steps out.)
Nim Shondu: You fight for the wrong people. You, my votofoja sister, and everyone else. I once lived in Votan and Human harmony.
Nim Shondu: But harmony, it's unnatural and contrary to Human reason. Humans can live alongside no one. No thing. So they do not deserve to live.
(Nim Blurs and knocks down the ark hunter.)
Nim Shondu: Your ignoble fight is lost. This repulsive territory is lost. All life here is lost.
Nim Shondu: So prepare to meet your vile creator.
(Nim raises his sword as the ark hunter pulls out a gun. He shoots at Nim knocking him back. The ark hunter stands up.)

Cut scene
(Nim crashes to the floor, the gets up and cloaks)
Nim Shondu: So, your body hosts an EGO. I underestimated you. But no matter.
(The ark hunter looks around the room. Portions of the floor rise up.)
Nim Shondu: You won't even be a footnote in all of this.
(A large shielded chamber rises in the center of the roomm.)
Nim Shondu: Just you and me now. No one will come to your aid.

Nim Shondu: I am everywhere. Soon, you will be nothing.
Nim Shondu: All this struggle. This pain. It will end soon enough.
Nim Shondu: I am going to save this world from this plague of Humans. This planet will be paradise for the Votan people.
Nim Shondu: Your resistance is admirable, but it will not save you.
Nim Shondu: Your Defiant Few cannot protect you now. Their movement will quickly fade from living memory.
Nim Shondu: Victory is a matter of will, and the will of Earthkind is weak. This weakness will be their end.

Cut scene
(Nim collapses to the floor.)
Nim Shondu: I will not be stopped. Not this time.
Nim Shondu: Not by some rubble digging ark hunter!
(Nim glows with a red light and the ark hunter is thrown back. He jumps into the shielded chamber and activates the holographic controls inside.)
EGO: He's initiated the spire! We don't have much time!
EGO: We have to stop him before the spire goes off!
(The spire lowers in the shielded chamber, it begins to light up.)
Nim Shondu: You will be terraformed, just like everyone you know.
Nim Shondu: Accept this fate!

Nim Shondu: You will be terraformed, just like everyone you know.

Cut scene
(Nim crashes to the floor.)
Nim Shondu: *screams of pitiful anguish*
Nim Shondu: Who are you?
(Nim reaches out his hand as the ark hunter raises his weapon and shoots Nim dead. The terra-spire begins to grow brighter.)
EGO: We have to get the Core from the spire!
(The ark hunter runs to the spire and jumps up to it.)
EGO: Just rip it out! It's our only chance!
(The ark hunter plunges into the center and rips out the core, there is a large explosion and the ark hunter is thrown back and knocked out.)

Cut scene
(Some time later the ark hunter wakes up against a wall, the ark-core safely intact in their hands.)

Cut scene
(Ara is looking at the ark-core.)
Ara Shondu: So, it's completely burned out?
Torc Mok: Basically as good as a door stop now. Removing the core from the spire that far into the process overloaded it. The ark hunter's a damn hero.
Ara Shondu: You all are.
(Ara places the ark-core on the table.)
Ara Shondu: And you were at the Battle of Defiance, too. Jon. Torc. I'm sorry for reacting how I did. It's just... I didn't know how to accept that everything I knew about it was-
Jon Cooper: We can never talk about what happened that day. Not ever. We're trying to keep this world in one piece.
Ara Shondu: I understand.
(Cass's voice comes in over Cooper's radio.)
Cass Ducar: Cooper. There's a fight about to break out at the Crater. You might want to get down here cause I'm gonna smash this dude's face.
Jon Cooper: Christ. No rest for the wicked.
Torc Mok: I think I'll join you. I could use a drink.
Ara Shondu: I'll walk you out.
Torc Mok: Hey, ark hunter. Let's go. I owe you at least one round.
(They leave the room as the ark-core momentarily sparks.)

Cut scene
(At the Golden Gate Bridge, on a small beach the body of Karl Von Bach lies still. His body starts to move, his eyes open and flash.)