McCawley Residence

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McCawley Residence

 Loctional information


Defiance, North America



 Societal information

Controlled by

Alak Tarr

The McCawley Residence is the residence of the McCawley family in Defiance.


Solomon Birch broke into the residence to steal the Kelovan. Quentin McCawley came home and was briefly stunned by Birch but managed to overpower and kill him. ("Brothers In Arms") Joshua Nolan brought Gordon McClintock to the McCawley Residence as it would be a reminder of how things were for him when he was on Earth. ("I Just Wasn't Made For These Times") The Earth Republic issued an eviction for Rafe after he shot and killed Josef Mirch. ("Beasts Of Burden") Pottinger had Amanda Rosewater sent here after someone attacked her. ("Put The Damage On") Alak Tarr moved into the house with Luke Tarr after returning to Defiance. ("Ostinato in White") The Omec Kindzi chased Stahma Tarr here and attacked her before turning her attention to Luke Tarr. ("The Awakening") Datak Tarr arrived and pinned Kindzi to a wall, allowing the whole family to escape. ("Upon the March We Fittest Die")