Mission 04: Shootout in a Votanis Camp

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Mission 04: Shootout in a Votanis Camp

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Mission 03: Outrun the Earth Republic

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Mission 05: Unlock the NORAD Vault

Mission 04: Shootout in a Votanis Camp is the fourth mission of The Defiant Few.



Thanks to your antics, your ride is toast. Trek your way through the Storm Divide to hunt down the spare parts you’ll need to get back on the road. Be careful, there's Raiders on the loose.


  • Stay behind cover to avoid fire and, click/tap to soot enemies before they shoot you.




Camden Pace: What the hell were you thinking!? Sure you lost those E-Reps but charging into a Razor Rain storm is not covered by your warranty.
(She moves the camera to the front of the Charger behind her and points to the power plant on the front.)
Camden Pace: See this? That's your Votech power plant, like the one in your Durango. Only yours is toast and you won't find a replacement out there in the Storm Divide!
Camden Pace: Wait a sec. Why didn't I think of this before? Your EGO device, it can scan for alien power sources. Anything within fifteen clicks will show up on my monitor. Let's see.
(She works on her computer.)
Camden Pace: There we go. A Raider camp just north of here. Let's check it out.

(Title: Badlands West of Defiance.)
(The ark hunter walks up a ridge.)
Camden Pace: Look, I'm sorry I lost my temper back there. But you have to understand how important this is. Most people haven't seen what a terrorist organization can do. I have.

(Title: The Battle of Defiance / 17 Years Ago)
(San Francisco, as buildings burn, a young Camden Pace is held by her father as a Castithan man yields a Charge blade. Her father is impaled by the blade and Camden runs off.
Camden Pace: The Raider camp is just over that next ridge. You know what's at stake. Do what you have to.
(The ark hunter finds the Raider camp and draws their weapon.)

(The repaired Durango is started.)
Camden Pace: Aces! We're in business!
(Inside the Durango, Camden contacts the ark hunter through video. A green Kastíthanu symbol takes her place.)
Melak Vor: Fool! Rayetsos light cannot be snuffed. We shall burn this world to honor his holy wrath. Turn back while you can.
(The screen turns back to Camden.)
Camden Pace: Melak!