Main Mission:Operation Siren Song

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Operation Siren Song

 General information


Main Mission


Port Bruno







  • Random Gear Chest


Preceeded by

Dark Metamorphosis: Emergency Extraction

Operation Siren Song is the fifth Main Mission of the Dark Metamorphosis story.



Intelligence indicates that the NVF has repurposed the Monterey Peninsula Aquarium into a Shrill weapon production facility. Your mission is to take it out.


  • Eliminate the NVF base in Monterey and Commander Torvul Meng
  • Reconnoiter the Monterey Peninsula Aquarium
  • Neutralize the NVF checkpoint
  • Deactivate North Defense Grid Turret
    • Disable Defense Grid Turret Control
  • Deactivate West Defense Grid Turret
    • Disable Defense Grid Turret Control
  • Deactivate South Defense Grid Turret
    • Disable Defense Grid Turret Control
  • Gain Access to the Aquarium Main Structure
  • Download and Delete Biotech Database
    • Download and Delete Shrill Bio-tech Data
  • Download and Delete Shrill Data: 0/4
    • Download and Delete Shrill Bio-tech Data
    • Download and Delete Shrill Bio-tech Data
    • Download and Delete Shrill Bio-tech Data
    • Download and Delete Shrill Bio-tech Data
  • Place Artillery Beacon on Roof
    • Place Artillery Beacon
  • Disable Defense Grid Master Control
    • Disable Defense Grid Turret Control
  • Kil the NVF Commander



  • XP: 2000
  • Scrip: 200
  • Random Gear Chest



Captain Noah Grant: Ark hunter, your mission is to get in and identify what the NVF are doing in the old aquarium. Once you have the intel, my artillery will take out the whole installation.
Captain Enar: Accomplishing this is not so simple, however. The facility is protected by a defense grid comprised of Rutsavo air defense guns. You must deactivate those defenses or the artillery will be unable to get through.
Captain Noah Grant: After the defenses have been neutralized, get into the structure and steal their database records. Once that's accomplished, set up the artillery beacon on the roof and then egress to the extraction point.
EGO: The NVF have a defensive perimeter set up here. Let's take it out.
EGO: That sensor array up ahead is linked to the defense grid, the controls for it should be located nearby.
EGO: That's one down. I'm detecting a high energy signature from this secondary structure. The next defense grid control must be located there.
EGO: Two down. The last defense grid control is located at the south end of the facility.
EGO: Alright, their defense grid is offline. There's a breach in the wall up ahead that will give us access to the structure's interior.
EGO: I've located their main database nearby. Just patch me so I can see what they've been up to.
EGO: Dang it. They've separated their data recording systems from one another. We'll have to access them individually to get at all the data.
EGO: They appear to be analyzing the Shrill genome. Whoa. The Shrill DNA looks almost... engineered.
EGO: They're splicing shrill DNA with... canines? They've got a lot of research on pack mentality. This explains those hybrid creatures in San Francisco.
EGO: Splicing Shrill DNA with dogs is one thing, but now people too?
EGO: They aren't splicing Shrill DNA into the hellbugs, they're splicing the canine and human hybrid DNA into them. What are they up to?
Captain Noah Grant: We've got what we came for. Get to the root and activate the artillery beacon. I don't want to leave anything up to chance.
Captain Enar: Ark hunter. We're picking up some aircraft on radar. Do you have a visual?
Captain Noah Grant: What the hell?
EGO: Visual confirmed. They're NVF dropships.
Captain Noah Grant: Get that beacon up now and get out of there!
Captain Enar: The defense grid just went back up.
Captain Noah Grant: Dammit!
EGO: I'm detecting another turret control signal.
Captain Noah Grant: Their research is destroyed and you have the data. This mission is scrubbed. Egress to extraction point Bravo.
Captain Enar: Negative. That facility on the island houses the master turret control. The defense grid has been reestablished from there. There is still a chance to knock it out and complete this mission.
Captain Noah Grant: It's your call, Arkhunter.
EGO: We can handle it.
EGO: Master control located. Let's shut it down.
Captain Noah Grant: Defenses are down. Artillery is inbound on your location. Get to the extraction point, pronto!
Commander Torvul Meng: We have looked into these minds and seen fear.
The Shrill: Fear of the other. The alien. The unknown.
The Shrill: We helped them to understand us.
The Shrill: Together we remade us.
The Shrill: We no longer fear.
Commander Torvul Meng: Join us.
The Shrill: Join us and understand.
The Shrill: Join us and never fear again.
The Shrill: Join us and know peace.
The Shrill: Join us and together we shall become...
The Shrill: ...One.
EGO: We've got PLENTY going on in here already.

Cut scene
(Torvul Meng collapses on the ground)
The Shrill: It is in your nature to fight that which you do not understand.
(Gases being emerging nearby.)
EGO: Lots of signals, moving toward us. Fast!
The Shrill: It is in our nature to understand others in order to pacify them.
(Shrill being rising out of the ground and heading towards the ark hunter.)
Captain Noah Grant: I'm sorry, ark hunter, but the artillery barrage is just a few seconds out.
(The ark hunter sees the incoming missile in the distance.)
The Shrill: This is not the first world we have brought peace to. Nor will it be the last.
(The ark hunter beings shooting the Shrill.)
EGO: Calculating optimal route to fight our way out of here.
EGO: Wait. I'm picking up an aircraft.
Captain Enar: I took the liberty of arranging for your transportation out of the strike area, it should be arriving... now.
(A Bulwark begins making its way towards the ark hunter as a dropship arrives. The ark hunter jumps aboard just as missiles begin striking the aquarium. The dropship flies away.)
Captain Noah Grant: Get the hell out of there!

Captain Enar: All NVF transmissions stopped shortly after the facility in Monterey was neutralized.
Captain Noah Grant: I admit, I was skeptical working with Dark Matter, but mission accomplished. Good job everybody, especially you, ark hunter.
Captain Enar: Something tells me that this isn't the last we've seen of the NVF, or the Shrill.
Captain Noah Grant: Mind controlling space grubs... I wonder what these goddamned arks have in store for us next.
EGO: Only one way to find out.