Main Mission:Gunslinger Trials: Heir Apparent

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Gunslinger Trials: Heir Apparent

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Main Mission


Happy Pow Farms




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Gunslinger Trials: Dealbreaker

Gunslinger Trials: Heir Apparent is the first Main Mission of the Gunslinger Trials DLC.



We've got a client contacting us about some missing cargo, and I think you'll want to hear her out.


  • Proceed to the convoy's last known coordinates
  • Scan the first cargo truck
    • Scan Cargo
  • Scan the second cargo truck
    • Scan Cargo
  • Scan the third cargo truck
    • Scan Cargo
  • Intercept the tracked signal
  • Scan the Raiders' Network Topology
    • Scan Network
  • Gain Control of the Murder Island Network Node
    • Hack Node
  • Gain Control of The Hatch Network Node
    • Hack Node
  • Gain Control of the North Point Network Node
    • Hack Node
  • Download Information from the Raider Data Storage Unit
    • Download Information





EGO: We've got a client contacting us about some missing cargo, and I think you'll want to hear her out.
Azumi Yoshida: Ark hunter, this is Azumi Yoshida, acting CEO of Von Bach Industries. You have worked with my predecessor, and he sent good reports of you before... Well.
Azumi Yoshida: The business - we've been establishing a lab down in Silicon Valley, but our latest shipment has gone missing and our line to Silicon Valley has gone dead.
Azumi Yoshida: I've contracted security to make contact with the valley, but you are quite near the last known location of our convoy. I'd compensate you if you were to check it out.
Azumi Yoshida: I've been developing some technology which might interest you. I helped Karl in his development of a Human compatible EGO, but I'm mostly a chemical person.
Azumi Yoshida: Nanites, despite their sometimes fantastic properties, are just very complex proteins turned into something between mechanical and living computers.
Azumi Yoshida: Your EGO was engineered as a combat model, the ultimate support unit, but that's only the beginning of what we can accomplish.
Azumi Yoshida: Raiders. Why would it be anyone else? I've got backup inbound, but I need you to secure the site and survey the cargo.
Azumi Yoshida: Odd. They didn't take anything out of this one.
Azumi Yoshida: Alright, they took several small arms, that's not surprising from Raiders.
Azumi Yoshida: This truck was cleaned out... Let me look up what it exactly it was carrying.
Azumi Yoshida: Those cartons contained EGO units. They have trackers hidden in them, but I can only activate them briefly before the Raiders will detect them.
Azumi Yoshida: This attack was targeted. They knew which trucks to hit and what to take from them.
Azumi Yoshida: I'm turning the trackers on just long enough to get a fix.
Azumi Yoshida: There, head that way!
Azumi Yoshida: They're still on the move. Let me fire up the trackers again.
Azumi Yoshida: Ok, activating them again -- damn it! Hurry! I got a fix but it looks like the Raiders destroyed the trackers.

Cut scene
(Raiders are standing guard.)
Chopper: We've got company!
Raider Blaster: Run. Run!
(The ark hunter moves towards them.)
Chopper: Nice try, ark hunter! Hahahah! (The raider jumps into the tunneling vehicle, which descends into the ground.)

Azumi Yoshida: I just heard them get away, didn't I?
Azumi Yoshida: The Raiders as a whole are disorganized, but this attack was not. There will be some record of what they're doing, we need to find it.
Azumi Yoshida: The Raiders use their own network for transmission and data storage, and it's surprisingly robust, but with the help of your EGO we think we can get inside.
Azumi Yoshida: We need you to gain control of a few key nodes, after that we should be able to get what we need out of their network.
Azumi Yoshida: Ok, good. Here are the nodes we need you to hit.
EGO: I've added the locations to our map.
Azumi Yoshida: Nice work. We control the node.
Azumi Yoshida: Good. This one is ours.
Azumi Yoshida: Good job, we've got this one.
Azumi Yoshida: Now that we have those nodes under our control we should be able to get access at one of their known storage locations.
EGO: Beginning hack.
Azumi Yoshida: Ok, it'll take your EGO a few moments to download all the data.
Azumi Yoshida: Don't let the Raiders get control of that terminal.
Azumi Yoshida: Good job, we got the data and have already started analyzing it.