McCawley Mines

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McCawley Mines

 Loctional information


Defiance, North America



McCawley Mines is a mine in Defiance.


The mines produce Gulanite, Gold, Silver, Iron, Lead and Phosphorus. ("Pilot") [1] [2]



The L-9 is a large, safe shaft that leads down to the lower levels. ("Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go")

Rat's Nest

The Rat's Nest is a maze filled with razor-sharp rocks and steep drop-offs. The Rat's Nest connects to the ruins of Old St. Louis. ("Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go")


The L-7 shaft leads down to lower areas, including some which have cave paintings in them. ("A Well Respected Man")

South Grand

The South Grand leads into the Lafayette Cavern. [3]

Lafayette Cavern

The Lafayette Cavern leads into the Manchester Cavern. [3]

Manchester Cavern

The Manchester Cavern leads into the Dalmar and Page Caverns. [3]

Dalmar Cavern

Entrance to the Dalmar Cavern is from the Manchester Cavern. [3]

Page Cavern

Entrance to the Page Cavern is from the Manchester Cavern. [3]

Dante's drop

Dante's drop

Dante's drop is a large cavern filled with blue crystals and a flowing river of blue molten metal. ("Brothers In Arms")

Lake Nothing

Lake Nothing

Lake Nothing is a massive, deep underground lake, filled with huge crystal structures that span the height of the cavern. ("I Just Wasn't Made For These Times")


Rafe McCawley set up a small mining operation here after the Pale Wars and soon came across a massive vein of gulanite. Nicolette Riordon entered the mines at one point and saw the cave paintings in the caves below. ("History of the Gateway Arch in Defiance", "Brothers In Arms") McCawley purchased more land in the area and established more mines, including one in the West Valley. ("The Devil In The Dark") Ninety-Niners collapsed a tunnel in this mine, killing six miners. ("Pilot") Ben Daris stole some gulanite and used some to make a bomb to collapse the L-9 shaft behind him as he was heading down to St. Louis. ("Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go") After learning that some of the land he had purchased for the mines had been stolen from Irathients who had been killed, Rafe McCawley deeded the land back to the Irathient's descendants who in turn leased it back to McCawley. ("The Devil In The Dark")

During an outbreak of Viral hemorrhagic fever, many of Defiance's Irathients were rounded up and quarantined here. ("If I Ever Leave This World Alive") Datak Tarr made a deal with the Earth Republic to allow them to control the McCawley Mines if he became mayor of Defiance. Colonel Galen Marsh had a document written up that stated that because the Irathients were not the indigenous inhabitants of the area, they had no claim to the land. ("Past Is Prologue") When Datak won the election, Marsh sent his men to seize the mines, securing the L-7 shaft and set up a camp at the entrance. ("Everything Is Broken") The Earth Republic took control of Defiance and the mines, nationalizing them, raising miner wages by double and tripling productivity. This new work effort led many of the miners to work more often and abuse Adreno to keep up with demand. ("The Opposite of Hallelujah") E-Rep negotiated for the rights to the parts of the mines owned by the Irathients. ("If You Could See Her Through My Eyes")

Quentin McCawley placed a Votan Trembler in the mines to cause a cave in and kill Olfin Tennety. ("Bottom Of The World") When the Kaziri was disabled, it caused an earthquake that destroyed the ship and St. Louis. ("I Almost Prayed") When the Kaziri was destroyed it caused the mines to collapse and seal off with a hardened material. The Omec used Omec Terraformers to get into the mines. ("The World We Seize")