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Hostile Takeover is the twenty-fourth Main Mission of the Defiance game.



It's time to get the truth out of Varus about the ark-cell. Shake him down at The Crater and find out where it is.


  • Meet up with Cass
  • Confront Varus
  • Go to Mine 98
  • Rescue the technician
    • Open Door
  • Meet Varus





Cass Ducar: Hey, bud. Varus is here at the Crater bragging about stringing you along. It also sounds like he got a lead on what you're looking for. Get down here and I'll help you out.
Cass Ducar: Are you here? If you want to get to Varus, we need to get his Echelon bodyguards out of the way. Meet me behind the bar. I've got a plan.
Cass Ducar: Alight. Nothing means more to Varus than scrip. I'll get the Echelon dudes out of the picture, so you two can have a little one on one. Now to give that weasel a call.
Cass Ducar: Hi, is this Mr Soleptor? I'm standing outside your processing center and, Oh, it's terrible! These awful men are robbing the place. Send help. ... Okay. I'll wait here, Hurry!
Cass Ducar: Sucker. He's sending the mercs. That should buy you a little time. Now go before he figures it out. I'll keep an eye on the road.

Cut scene (Varus is sitting at a table, the ark hunter comes up to him.)
Varus Soleptor: There you are!
Varus Soleptor: Are you ready for that drink?
(The ark hunter shoves a chair out of the way and walks quickly towards Varus, removing his weapon and place it against Varus.)
Varus Soleptor: Okay! Okay! Okay! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I swear I thought the cell was there! But if you give me a second I can help you find it!
Varus Soleptor: I sent one of my technicians to look for it. That was a couple hours ago and I haven't heard from him since. He's probably dead, but if you go there perhaps you can recover his data... and I guess him if you have time.
(The ark hunter leaves.)

EGO: Many of Varus's workers are being held captive here.
Technician: I can't believe this shit happened twice! I'm not coming out until you've taken out those rust jobs.
Technician: I'm locked inside the entrance! If you can hear me, let me the F out!
Technician: Thanks for getting me out. If you don't mind, I've got two buddies that need liberating. Follow me.
EGO: We got more incoming 99ers!
99er Mad Mattock: You blood will flow!
EGO: Keep doing what you're doing.
Technician: The door's open, let's roll.
EGO: Bad news. There are more hostiles on the way.
99er Golrusher: I'll tear you APART!
Technician: Oh, come on! Just give me one goddamn break!
EGO: Almost there...
Technician: The door's open, let's roll.
Foreman Vexx: Did you really think you could get away so easily? Block the exits! The interloper dies here!
Foreman Vexx: That didn't go as planned. No matter. I'll dispatch you myself.
Technician: Thanks for not leaving us behind. We'll be okay from here. And the next time you see Varus, tell him we quit.
Varus Soleptor: Let's see what we have here.
Echelon Mercenary: Carolina one, this is Delaware two. We found the cell. We're ready for extraction. Hold on a sec, one of these rust jobs is still alive.
Jackleg Joe: *terrifying human growl*
Echelon Mercenary: Ahhh! Oh God!
Echelon Mercenary: *screams of agony*
Jackleg Joe: The cell is mine now. Come and get it if you want it. But you will die!
Varus Soleptor: Do you have any idea who that was? Unspeakable acts have been committed by that... Monster. If I were you, I'd do what I'm doing. Walking away.
EGO: Echelon was able to recover the cell from the 99ers, but lost it again before they could get it to Varus. We need to find out where this cyborg took it!