Main Mission:Into the Heart of Darkness

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Into the Heart of Darkness

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Main Mission


Headlands Transit Depot









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Seize the Day, Control the Future

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Radio Silence

Into the Heart of Darkness is the thirty-fourth Main Mission of the Defiance game.



Cooper and company are ready to surge across what remains of the Golden Gate Bridge to recover the ark-matrix from Dark Matter.






Jon Cooper: There's a bunch of Dark Matter soldiers between us and the bridge. It's their every intention to stop us and my every intention to mow them down. Von Bach, wait here.
EGO: Soliders! Looks like Dark Matter, from the south!

Cut scene
(Cooper, Torc and the ark hunter run ahead, taking refuge behind a large rock. They see a large mech in front of them.)
Jon Cooper: What the fuck. Is. That.
Torc Mok: Bad news is what it is.
Torc Mok: Monolith mech. Hunter model.
Torc Mok: Looks like we're using that Nova-Strike a little sooner than we hoped.

EGO: We got more Dark Matter incoming!
EGO: I'm detecting more Dark Matter on their way.
EGO: Heads up! Trouble's coming!

Cut scene
(The three take refuge as the mech fires at them.)
Torc Mok: I'm syncing now!
(Cooper turns to the ark hunter.)
Jon Cooper: Place the targeting device! Now!
(The ark hunter darts out and runs for the mech being knocked down by the weapons fire. Regaining their feet, the ark hunter throws a tracking device onto the mech.)
Jon Cooper: Now, Torc! Now!
Torc Mok: Target's found! Get clear!
(Torc hits the button on the controller and the Nova-Strike fires at the mech, blowing it to pieces.)
Jon Cooper: Torc!
Jon Cooper: Are we safe?
Torc Mok: Yeah! I think.
Torc Mok: Let's go!

Cut scene
(Torc, Cooper, Von Bach and the ark hunter are crossing the Golden Gate Bridge.)
Karl Von Bach: This is...terrifying.
Karl Von Bach: Why again didn't we drive? Seems a lot safer.
Jon Cooper: Until the Roller falls through the goddamn bridge.
Torc Mok: Shhh! Quiet!
(The sound of footsteps can be heard.)
Karl Von Bach: Ummmm. Uh...
Karl Von Bach: Okay. Maybe we should get off the bridge...or do something safe.
(Cooper raises his gun as a figure appears in the distance. As he gets closer he raises his arms.)
Jon Cooper: Nim Shondu.
(Dozens of Dark Matter troops begin de-cloaking around the group, weapons raised.)
Jon Cooper: God. Damnit.
(They toss their weapons on to the ground as Nim walks right up to Von Bach.)
Nim Shondu: The core. The cell. Hand them to me.
Karl Von Bach: You'll need to speak up. You seem to have something lodged in your...
(Nim grabs Von Bach by the throat and lifts him into the air.)
Nim Shondu: The core.
(Von Bach hands over the arktech and then Nim throws him to the ground.)
Nim Shondu: You thought the war ended that day, with my death, along with thousands of others'.
Nim Shondu: That your offensive act of defiance was the start of peace.
Nim Shondu: The land will be terraformed as was meant.
Nim Shondu: You will all die.
Nim Shondu: Everyone will die.
Karl Von Bach: Isn't somebody going to do something? We can't just let him walk away with the core.
Jon Cooper: Now's not the time, Von Bach. Look around you.
Karl Von Bach: Not the time? When exactly is the time?
(Von Bach's eyes light up and he grabs Cooper's gun from the ground and fires at Nim, hitting his shields.)
Karl Von Bach: Wha...How did I-
(Nim turns around then Blurs to Von Bach, grabbing his throat and lifting him up again.)
Nim Shondu: Detestable. Foul. Loathsome.
Karl Von Bach: I didn't...
Nim Shondu: Humans.
Nim Shondu: I have long suffered by your hands.
Nim Shondu: Since a child.
Nim Shondu: You will now suffer at my feet.
(Nim hurls Von Bach through a large hole in the bridge and he plummets down.)
Nim Shondu: Know that when the spire goes off, your families and friends will all suffer. As I once did.
(Nim and the Dark Matter troops cloak and leave.)
Jon Cooper: What the hell?
Jon Cooper: He's gone.
Torc Mok: Do we have a plan?
Jon Cooper: No, we do not.
Torc Mok: We're going to need help.
(Cooper turns to the ark hunter.)
Jon Cooper: Meet us back at Ara's. We got some talking to do.

Cut scene
Ara Shondu: How can this be, Jon? My brother has been dead for fourteen years. It makes no sense.
Ara Shondu: You said yourself that you saw him die!
Ara Shondu: You both did!
Torc Mok: We did, Ara. Him, his men, and the thousands of others that were attacking Fort Defiance.
Jon Cooper: Sometimes what you see isn't the truth.
Ara Shondu: No one knew Nim like I did. He was a troubled person. Hateful. Vile. Even as a boy. If he's back, then...
Jon Cooper: The important thing right now is stopping him. He has all the arktech he needs to access and work the terra-spire.
Ara Shondu: Maybe you're wrong about the terra-spire. Maybe he can't activate it.
Jon Cooper: He can.
Ara Shondu: How do you know? Von Bach was the only person technologically advanced enough to work it and he's gone. Nim was just a soldier...
Ara Shondu: ...he wouldn't have faintest idea how to work something that complex. There's just no way...
Jon Cooper: Ara...Please.
Ara Shondu: ...he would know how to use the terra...
Jon Cooper: Goddamnit, Ara! I know he can turn on the terra-spire!
Jon Cooper: I know because we did it ourselves.
Jon Cooper: At Defiance. It wasn't an accident that killed all those soldiers and it wasn't a miracle that we survived.
Jon Cooper: A few of us sat down and decided that something needed to be done or...Christ, Ara, they were about to march in and slaughter innocent people.
Jon Cooper: We made the decision to not let that happen. To end it instead.
(Ara slumps into a chair.)
Jon Cooper: We've all lived with that decision. We've lived with it every day since. Some of the others couldn't and they...
Jon Cooper: I never wanted this lawkeeper job, Ara. I hate it. I hated it when you offered it to me.
Jon Cooper: But I took it because I though it'd prevent that type of decision from every being forced on anyone again.
Ara Shondu: What you did...
Ara Shondu: We can't let him do it again.
Jon Cooper: We're going to need help.
Jon Cooper: Lots.
Ara Shondu: Okay. I'll contact whoever we need.
(Torc, Cooper and the ark hunter begin to leave.)
Ara Shondu: Jon.
Ara Shondu: My brother...Kill the son of a bitch.