Mission 09: Rebuild A Radio Box

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Mission 09: Rebuild A Radio Box

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Mission 08: MagLev Train Chase

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Mission 10: Break Into The Vegas Prison

Mission 09: Rebuild A Radio Box is the ninth mission of The Defiant Few.



There's a bomb headed to Defiance, and you're the town's last hope. You'll need to locate a nearby radio tower, get it operational, and transmit a warning back to the Arch. It's a hail mary, but it just might make it.


  • Connect all the nodes across the grid. A yellow line indicates connected nodes.



Camden Pace: Well, it's official. Melak's train arrived over two hours ago. We're too late. And we've got another problem. I've lost contact with Cass Ducar, the ark hunter I sent after the second Terrasphere. She made one last transmission before she disappeared, warning us that Melak's henchmen are heading back to Defiance. You'll never catch them in time. But I have an idea.
Camden Pace: There's a powerful radio antenna nearby. The skies are clear, we might be able to send out a text relay. I'll keep trying to locate Melak, you get to that tower and warn Defiance before it's too late.
(Title: Yuma)
(The ark hunter pulls up in front of the radio tower and heads to the top where a control panel is located.)

(The radio tower lights up. Back in Defiance an E-Rep soldier gets the communication as Captain Jessica Rainier enters the room. Elsewhere a Castithan man sits with the terrasphere in a small room as Rainier and other soldiers arrive.)

(The E-Rep logo appears on screen as a transmission comes through.)
Jessica Rainier: This is Defiance garrison. The terrasphere is safely recovered. Thanks for the heads up.
Camden Pace: Don't mention it. Though you should have listened to me in the first place. Captain, I sent one of my people your way, Cass Ducar. Any word from her?
Jessica Rainier: I hate to be the one to tell you, but Miss Ducar has been arrested.
Camden Pace: What?!
Jessica Rainier: Echelon got to her first. They sent her to Vegas Prison.
Camden Pace: So-ouch! Thanks Captain. Camden out.
Camden Pace: This is bad. Cass is our best chance at finding Melak. I've got an idea, but you're not going to like it. Head north, we're breaking into Vegas Prison.