Main Mission:Major Miner Rescue

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Major Miner Rescue

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Major Miner Rescue is the fifteenth Main Mission of the Defiance game.



Infiltrate North Point Mine and free the miners taken hostage by Raiders.


  • Meet up with Cass at her coordinates
  • Protect Cass while she taps into the radio tower
  • Get to North Point Mine
  • Rescue miners
  • Speak to Cass at the tower





Varus Soleptor: I've got a few irons in the fire regarding your arktech, but you'll need to help my miners first. Seems they got themselves trapped by rats at North Point.
Cass Ducar: You just can't stop playing hero can you? Listen up, if you're gonna hit North Point Mine, you're gonna need my help. I'm shooting you some coordinates. Meet me there.
Cass Ducar: The Raiders will use this comm relay to call for help. I can tap in to kill their calls but you'll need to keep those hellbugs off me. Then you can make your move on North Point! Let's do this!
Cass Ducar: Nice work! Time for you to hit North Point. I'll stay here and keep the Raiders running in circles. Probably some good intel to steal, too.
EGO: Those ruthless raiders are holding the Foreman hostage along with several miners. We've got to rescue them.
Miner: Thank you! Our Foreman and Technician are being held captive in the office, can you save them?
Miner: Those asshole Raiders busted our generators and we're leaking propane gas! If we don't fix them, this place could explode!
Miner: If we split up, it'll be faster. You'll need to keep me and my Technician covered in case they show up again.
EGO: Raiders on the move! Eyes south!
Miner: Got it, we're headed to fix the pipes. Watch out back.
EGO: Raiders bringing trouble from the east!
EGO: We've got incoming Raiders from the north!
Miner: Okay, one more pipe and one more generator to fix. I'll get the pipe, my Technician will get the generator.
EGO: Raiders bringing trouble from the east!
Miner: Whew, all done. We're gonna stay outta the way until it's safe to come out.
Raider Tanker: Why are they alive? I'll kill hem myself.
EGO: A Tanker! The pistons on his shoulder and back will cripple him if they malfunction. Aim for those!
EGO: Those tankers looked tough, but you handled them nicely. Good work.
Miner: That was one mean son-of-a-bitch! We sure are glad you came around. Thank you friend.
Miner: Those dumb asses were looking for the matrix. I tried to tell them that Varus already has it and already has plans to sell it, but they wouldn't listen.
Cass Ducar: Nice work at North Point, bud, but you'll never guess what I heard coming out of Raider central. This shtako is a little too sensitive to just be blurting out over the airwaves, so meet me back at the tower. Pronto.
Cass Ducar: Turns out the Raiders are trying to get the matrix for someone else. I don't know who it is, but the Raiders are pretty damn scared.
Cass Ducar: I'm going to dig around and see what else I can find out. This shtako is getting deep.
Von Bach: Varus is a first-class asshole for lying to us, but him already having the matrix makes this a lot easier. Meet me at his office. We'll take advantage of your special talents and rip it from his grubby hands.