Main Mission:Possession: Bach to Square One

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Possession: Bach to Square One

 General information


Main Mission


Port Bruno







  • Random Gear Chest


Preceeded by

Pilgrims: High Priest Drifter

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Possession: Missing in Action

Possession: Bach to Square One is the eleventh Main Mission of the The Guiding Light story.



Eren needs your help to purge the Divergent EGO from Karl Von Bach.


  • Find Von Bach
  • Explore the arkfall
  • Meet up with Von Bach
  • Retrieve bionetic material: 0/3
    • Retrieve bionetic material
    • Retrieve bionetic material
    • Retrieve bionetic material
  • Give bionetic material to Eren
    • Give bionetic material to Eren
  • Defend Von Bach and Eren
  • Leave the arkfall



  • XP: 2000
  • Scrip: 200
  • Random Gear Chest



EGO: I'm picking up a transmission from Karl Von Bach. I'll connect you.
Karl Von Bach: I don't have a lot of time, and you're the only one I know who can help me.
Karl Von Bach: You have to find me and get this EGO out of my head. I can't stay in control much longer.
Karl Von Bach: I have information you will need to stop the Grid.
Karl Von Bach: Trust me. We need to stop the Grid.
Eren Niden: Ark hunter, I think you got the same message I did. You are going to need my help. I will meet you there.
Eren Niden: Doctor Karl must be inside. Clear the way, I will follow you in.

Karl Von Bach: I've suppressed LOCI's influence for now, but I don't know how long it will hold.
Karl Von Bach: Hurry, ark hunter.
EGO: I'm detecting the divergent EGO in the air in here.
EGO: We need to hurry and neutralize Doctor Von Bach's implant.
Karl Von Bach: Were you expecting trouble? Where's the doctor?
Karl Von Bach: Eren? Did you send the ark hunter here alone?
Eren Niden: I'm on my way in, I needed to known the path was safe.
Karl Von Bach: Unprofessional! Seriously. Would I lead you into danger?
Karl Von Bach: She'll need bionetic material from those ark chests. Your EGO should be able to unlock them.
EGO: That should be plenty.
EGO: I can feel LOCI's influence in my system.
EGO: Let's get this over with.
Eren Niden: Good. That is everything that I will need. Are you ready Doctor Karl?
Karl Von Bach: Yes! Hours ago! Whatever. Let's get this started.
EGO: Multiple EGO signatures incoming. We can't let them interfere.
LOCI: My work is more important than you can possibly imagine, ark hunter.
LOCI: This is just a token gesture of my power. None would blame you if you left.
LOCI: All of your actions are futile, ark hunter. You will fail.
LOCI: Your life matters so little in the grand scheme, ark hunter.
Eren Niden: All right, I think I'm done. Doctor Karl?
Karl Von Bach: Yes yes, I'm good now. Feels good to be in my own head.
Karl Von Bach: When I interfaced with that Ark Core, I awakened the AI of the Ark Brain it had been extracted from.
Karl Von Bach: It had been damaged, so it took a name from my memories.
Karl Von Bach: It was a guidance system initially, so the only name that seemed appropriate was LOCI.
Karl Von Bach: Don't think too hard. It's not an acronym. It's just bold.
Karl Von Bach: Let's get out of here before those zealots come back.