Main Mission:Into the Depths

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All Roads Lead to Bloodbath

 General information


Main Mission


Near Delta Bunker East, Mount Tam








Preceeded by

All Roads Lead to Bloodbath

Followed by

Enter the Lawkeeper

Into the Depths is the tenth Main Mission of the Defiance game.



Descend into Delta Bunker West with Cass to find Von Bach.


  • Find the Delta Bunker's West entrance
  • Enter Delta Bunker West and find Von Bach
  • Eliminate all hostiles at the entrance
  • Clear the security checkpoint
  • Locate Karl Von Bach
  • Clear the room of hostiles
  • Defend Cass
  • Eliminate the Cleaver ambush
  • Follow Karl Von Bach's signal
  • Eliminate mutant ambush
  • Exit Delta Bunker West





Cut scene
(The ark hunter is running up a path)
Cass: Hey, bud. I got some good news. I'm still getting a signal and it's steady.
Cass: It's coming from inside a bunker at the head of this road. The bad news is, I just saw about thirty skruggin' mutants go in there... so we need to move. Now.
Cass: If it wasn't for the core I most definitely would've told you to kiss my sweet ass.
Cass: But lucky for you, I'd prefer the Bay Area not get destroyed. Again. So, shall we shoot some things and save your boss?

Cass: Alright. Let's get in there. I hope he's still alive.

EGO: We need to clear this area of hostiles.
Cass: We need to blast these dudes and get through the gate ahead!
EGO: Good work, area secured.
Cass: Come on! How many mutants can possibly fit in one bunker?
EGO: We've got mutated soldiers incoming.
EGO: We need to clear this area of hostiles.
Cass: Keep me covered while I open that door.
EGO: We've got movement to the southwest. Looks like trouble.
EGO: We've got incoming mutants from the north.
EGO: Hostiles inbound from the southeast!
Cass: I got the gate open!
EGO: Careful! We've got a lot more Mutants on their way.
Cass: Von Bach should be through here!

Cut scene
(Cass and the ark hunter go up to a row of lockers)
Cass: On three. One. Two. Three.
(They pull a locker open, Von Bach is inside)
Von Bach: No! Don't kill me!
Cass: What the jek are you doing in there?
Von Bach: Playing seven minutes in heaven. What the hell do you think I'm doing? I'm hiding from the gun wielding monsters.
Cass: Where's the core?
(Von Bach turns to the ark hunter)
Von Bach: I'm sorry, who is this really hot girl and why is she demanding responses from me?
Cass: I'm the really hot girl who's been helping you paid ark hunter find you free of charge. Now I ask again, where's the core?
(Von Bach takes out the ark-core)
Von Bach: Crisis averted.
Cass: Yeah. Averted.
Cass: Only if you agree to give that core to the proper authorities.
Von Bach: I am the proper authorities.
Cass: I helped you, Von Bach.
Cass: Now at least you can do is tell me what exactly your intentions are?
Von Bach: I have no intentions. My promise is to find the ark-matrix and cell needed to get this core working, use if to start up a terra-spire, and then use what I learn to fix this whole damn planet.
Von Bach: Why am I explaining this to you? The point is, I'll be the world's hero. Is that good enough for you?
Grant: Ark hunters. Do you copy? Did you locate Von Bach?
Cass: We did. And he's an asshole. Do you know that he has a skruggin' ark-core?
Grant: We have to move forward and find the rest of the arktech. Get him to Lawkeeper Jon Cooper's place immediately. You'll be safe there until I can catch up to you. Over!
Cass: I guess we're heading to Madera. Man! I can't believe I'm going to Cooper for help.
Mutant: Intruders!
Cass: Shit! We gotta go.
Cass: Hold those freaks off so I can get him to safety.
Von Bach: Ladies first. Please.
Cass: What is wrong with you?
(Cass goes first, Von Bach watches her move away, then gives the ark hunter an ok sign)
(They run through a large door, as it closes, weapons fire hits it)

Cass: Hold those Mutants off while I get Von Bach to safety.