Mission 06: Prevent the Enemy's Escape

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Mission 06: Prevent the Enemy's Escape

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Mission 05: Unlock the NORAD Vault

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Mission 07: Survive a Votan Ambush

Mission 06: Prevent the Enemy's Escape is the sixth mission of The Defiant Few.



Melak's heading for the Southern Front just outside of Amarillo. Chase him down and capture him before he can escape. This one won't be easy. You'll be surrounded by fighting on all sides. Good luck.


  • Avoid obstacles and enemy fire. Use up and down arrows for steering on desktop.



Camden Pace: I can't believe this! Melak played us. He used you to gain access to the base and now he's on the loose with not one, but two pristine Terraspheres.
(Camden checks her computer.)
Camden Pace: I'm getting reports of fighting near Amarillo. Melak's heading for the border. I think he's hoping you'll get caught up in the crossfire.
Camden Pace: If he makes it into V.C. territory, we'll never see him again.
Camden Pace: Don't let him get away.

(Title: South of Amarillo)
(The ark hunters Durango comes over a rise in front of a partially destroyed city. Fires are raging all over. The ark hunter zooms in and sees soldiers firing and a series of arkfall fragments falling from the sky.)
(Elsewhere, two Gulanee soldiers are fighting and the ark hunter spies Melak's vehicle with him in the passenger seat holding one of the Terraspheres. The ark hunter drives after him.)

(The Monolith is hovering above the city, an arkfall collides with it and destroys it. The ark hunter is catching up to Melak when the destroyed Monolith crashes right between them, blocking the ark hunters path.)