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Recovery Mission

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Main Mission


Crash Site, Mount Tam








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EGO Integration

Recovery Mission is the first Main Mission of the Defiance game.



Recover weapons and gear while EGO attempts to bring bio-integrated functions online.


  • Find a shield
  • Equip a shield
  • Find a weapon
  • Equip a weapon
  • Find a grenade
  • Equip a grenade




The Votans' arrival was more immigration than invasion.

Peaceful attempts to integrate collapsed into decades of war and chaos.

The Earth was transformed. Extinction seemed inevitable, until...

The Battle of Defiance.

Human and Votan soldiers defied orders and united to save innocent lives.

This valiant act inspired the belief that we must brave this new frontier together.

Earth Republic Stratocarrier New Freedom West Coast Deployment

(On board the EMS New Freedom, Grant overlooks a map before walking to the edge of a balcony, E-Rep soldiers are busily moving cargo around.)
Grant: Listen up, people! We just passed the Golden Gate! We'll be on site in less than twenty, so you got ten to secure the rest of that gear and get yourself strapped in for a landing! Repeat ten minutes until lock down, people!
(Von Bach is talking to an E-Rep soldier)
Von Bach: That's an unacceptable response. Must I remind you who I am?
(Grant notices him)
Grant: What the hell is this?
(Grant moves towards Von Bach)
Von Bach: I don't care what your protocol is. You're here to help me, so that's what I want you to do.
(Grant approaches Von Bach)
Grant: You're dismissed, Private.
Grant: What's the problem, Von Bach?
Von Bach: You better get your men in line, Captain Grant. I want my equipment out of storage. My ark hunters and I depart as soon as we land.
Grant: The Earth Republic isn't a limousine service. Your gear's locked up and we don't have time to dig it out. Now please, find your seat.
(Grant goes to leave)
Von Bach: No offense, Captain, but I think your orders were to do as I ask.
(Grant swiftly turns around and head back to Von Bach)
Grant: My orders come from my superiors. People in Manhattan wearing uniforms. Like this.
Grant: And those orders are to keep you safe while you locate your alleged arktech.
Von Bach: Alleged arktech? There is no alleged, captain. Do you see this?
(Von Bach takes out an Ark-Core)
Von Bach: With this ark-core and the rest of the technology that I'll find in the Bay Area, I will repair this world. And be its hero, of course.
Grant: You're in a restricted area. Get to your seat.
(Grant goes to leave again)
Von Bach: If anything happens to my gear, I'll send the bill to your superiors.
(Von Bach walks away)
Grant: What an asshole.
Grant: Let's move, people. Time's ticking.
(Elsewhere aboard the New Freedom, various ark hunters talk to one another)
Grant: What is this, a dorm room?! Everyone get to your seats!
(Grant points to Nolan and Irisa)
Grant: You two! Let's go!
(Irisa stands up and she and Nolan look at one another, then head to their seats)
Nolan: No problem, cap.
(Grant turns around and points)
Grant: You, too.

Character creation

(The ark hunter turns around)
Grant: Now, ark hunter.
(Von Bach walks in)
Von Bach: Hold on, Captain. That one isn't wearing your beloved uniform. They don't take orders from you.
Von Bach: Sorry about that, friend.
(Grant walks away)
Grant: We land in ten. Strap in!
Von Bach: I never got to brief you on your EGO implant, so we really need to-
(The New Freedom shakes violently and the lights flicker)
Von Bach: What the hell?
E-Rep soldier: Sir! They need you on the bridge!
Von Bach: I think I will actually get to my seat. When we land, don't go anywhere. The EGO activation can be a bit jarring without a proper briefing.
(Von Bach heads to his seat, the ark hunter finds his in between Nolan and Irisa)
Nolan: Relax. It's just a little turbulence. Completely normal.
Irisa: No it's not. We're all gonna die.
Nolan: She's actually quite charming once you get to know her.
(There is a large blast and alarms start going off)
P.A.: Alert. Hull integrity compromised. Initiating evacuation sequence. Alert. Hull integrity compromised.
Nolan: Hold on! We're going down!
(Nolan hits a button on his Evac pod, closing it and launching it downwards, Irisa and others do the same)
P.A.: Evacuation pod launch in 3, 2...
(the ark hunter furiously hits the button on his evac pod until the door closes and it launches)

(Crashed evac pod)
(Cass walks toward the evac pod.)
Cass: Brace yourself Cass. This could be real bad. Okay.
Cass: Uhhh. Which of these dealies opens this bitch?
(Cass taps button)
Cass: Ah. Nice.
(Pod opens revealing the ark hunter)
Cass: Holy, shtako. You're alive.
Cass: Name's Cass Ducar. I saw you land. Well, maybe that's not the right word.
Cass: It was more smashing into the ground than landing. I sort of expected you to be a bowl of soup in there.
Cass: Um. What are you doing?
(More feedback. The ark hunter starts moving erratically)
Cass: Whoa! Are you okay? Do you need help? Can you hear me? You need to sit down.
Cass: Here. Sit down before you pass out.
(Cass helps ark hunter sit down)
Cass: I'm sure you took more than a bump to the head, so rest. Get your feet under you. I'm going to go see if anyone else needs help.
(Cass starts to walk off, stops and turns back)
Cass: Oh. You might want to arm yourself a bit more. The locals aren't known for their charm.
(Cass walks off. Ego appears behind the ark hunter and taps shoulder)
EGO: Hello.
EGO: Oh. Good. You can hear me now.
EGO: I can sense your nervousness, but don't fret. I'm the Environmental Guardian Online device that was injected into your body. You can just call me EGO.
EGO: Please forgive me. I'm having some trouble getting all the behaviors activated, so we might experience a few hitches at the beginning, but I'll sort it out. We have lots to go over, so we should start.

EGO: You can interface with me to signal when you're ready to proceed. Let's try it.
EGO: We need to find Mr. Von Bach, but first we'll need to gear up.
EGO: Von Bach Industries had personal defense technologies aboard the stratocarrier. I've placed a marker on our map where we'll find some.
EGO: Excellent! Once you equip that, it will allow me to activate the shield.
EGO: The shields are running.
EGO: We're going to need another weapon option. I'm picking up a signal from a crashed mobile armory.
EGO: Let's hurry. We need to collect the necessary equipment as soon as possible, so we can start looking for Mr. Von Bach.
EGO (Machinist): The Light Machine Gun is big, loud and powerful. It's bursts are capable of crippling the enemy, from both close and afar.
EGO (Outlaw): Shotguns are perfect for close quarters combat. One blast, up close and personal, will do serious damage to most enemies.
EGO (Survivalist): Nothing beats the accuracy and range of a sniper rifle. One well aimed shot could mean the end of an enemy.
EGO (Veteran): Assault rifles excel at medium range combat, but are capable of maintaining much of their effectiveness over long distances, too.
EGO: Particular weapon types work better for specific situations, so you'll want to get used to switching back and forth between the primary and secondary weapons.
EGO: I'm detecting some explosives nearby. We could definitely use those. I've put the location on the map.
EGO: This supply pod is filled with grenades. Grab one and equip it.
EGO: I think you already know how this works. Pull the pin, throw, and get out of there.