Main Mission:Thorn In Their Side

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Thorn In Their Side

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A Bullet for a Badman

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Explosive Interruption

Thorn In Their Side is the twenty-seventh Main Mission of the Defiance game.



Cooper wants to get through Sausalito and try to recruit his contact. See what needs done.


  • Clear the road of hostiles
  • Travel to Seascape Farms
  • Check out the Raiders at Seascape Farms
  • Clear out the Raiders at Seascape Farms
  • Go to ash source
  • Investigate the body





Cut scene
Von Bach: You made it! Where's the cell?
(The ark hunter hands over the cell.)
Von Bach: Praise every God we've created!
(Von Bach turns away.)
Jon Cooper: As you can see we had a little get together. Lot less fun for them.
(He gestures to the dead Raiders.)
Jon Cooper: There's someone in the area who could help us. If I can convince him to.
(Von Bach holds the ark-cell over the core and it is attracted together. A light comes from it.)
Von Bach: Uhhh. Okay?
Jon Cooper: Hate to ask this of you, but you'll need to run ahead and clear a path.
(The core glows and Von Bach's eyes light up.)
Jon Cooper: Von Bach!
(Von Bach's eyes return to normal.)
Jon Cooper: We're leaving in five.
Jon Cooper: Do whatever you have to, but clear us a path.

EGO: I have a read on hostiles ahead. We need to take them out, but be careful. I'm detecting heavy artillery.
Jon Cooper: Check out Seascape Farms. See if you can hit the Raiders there.

Cut scene
(Several ranchers are on their knees, Raiders around them. They use advanced weapons and obliterate the ranchers.)

EGO: What have the raiders gotten their hands on? Those are not conventional firearms.
EGO: Wait. Those energy signatures are from prohibited EMC weapons. Their use was banned at the close of the Pale Wars and all known pieces were thought to have been destroyed.
EGO: Stupid Raiders. We'll need to shutdown those sentry guns or we're not going anywhere.
EGO: Those guns are going to keep firing until we shut down the generator.
EGO: The turrets are down!
EGO: We need to destroy these stockpiles of weapons. It's going to take some heavy artillery to crack those cases.
EGO: Secure the area. We can't leave any bad guys alive.
EGO: Their days of stockpiling ammo are over.
Jon Cooper: Von Bach and I are on our way to the transit depot. We'll contact you when we're there.
EGO: Good work! I'm observing ash blowing in from the southeast with abnormal particle readings. We should check out the source.
EGO: It seems the Raiders were using the farmers for target practice with their new toys. It backfired on a couple of their own as well.