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"No, you're a real person with enormous honor and infinite soul."
- Datak Tarr - Upon the March We Fittest Die

Dr. Meh Yewll, full name Me Yewlundenganarizomperismoyekariyuinkochikanyirasnairon[1] is a female Indogene, a resident of Defiance and the town doctor.


Early life

Yewll received eye implants that allow her to see the holographic interfaces generated by Terraspheres. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 1") She also received the Yew implant with a lunde specialization. [1] During the Arks journey to Earth, Yewll was one of the Indogene to come out of Hypersleep to perform maintenance and on one of these shifts she met Lev. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 17") As the Arks were approaching Earth, Yewll took part in a project to create Indo-sapiens, Indogenes disguised as Humans. The crew of the Space Station Bravery were kidnapped and used to create several prototypes but they were deemed a failure. One successful Indo-sapiens agent was created, Nicolette Riordon, who appeared fully human even with red blood. ("I Just Wasn't Made For These Times", "The Bride Wore Black") During the Pale Wars, Yewll worked with Dr. Eren Niden and Lev on the Biodyne Project. ("Loading screen", "Brothers In Arms")

She also worked with Reh Valamm. ("Main Mission:Alter Ego: Rift in Personalities") When the Arks were being destroyed, Councilman Starrein waited until the last second to get Yewll, Eren and the Biodyne Pathogen safely off. ("Intel:The Big Hero") In 2039 Lev killed herself over guilt of her actions in the Biodyne Project and Yewll blocked out the memory. ("Put The Damage On") Yewll attempted to make up for the mistakes of her past, she moved to Defiance around 2039 and provided medical care for the town. She also began working with Nicky on locating the Kaziri that was believed to be underneath the town, but when Nicky killed Hunter Bell who had discovered that Nicky wasn't Human, Yewll ended their work together. ("Everything Is Broken", "The Bride Wore Black")

Town doctor

When Irisa Nyira was brought in, Yewll was to perform surgery on a bullet wound but Irisa took the Charge blade scalpel, forcing Yewll to tell her to hand it over or she would toss her out into the street. After a Volge army was discovered heading for town and Joshua Nolan provided them with a Terrasphere, Yewll constructed a Burkus rig and reconfigured the sphere to send a blast of energy outwards and wipe out the attacking army. ("Pilot")

When someone took Ben Daris from the Defiance Clinic, Yewll discovered they had used Vri-Tex to bring him out of a coma. ("Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go") She examined the dead body of Boyd Bowen and determine that he had been killed by Hellbugs, finding his clothes saturated in attack pheromones. ("The Devil In The Dark") Yewll treated an injured Pol Madis who recognized who she was and complemented her work with the Biodyne Project; she told him he was confused as to who she was. ("Brothers In Arms") She was working in her lab when Sukar arrived, attacked her and stole some of her equipment. She and Nolan realized that Sukar was building some sort of transmitter and Yewll found that a piece of an Ark was going to impact the city. ("Good Bye Blue Sky")

Examining Gordon McClintock who had been discovered aboard an Ark fragment, Yewll realized he was an Indo-sapiens but didn't say anything. When confronted later, Yewll revealed the project she had worked on in the past. She told McClintock that she was sorry for what she had done. ("I Just Wasn't Made For These Times") An outbreak of Viral hemorrhagic fever began in Defiance and Yewll had to set up tents to deal with all the afflicted. She sent a message across North America to Eren, asking for help. A reply told her that a shipment of vaccine was being sent to them. With the vaccine Yewll managed to stop the spread. Nicky approached Yewll and told her that she had managed to obtain one of the Kelovan needed to use the Kaziri and asked Yewll to work with her again. Yewll declined and told Nicky to destroy the Kelovan. ("If I Ever Leave This World Alive")

When Hunter Bell's body was discovered and shortly afterwards Jered Kikema, the bartender who helped Nicky hide Bell's body, was found dead, Yewll realized that Nicky needed to be stopped. She injected Nicky with a paralytic and then killed her and faked her death as a suicide over the guilt of killing Bell and Jered. She took the Kelovan. ("The Bride Wore Black") Yewll began experimenting with the Kelovan, which caused a reaction to the other one that was inside Irisa. Yewll attempted to remove the one in Irisa but Irisa escaped. ("Past Is Prologue") Yewll revealed what she knew about the Kaziri and the keys to Nolan. She was then taken captive by Earth Republic soldiers and Echelon mercenaries, but she told them that she wanted to make a deal and help them. When they captured Irisa she stopped them from doing experiments that would kill her and whispered to Irisa to did what she had done to Yewll back in her office and escape. ("Everything Is Broken")

Working for Pottinger

Yewll was sent to Camp Reverie. In 2047 she alerted Datak Tarr that he was about to be attacked and Datak was able to defend himself. She told Datak that she had a way out of the camp but needed his help. ("The Opposite of Hallelujah") Yewll came up with a plan to get someone to try to kill Niles Pottinger so Datak could save him. She decided on Karulot, a member of the Soldiers of the Way and she constructed a makeshift Charge blade. Pottinger arrived and brought Yewll to see him, wanting to know what she had worked with Marsh on, but Yewll said that he was crazy. Pottinger asked her about her safe but she said she had no idea what he was talking about. Pottinger had Churchill hold her as he cut off one of her fingers. ("In My Secret Life")

Pottinger came to see Yewll after using her finger to open her safe, returning her finger as a peace offering before bringing out one of her notebooks and asking Yewll if her work was possible. He offered her probation if she worked for him, and she convinced him to also free Datak Tarr as her assistant. ("The Cord And The Ax") Pottinger had Yewll begin to make an Indo-sapiens duplicate of Kenya Rosewater. ("Painted From Memory") Yewll examined some dead E-Rep soldiers and was asked by Nolan what she did to get released. ("Beasts Of Burden") Yewll helped Pottinger implant an EGO device]] into Amanda Rosewater in order to collect certain memories and during the process both Yewll and Pottinger were infected by the EGO as well. It caused Yewll to imagine Lev had returned to her and forced her to come to terms with the fact that Lev had died. Yewll refused to remove the EGO device for the moment as she was not ready to say goodbye to Yewll. ("Put The Damage On")

Yewll was contacted by Datak who had found one of his handmaidens, Jalina, dead at his doorstep with her eyes removed. She examined outside to find that Jalina had been dumped and had crawled to find Datak but she refused to help him any further in case it ended up with her back in Camp Reverie. Later when she saw that Lambert had contact lenses similar to Jalina's eyes, she contacted Datak to let him know. ("If You Could See Her Through My Eyes") She helped monitor Mahsuvus Gorath as he was being interrogated and after a Shrill was allowed to burrow through his arm, she said that Gorath's heart was fine for more. She later found Amanda going through her medicines and told her to come back tomorrow so she could begin her on withdrawal drugs. ("Slouching Towards Bethlehem")

VC operatives destroyed the facility where Yewll was making the Kenya duplicate for Pottinger but she survived and was brought into Defiance. Yewll pretended to examine her and later told Pottinger that they needed to wipe her memories to prevent being caught. During the procedure, Kenya pulled out and soon after began to recover some memories. She confronted Yewll who told her what had happened and blamed Pottinger. Kenya escaped and Yewll knew she had to run as well. She convinced Datak to help her and he and Rafe McCawley hid her in old St. Louis in the St. Louis Union Station. ("Painted From Memory")

Yewll discovered that her food had been eaten by Shrill and Lev convinced her to leave. While moving through the underground, they found holes in the surface and Yewll knew that there as only one thing that would do that. After a short search, they found the Kaziri and Yewll saw that it was active. The Kaziri hacked Lev to talk to Yewll to convince her to join, but Yewll instead wanted to stop the Kaziri's plan, so she removed the EGO device in her to get rid of Lev. ("All Things Must Pass") She took some higher cognitive Data crystals from the Kaziri and returned to Defiance. Viceroy Berto Mercado pardoned her in exchange for her plan to stop the Kaziri, which would result in the death of Irisa once the crystals were introduced to her. Amanda and Pottinger went with Yewll to her lab to modified the crystals and Yewll lied and told Amanda that Pottinger had hired her as a double agent and she had been blackmailed by someone in the Votanis Collective to create the Indo-sapiens Kenya. ("I Almost Prayed")

A New Defiance

When Defiance began failing, Yewll knew she had to leave and went to gamble at the NeedWant, winning over 30,000. Despite this, Amanda convinced her to stay as the people needed her medical expertise. ("The World We Seize") Yewll was brought in to deal with a patient only to find that it was the Omec Kindzi. She recommended they let the Omec die but she was forced to help. She later met the Omec's father, T'evgin, who hit Yewll for being insolent towards him. Later they brought Kindzi to her and T'evgin revealed he needed Protoform from Yewll to heal her. Nolan and Irisa held Yewll down as they cut off some of her skin to use. ("The Last Unicorns") She treated Datak for injuries when he and Stahma came back into town. ("The Broken Bough") She observed the wreckage of the Gateway Arch after it had been destroyed. ("Dead Air")

Nolan was brought in, unconscious and Yewll found arktech growing inside his brain. She had a theory and sent Amanda to find Irisa, who also had arktech in her brain and that she and Nolan had been linked by the Life pod they were in. She tried to remove it from Nolan but it caused the one in Irisa to grow. She told Amanda that the only chance was to perform surgery on them both at the same time and the only way was to use an Omec Drone. Kindzi agreed to let them use the drone but warned Yewll that if she tried to access the Omec system she would kill her. Yewll cut open the back of her neck to put some Omec tech in there and allow her to access the drone. She was able to disable both arktechs and save Nolan and Irisa. She later told them that they were still connected and needed to remain close to one another. ("History Rhymes")

Datak came to see Yewll for help in escaping the city. She gave him a bunch of scrip and then drove him over to where Stahma was waiting. With Nolan approaching, Datak ran off to draw them away and Yewl gestured to Stahma to go. ("Where the Apples Fell") Yewll was on the council to decide Datak's fate, and she voted guilty, later stating that it wouldn't have helped him and she still had to live in the town. She examined him before his Castithan Cleansing ceremony and said that she was going to miss him. ("The Beauty of Our Weapons") After the Defiance militia were killed, Yewll was treating Alak Tarr when she overheard that Rahm Tak was camping near the Stasis Net and came up with the idea of blowing it and causing Tak and his army to be destroyed. She worked up a localized singularity field device to direct the blast and it was implanted into Datak's arm. When Datak approached the camp, Yewll set the nets to blow and the camp and army were wiped out. ("My Name Is Datak Tarr and I Have Come to Kill You")

Examining a dead Indogene body, she discovered that it was her. Believing that the Omec were behind it she went underground to find out what was going on, learning that Kindzi was cloning her to hunt and eat. Kindzi inserted a Control stem into Yewll's neck and she fell under Kindzi's control who told her to protect her interests at all costs. T'evgin arrived and sent Yewll away. When she got back to town, Samir Pandey asked her what had happened and she sedated him to stop him from telling others. ("Ostinato in White") When Irisa came to Yewll looking for help as Nolan was hallucinating, she tried to get rid of her then gave her a sedative for Nolan. Using her tech she communicated with the Tsuroz in orbit and awoke Kindzi from stasis. Kindzi had Yewll accompany her to a reception for Votanis Collective Vice Chancellor Silora Voske who had come to Defiance and when Nolan shot and killed Voske, Yewll attempted to help her but she had died. ("When Twilight Dims the Sky Above")

When Kindzi captured Nolan she wanted the arktech in his brain removed but Yewll said it would most likely kill him so Kindzi sent her away and removed it herself. When Datak found Yewll, she lied about a new strain of Viral hemorrhagic fever that affected everyone and offered Datak a vaccine which was instead a sedative. She took him away and locked him in a cage. ("Of a Demon in My View") Yewll brought in more prisoners for the Omec to eat. Datak convinced her to bring him out instead of anyone else which allowed him to use a hidden weapon to take down an Omec and escape. While transporting the injured Omec for treatment, she was stopped by Nolan and Amanda who found the Control stem in her neck and Amanda pulled it out. Finally free, she shot the injured Omec several times and killed him. She joined others in assaulting the prisoner camp, killing the Omec there and freeing the prisoners. ("The Awakening")

Yewll developed a plan to infiltrate the Tsuroz, overload the engines and wipe out the Omec aboard. Their plan was delayed when Omec began attacking townspeople, including Amanda and Yewll had numerous injured people to deal with. They went underground, found Kindzi's lab and used the Omec Launcher pads to get up the ship. Yewll entered an Omec Interface device, with numerous pins piercing her body to give her access to the ship's systems. She had Datak put a large interface cable into the back of her neck as she attempted to gain control of the ship. More cables were connected and Yewll was able to disable the drones attacking Nolan. When Irisa and Datak noticed how much blood she was losing, she said that she had known this would be a one way trip. Irisa wanted to save the Omec aboard and take them out to find their own world, so Yewll fed the overloading energy into the engines. She went with Nolan aboard the ship, hurtling out into space to find a new world for the Omec. ("Upon the March We Fittest Die")