Mount Tam

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"Mount Tam is an eerie, terraformed landscape where mutants infest the ruins of a defunct inter-species community once called Tranquility."
- Pursuit:Mount Tam Recon

Mount Tam is an area of the Bay Area.


Mount Tam is located in the north-west region of the Bay Area, west of Madera and north of Marin. The area is surrounded by mountains on all sides, both natural and terraformed ones.



Mount Tam was once a rural, backwoods territory. ("Pursuit:Mount Tam Exploration II") Mount Tam was chosen as the location for the Tranquility community. ("Pursuit:Mount Tam Exploration III") Following Arkfall and the terraforming, the area became infested with Mutants - mutated former Earth Military Coalition soldiers. ("Side Mission:Mutant Madness") On April 2, 2046, the EMS New Freedom was shot down and crashed into the north of Mount Tam. ("It's Never Over", "Main Mission:Recovery Mission")